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Doxey Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 11th January 2006

Present: Nigel Barnett, Hannah Burgess, Jane Essex, Claire Gaisford, Sally Hems, Joan Moore (chair), Stephen Moore, Tunga Muzangaza (secretary), John Perks, Pat Perks, Denise Peel, Barbara Simpson, Mike Tuner, Adrian Venables.

Amy from the newsletter was also present

Apologies: Gill Smith, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Sue Fox, Tom and Joyce Beach.

Minutes of meeting held on 14th December were approved. There were no matters arising.

Forward planning:

The following dates were agreed:

Clear out day 23rd April 2006

Plant Sale 6th May 2006

AGM 10th May 2006

Doxey Day 10th June or 17th June

Fun Day August

Blackpool trip August/September

Clear out day October

It was suggested that this be a joint Doxey event organised by Church, School, Playgroup, DCA, Friendship group, PTA, and other Doxey organisations.

Members offered ideas for Doxey day which include;

A clear out, cafe, musicians, photographic display, displays of life support course, walk around Doxey (beating the bounds), family camp, a display of local farm produce, craft display, pet show, bike repairs display, display/presence by Street Scene, Mikron performance followed by BBQ.

Contact other Doxey group for Doxey Day Joan Moore

Contact Mikron Jane Essex

Events would take place at a variety of venues in Doxey and a programme would be needed to enable people to visit a number of events.


Membership of DCA:

The annual membership fee of 50p was collected from all committee members by the treasurer.


The rehearsals are progressing well.

In terms of funding, the fund received amount to £600 from Staffordshire County Council Community Arts Fund and £300 from DCA funds. The Doxey parish Council had invited the DCA to apply to it for a grant. The application was being considered.

Other funds bodies approached include Lloyds TSB, Awards for All, the Portman Building Society and the Midlands Coop.

Parish Council report

Nigel Barnett reported that the civic communities lorry would help clear out/ remove large items of refuse on 24th April 2006

The Doxey Community Police will log the time each visit is made to Doxey by posting a leaflet through doors of selected residents.

The Parish Council is setting up a five a side football league, for Doxey young people

Youth Forum

Adrian Venables reported that a meeting of the Youth Forum had been arranged with Sue Fox on Monday 23rd January at the Church. DCA members would be welcome to attend.

It was suggested that the DCA recognise the contribution made by Youth Forum members during 2005 and it was agreed that DCA would fund an outing of their choice, This would be discussed at their meeting.

Life Support:

The next session will be held on the 12/01/2005 at the church hall. This will be on resuscitating children and infants.

Pat and John to provide refreshments

Digital photography course

Next session will be held at the Church on 14th January. At this session Mike participants will bring the photographs they have taken and Mike will help with difficulties/discoveries in their use of software.

Doxey Times

Calendar of Events Youth Form From Adrian Venable and Nigel Barnett Advertise the position of treasurer to the DCA.

Assistance with delivery of the times

Any other business

Mike Turner is leading the construction of the Doxey Parish Plan. He announced a meeting of all residents who are interested in taking part. The meeting will be at the church on 25th January 2005.

All Doxey organisations are being encouraged to take part and children at Doxey Primary School will be working on a 3 dimensional map of Doxey, which will be used in the consultation process

Next Meeting:

8th of February 2006 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre


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Doxey Community Association


Minutes of the meeting held on 8th February 2006

Attended by: Denise Peel, Adrian Venables, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, David Hughes, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Tunga Mazangaza

Apologies: John Peel, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, Hannah Burgess, Claire Gaisford, Nigel Barnett, Joyce Beach.

Gill Smith took the chair. Gill spoke of Tom Beach, his contribution to the whole community and to the Community Association of which he was a founder member. She expressed the DCA's condolences to Joyce and to their family.

Minutes from the meeting held on 11th January 2006

Date of Meeting: Should be 11th not 14th, also Denise Peel did not attend but sent apologies.

Parish Council; Delete (24/06/06) re refuse

Matter Arising

Fun Day will now be held in conjunction with Doxey day.

Date for Blackpool trip; David Hughes said he did not mind re-organising this again. Some people wanted the trip to be a little earlier in the year, but the first 4 days of the lights are very busy. 18 people had made definite bookings, so far. David suggested that this should be advertised in Doxey Times, in May and or June. The cost of the trip would be 」 9. 50 Children, 」11.50 Senior Citizens/ Students, 」14.50 Adult. 49 people required in order to book a bus and obtain a 」200 deduction.

Speakers for the AGM

Suggestions include: A general theme of environmental awarenesss, prospective speakers include Environment Street Scene, and Local Agenda 21.

Ongoing events

Coffee mornings, a notice to be advertised in the Doxey Times, stating that all are welcome to coffee mornings. PP

Digital Photography: SC The next course will be on taking portraits. Saturdays seems to be the best option. There is a potential for forming a photography club.

Life Support: JS Choking session was quite a success. 10 people attended.

Next course will be on resuscitating adults, on the 14th or 16th of February

Mother Goose:

John, Anita and Mike Beach would be meeting Mike Lucas in Marsden on 11th February to discuss direction. Act 2 rehearsals to commence at the end of February.

John has prepared a model of the stage. Rob Belcher, Richard Turner and Alan would be building a stage extension. The backdrop would be the Village Voices backdrop painted over. Denise and Anita to buy fabrics for costumes.

The following funds have been received: Awards for all 」 900 Stafford County Council 」600 Doxey Parish Council 」500

Clear Out day:

The date for the clear out date has been set for 23rd April. It has been suggested that, the Clear Out Day be advertised during the pantomime production on the 21st and 22nd of April 2006. A lorry to help with removal of large items is no longer required, instead, Gill Smith suggested, that assistance may be obtain from Annabel who has previously helped with removals. The furniture exchange has also been suggested to assist will the moving of large items.

Plant Sale

The 9th of May 2006 has been suggested for holding this event. Venue TBA

Doxey Day;

More people are required for planning the day. It has been suggested that, the group be ready by the next DCA meeting on the 8th of March. The proposed dates for the Doxey day are the 10th or 17th of June. The suggested venues include, the Three Tuns Garden, and Doxey House.

The DCA contribution to the day should include, serving of snacks, providing usher, for the Mikron Performance.

Parish Council: NB and DH

There have been further developments in securing the Universal suite for the Parish Council. A meeting was held between the UCM Management and the DPC. The proposed uses for the Universal suite include, a post office, a nursery and play group, as well as a function room, and a leisure bar.

Youth Forum: (Adrian Venables)

At the last meeting held by the Youth forum, issues raised include:

The bus services to Doxey and the lack of low rise buses, particularly for the young mothers.

The future of the Youth Forum: New members are required and a search has begun for new members, from year 9 and above. Existing members will decide on their trip.

Youth work:

The five a side football is progressing well. The Beaconside indoor facility has been suggested, at a charge of 」15 per head.

Meeting dates:

The next meeting date has been changed to 15th of March. It has been suggested that, the Youth Forum meeting be held immediately before the DCA meeting, so that any issue raised are forwarded promptly to DCA

Youth club

At a meeting of the youth club group the following rules were agreed:

Respect for each other, respect for the leader, respect for property , no bad language

A fee of 50p per week will be payable in advance

There will be a maximum of 25 young people in each group.. Meeting will be held in the church hall on 2 different nights - Juniors 8 to 11 years Seniors 12 to 16 years

Activities include pool and table tennis


A grant application has been made to Lloyds TSB.

Nigel to arrange meeting with other people who have set up clubs before e.g. David Adams.

Staffordshire county council, has purchased a youth bus, it may come to Doxey once, but more time will be spent in the rural areas

Doxey Times

Youth theatre production …Feather Boy from Gill Smith

Parish Plan

Life Support

Next Edition, February and March will be combined


Stafffordshire Borough Council Eileen Skelton, will attend the reception with HRH as our representative.

Walkwise leaflets for February/March.

Date of next meeting Wednesday 8th March at 7pm.

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Doxey Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 8th March 2006

Present: Nigel Barnett, Isabella Daves, Jane Essex, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore (chair), Tunga Muzangaza (secretary), Stephen Moore, Denise Peel, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables

1 Apologies: Joyce Beach, Hannah Burgess, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Claire Gaisford

John Peel, Anita Sumner

2 Minutes of the meeting held on 8th March were accepted

3 Matters Arising

Annual General Meeting on 10th May. Invitations will be sent to all local organisations and to others with an interest in Doxey.

Julliet Prince from the Staffordshire Police and the Community Council of Staffordshire will be included

Street Scene will give a presentation/ talk on exploring way of involving the community in improving the streets.

The meeting will be held in the church hall.

4 Ongoing Activities

Pantomine:This is progressing well. A successful meeting was held in Marsden. The DCA is awaiting response from Lloyds TSB and the Co-op.

Clear out day on 23rd April at the Sutton Centre from 1-3pm :

Plant Sale on 6th May, outside the Three Tuns from 10.30am until 12.30.pm
This is the DCA only fund raising events

Blackpool trip David Hughes reported that there are 23 confirmed customersfor the trip. The date will be finalised in May /June.

Life Support: The next session will be held at the Church and it will be on Choking. Publicity of the course to be improved by distributing flyers to other estates such as Venables estate and Castle Town.

Jane Essex, put forwarded a suggestion to nominate Dharshan for a Community Award for sustained effort in running the Life Support Programme.

Digital Photography The next session will be on 11th of March 2005, at the Church Hall between 09:30 to 12:30. The session will be on portrait photography. Refreshments will be provided.

5. Doxey Day

Suggested venues The Three Tuns garden, Church Hall, Doxey School, Doxey House

Date: 10th of June and 11th of June 2006

Time: 2pm – 5pm and 6:30pm - Late


The Mikron Company have been booked to perform their play Carrying On. This will be in the Church Hall at 6.30pm on 10th June. Jane Essex suggested a post production party, details to be provided.

Doxey Walk: Geoff Moore who leads Doxey Ramblers Group will lead a walk round Doxey on the Saturday morning.

Sculpture Workshop Jane Essex suggested a Sculpture Workshop to take place at some time over the weekend. Sculptor Adam Whittington would work with Doxey people on creating sculpture from a variety of re-cycled materials. This could be the beginning of a longer term project, a Doxey Sculpture Trail.

Fun Day: This activity will be run by Pat and John Perks, and may include a bouncy castle for the young.

Five aside football:The five aside football competition will be arranged for the young people. Sue Fox is prepared to use sessions she has arranged with the school for this activity.

The St Thomas and Andrews Church, the Baptist Church, and the Friendship group, and the Doxey Parish Council will be contacted again regarding their participation on the Doxey day.

The PTA at the Doxey Schools will be contacted regarding their School fete which is planned for 9th of June 2006,

6 Doxey Parish Council

Nigel Barnett, reported that, Seven Trent, were to attend the drainage problems all along Doxey. This may involve temporary traffic lights for a month on Doxey.

Discussions with the Universal’s management are continuing. DPC are awaiting response from the universal regarding their proposal for the Universal Suite.

7 Youth Club

Meetings to be held on the 3rd of April, 6th of April, and 29th of April. These meeting will be held to determine the structure of the Youth club and its rules. The meeting with be held with young people and their parents.

The five-a -side football competition venue was discussed.

It was suggested that the green area behind the school could be incorporated into the school playing field. This would require negotiations with Stafford Borough Council and the Staffordshire County Council.

8 Doxey Times

Parish Plan, AGM, Nominations to DCA positions: chair, secretary, treasurer. Pantomine Youth Club, Police Number Mikron production in June 2006.

9 Other Business

The Etrurian Café theatre production has been postponed/cancelled, as the group are experiencing funding problems.

It was suggested that DCA invites a variety groups to perform in Doxey. The Alstom Choir was suggested.

Motorway widening: The plan for the proposed motorway extension had been featured in the Stafford Post, on 09 March 2006. A response will be drafted by Mike Turner.

There will be a meeting of the DCA Trustees on the 20th of March, 7pm, at the William Sutton Centre.

The next meeting of the DCA will be held on April 12th at 7pm in the Sutton Centre.

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Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2006

Present: Nigel Barnett, Sue Fox, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, Denise Peel, Eileen Skelton, Gill Smith, Claire Turner, Mike Turner, Sam Turner

Apologies: Hannah Burgess, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Tunga Mazangaza, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Adrian Venables

1 Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 8th March were agreed as correct record, subject to the following amendments.

2 Forthcoming events

(a) Clear-out day set for 23 April. Volunteers required to supervise between 12.45 p.m. and 3.00 p.m.

(b) Plant sale set for 6 May. Anything garden related will be sold. The hope is that the proceeds will cover the cost of printing Doxey Times for the next 12 months

(c) Blackpool trip. So far 23 people have given a firm indication of wishing to go.

(d) Doxey Day Various options and dates for Doxey Day and how other organisations might be involved were discussed. It was agreed that the DCA would work with the Doxey School Parent Teachers Association (PTA) on their summer fete. There was no ideal date for this as all Saturdays had some event on. The date finally agreed on to put to the PTA was Saturday, 24 June. The idea was that, while DCA members would help to run stalls at the fete, other organisations would be able to have a presence for their own sake and raise money thereby, if they wished. It was agreed that David Hughes and Mike Turner would attend the next meeting of the PTA to represent the DCA in discussions of the fete. It was hoped that the parish council would also appoint two representatives to attend the PTA meeting. The possibility of involving the PTA from King Edward’s School was discussed.

3 Visit of the Queen to Stafford

Eileen Skelton gave an account of her activities as representative of the DCA at the reception and church service on the occasion of the Queen’s visit to Stafford. She had very much enjoyed the day and thanked the DCA for making it possible.

4 Pantomime

A report on progress was given. An appeal was made for people to make cakes for the interval. Also, Courtney needed a ball dress. Members were encouraged to buy tickets.

5 Annual General Meeting

Forms had been prepared for nomination for trustees and officers. A proposer and seconder were required and the person being proposed would be required to sign to indicate willingness to serve. All signing must be members of the Association. Some minor amendments to the forms were agreed. Availability of the forms would be advertised in Doxey Times

6 Parish Council

Nigel Barnett gave a brief report. A grant of £360 had been given for a breakfast club to be started at Doxey School. The Parish Council’s website - at www.doxeyparishcouncil.co.uk - was now operational.

7 Parish Plan

Mike Turner gave a brief report. Most households in Doxey should now have received their questionnaires and the remainder should receive them soon. The three dimensional map of Doxey should be completed by the end of May. As well as being available for view in the school it will be on view elsewhere in Doxey.

8 Youth Forum

A meeting of the Youth Forum had taken place immediately before this DCA meeting. April Turner had given details of the Doxey Marshes project where young people would meet with older people to record the latter’s reminiscences of the Marshes. The Forum was still interested in the leisure barn project, but the position may have to be reviewed if the parish council purchases the Universal Function Suite. It might be useful to seek a meeting with the owners of the site most favoured for the leisure barn. There was some doubt as to who this is.

9 Possible youth club

The meeting for the older age group had been attended by 12 potential members. Rules for a youth club had been drafted and the idea of a committee floated. The meeting for the younger age group was to take place on 26 April.

10 Doxey Times

The following items were suggested

Plant sale AGM Parish plan Mikron visit

Doxey Day Doxey Day Blackpool trip Playgroup

11 Proposals for the M6

Mike Turner stated that the issue of the M6 was included in the parish plan questionnaire. He intended to write further letters - to David Kidney, the press, etc. He requested to be put in touch with GAME - the Group Against Motorway Expansion, though he doubted whether their objective of no motorway expansion was realistic.

12 Correspondence

(a) Climate change in Staffordshire

(b) Connexions

(c) The Spring 2006 issue of Sundial, the newsletter of Stafford’s Local Agenda 21, had been received.

(d) The spring newsletter of Stafford and District Voluntary Services (SDVS) had been received.

(e) SCIO

(f) A letter had been received from the Doxey Pre-School Playgroup, setting out the problems it was currently facing, which threatened the viability of the Playgroup. These were (a) the difficulty of finding people to serve on the committee and, ultimately, as officers (because of its status as a registered charity, officers could not serve indefinitely) and (b) it was unlikely that the playgroup could attract sufficient children who were either financed by the government or whose parents were able/prepared to pay, to enable the Playgroup to meet its costs. DCA members were invited to express an interest in serving on the committee and/or invite other people they know to do the same. It was agreed (1) to put the matter on the agenda at the next meeting of the DCA, (2) to put an article in Doxey Times, (3) to offer help in applying for grants.

13 Other business

Sue Fox was welcomed back to her first meeting after her illness.

14 Date of next meeting

The next meeting would be the AGM, on Wednesday 10 May at 7.00 p.m., with refreshments served from 7.00 p.m.


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AGM - 2006

Brief Summary of AGM held at Doxey Church Hall on Wednesday May 10th 2006

Refreshments were served by Pat and John Perks from 7pm onwards, and written reports (see below) were available for those attending to read at their leisure. At 7.30 the outgoing Chairman, Joan Moore, welcomed members and guests, including Councillors for our area, Mark Winnington, (County Council) and Peter Goodlad, (Borough Council, also representing Adam Tedstone) and guest speakers from “Street Scene” who are responsible for street maintenance in Stafford Borough. Apologies were received from several members.

Written reports had been duplicated and were available for those attending. These were presented by the outgoing Chairman (Joan Moore) and Treasurer (Barbara Simpson), Doxey Parish Council, Doxey Church and Stafford Borough Councillors. Reports were also made by a representative of the newly-formed Youth Club Committee (Adrian Venables) and Youth Forum (Hannah Burgess). The meeting thanked both of them, and the support they receive from Sue Fox, of the Staffordshire County Council Youth Advisory Service, who was also present.

Nominations for Trustees had been received. There was one nomination for each of the officers’ posts and six nominations for trustees (the maximum) so those nominated were elected unopposed and introduced to the others present. They are;

Anita Sumner (Chairman)
Tunga Muzangaza (Secretary)
Helen Stuckey (Treasurer)

Laura Day
Jane Essex
Stephen Moore
Denise Peel
Pat Perks
Gill Smith

Sue Fox (nominated by the Youth Advisory Service) and Michele Elliott (nominated by William Sutton Housing Association Trust) continue to be trustees.

Streetscene then gave an excellent presentation outlining their work using photographs taken in Doxey. They were thanked by Anita, who also paid tribute to the work of the outgoing Chairman and Treasurer.

Official Minutes will be posted on the website when they are available.



Chair's report to the AGM May 2006

Report of Stafford Borough Councillors

A Report on Doxey Church for The Community Association AGM 2006.

Report of the Doxey Parish Council

Trustees Annual Report

FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 1st JANUARY - 31st DECEMBER 2005 (Accompanying Receipts and Payments Accounts)

Section 1 Legal and Administrative information

Charity Name Doxey Community Association
Charity Commission register Number

Name and Address of Charity Correspondent: for 2005 (Charity’s address)

    Mrs Barbara Simpson, 170 Doxey, Stafford ST16 1EQ

Governing Document is the Constitution adopted 12th January 2005 which contains all the clauses of the Charity Commission’s 1998 model, including the powers granted in section D. There are no specific investment powers

Objects of the Charity (from Governing Document) are to:

“Promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Doxey and the neighbourhood (hereinafter called "the area of benefit") without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions, by associating together the said inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants and promote such other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined. The Association shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion.”

Section 2 Trustees and Governance

Name of Trustee (a)

Dates during which the named trustee acted if not for the whole period of this report (b)

Name of person (or body) entitled to appoint any charity trustee (d)

Joan Moore (Chairman)



Sarah Moody nee Jessop (Secretary)



Barbara Simpson (Treasurer)



Jane Essex



Stephen Moore



Michele Elliott


William Sutton Housing Assoc Ltd

Susan Fox


Staffs Youth Advisory Service

Gill Smith

May 9th – Dec 31st


Pat Perks

May 9th – Dec 31st


Laura Day

May 9th – Dec 31st


Denise Peel

May 9th – Dec 31st



Trustee Selection method. By election, normally at the AGM in May, with powers to co-opt if required. Two trustees, as indicated, are appointed by bodies as specified in the Constitution. There are no custodian trustees.


Section 3 Activities and Achievements

In 2005 the DCA maintained its established activities with increasing numbers of residents participating. The weekly coffee morning flourishes; 12 editions of Doxey Times were published and distributed; the Fun Day provided exercise and entertainment for Doxey children; we had two Clear Out (recycling) days, a plant sale and our monthly meetings.

Village Voices was a groundbreaking project for Doxey and possibly for any community. It culminated in two performances in the spring of the play “Village Voices”; a play about Doxey, written by a professional playwright in collaboration with Doxey people. It was performed by Doxey people with training and support from the Mikron Theatre Company. Local people gained expertise in each of the skills necessary to perform a play, from publicity to set design.  The project was funded by national funding bodies and our local District and County Council. Over 100 people took part in some way in putting on the performance and a further 300 participated as audience.

In addition the DCA organised 2 theatre trips and provided practical support for the re-enactment of the VJ day celebrations in a nearby community.

The experience of Village Voices has led directly to the current Mother Goose project. The pantomime will be performed in April 2006, by Doxey people.  Rehearsals began in November 2006 and are now in full swing.  The project has attracted funding from local and national bodies.

Towards the end of the year two courses were established which are proving to be popular with residents. 43 people have taken part in the Life Support, (resuscitation) Course and the digital photography course is enabling people to improve their skills.

Section 4 Policies

Reserves policy In accordance with the new charitable status, the trustees consider the matter of reserves (that is those funds which are freely available, not in restricted funds) at regular intervals. Such reserves are normally in the region of £600-1200, which is adequate. Cash reserves were £621 on 31/12/2004 and had risen to £1409 by 31st December 2005, following the very successful “Village Voices” project.

Grant-Making policy Although the DCA is not primarily concerned with making grants from its limited resources, any request for a small grant for a project which would benefit the community and is in line with the objects as outlined in the constitution would be considered by the trustees. An example of this is the grant to buy materials for the Senior Citizens Christmas party, which was given in 2004 and 2005.

Investment selection policy The DCA has bank accounts with Barclays plc at Stafford and Stoke (telephone-based accounts). There are two accounts, a current account, called a Community Account, (which does not levy bank charges nor pay interest on balances) and a Premium account which pays a low rate of interest on balances. The trustees consider that these are adequate for normal needs but could be prepared to change the provider if the majority agree and it was felt a change would be of benefit to the DCA.

A third account, a Barclays “Tracker” account was opened in March 2005 to take advantage of the much higher rate of interest available on balances of over five thousand pounds during the period when we had received grants for the “Village Voices” project but had not received invoices for payments. This account was closed in November, following payments to suppliers as balances of less than five thousand pounds would not attract interest.

Review of major risks The DCA is instituting a risk management strategy with comprises a periodic review of the risks the charity may face, the establishment of systems and procedures to mitigate any risks identified and the implementation of procedures designed to minimise any potential impact on the charity should those risks materialise.

The risk management strategy will pay attention to non-financial as well as financial risks, including the safety and well-being of anyone taking part in any of the activities being managed by the DCA.

Section 5 Signature and Declaration

Declaration: I declare, in may capacity of charity trustee that:

  • the trustees have approved the report above; and

  • have authorised me to sign it on their behalf


Full Name Joan Moore
Position Chairman

Date 20th March 2006

Chair's report to the AGM May 2006

This year has seen a growth in the activities of the Community Association, growth both in the number of people taking part, and in the variety of activities that the association has engaged in. The weekly coffee morning meets each Monday and is very well attended by young, old and all stages in between. Thank you to John and Pat Perks for running this facility with their unfailing welcome and good humour. People are asked to make a small contribution to the cost. At this point I wish to acknowledge the contribution of William Sutton Housing Association in providing the hall free of charge, for the coffee morning but also for the Community Association meetings, and events and for their storage of DCA equipment.

Our monthly meetings have continued. In September we had Vicky Singleton from Neighbourhood Watch to tell us about the scheme, in January Amy Bowen from the Express and Star attended the meeting and announced her amazement at the number and variety of the DCA's activities. Our August meeting was a social meeting organised by Sally Hems and David Hughes.

Once more there have been eleven editions of Doxey Times. Doxey Times is delivered to every home in Doxey thanks to a team of 23 deliverers. A number of people responded to an appeal for more deliverers so no one has a huge round. However volunteers are always welcome even if they can only deliver a few copies. Stephen Moore edits the Doxey Times and has done so since I998. Thank you to Stephen and his editorial team of John Smith and lain Simpson for their commitment. Doxey Times doesn't just stay in Doxey. Copies are sent to many outside bodies that have an interest in Doxey and an extended version is posted on the DCA Website each month.

The Doxey Community Association Website has been up and running for over a year. lain Simpson, the webmaster updates it regularly with DCA business materials as well as with notices of events and reports and photographs.

Two further clear out days have been well supported and have proved to be valuable recycling events. Thank you to Mike Turner who organised them. Three other Residents/Community Associations having heard of the Clear out days, have approached the DCA about our procedures.

We have had two plant sales since the last AGM. Each has provided opportunities for people to buy plants cheaply and also to share their plants with others. At the last plant sale, month we had several visitors from other parts of Stafford who had read of the event in th local papers. Some have become regular visitors. Thank you to the Three Tuns for the use of their premises, to the Doxey gardeners and to DCA helpers for making the plant sale possible.

In 2005 the DCA was received a Green Award for its work in promoting environmental awareness in Doxey.

Last August we had the Association's third Fun Day. Pat and John Perks organise the event for the younger children in the community. It was well attended by children although we were disappointed that so few parents came either to observe or to help. However the event was well supported by DCA members.

Last October David Hughes organised a trip to Blackpool for Doxey residents. A group joined a scheduled trip. The event was so appreciated that David is organising an all Doxey trip for to take place in the Autumn.

Two new courses have been introduced since the last AGM. Following on from his involvement with the Village Voices project, Mike Day offered to run a digital photography course in Doxey for Doxey residents. The response from Doxey residents has been enthusiastic and Mike has covered aspects of photography from taking and editing pictures to portrait photography.

Since October Dr Darshan Seehra, a Doxey resident, has been leading courses in Life Support. Three sessions are on offer, one on resuscitating adults, another on resuscitating children and infants and a third on helping someone who is choking. Each session lasts for two hours. So far 34 people have completed all three sessions and a further I8 have completed at least one session. The course is free of charge and certificates are awarded to those who complete the sessions. The course is funded by the Community Council of Staffordshire and organised by the Community Association. Our thanks to Dr Seehra and his colleagues for their commitment to the people of Doxey.

The Youth Forum has continued to meet during the year and has been represented at each of the DCA monthly meetings. Their plans for a Youth Barn have been on hold pending possible new developments in Doxey. However members of the Youth Forum have helped with most of our events and also in the planning, with the Parish Council, of youth clubs in Doxey.

In October 2005 the Stafford film festival commemorated VJ day by recreating a street party in Castletown. The DCA contributed to this event by providing copious quantities of sandwiches and cakes, most of which became inedibly soggy between our party tent, pitched close by, and the hungry children. About 20 Doxey residents attended the showing of the resulting film.

As a post script to the community play Village Voices I am pleased to report that each of our sponsors were happy with our use of their donations and congratulated the DCA on the project which one described as ground breaking. The DCA mounted an exhibition of the project at the County Show in June where it attracted much interest. The professional production (the world premiere) of Village Voices took place on 11th June 2005 before a full house at Doxey Church. It had much in common with the Doxey version but the theme of post office closure was developed. A group of Doxey residents went to see the Mikron's other 2005 production at High Offley in the summer.

At the end of October 25 Doxey residents attended the final performance of Village Voices in Marsden near Huddersfield. It was an exciting occasion. I was asked by a visitor from Sheffield, Why did they choose Doxey?' My answer was of course, They didn't choose Doxey, Doxey chose them!. We also heard talk of “The Doxey Model”. No not a local Kate Moss but an example of successful community theatre.

Village Voices generated a lot of enthusiasm, fostered a lot of talent and the desire to attempt a production by Doxey people. Anita Sumner and John Smith had both taken major parts in Village Voices and had observed the production process at close quarters. They gathered together a group of volunteers to continue and develop the theatrical life of the village. The aim of The Doxey Players was to achieve a high artistic standard, to include as many residents as they could as actors, singers, crew and audience and to have fun in the process. They selected a script of Mother Goose and rehearsals began in November 2005. They obtained professional input, in the form of training from Mikron, from a stage make-up artist and from a lighting professional. The project was supported with funds from our own Parish Council, from the Staffordshire County Council, from Awards for All and from the Lloyds/TSB Foundation. The performances were appreciated by two full audiences. For I5 residents this was the first village event that they had taken an active part in. In all about 500 people were involved in the production and as audience.

The Doxey Players are already talking about the next theatrical venture. Watch this space, and the Doxey Times.

The Community Association is also represented on the Tenants' Federation of Stafford and Rural Homes, the Community Council of Staffordshire and the Local Environmental Quality Group. It is affiliated to the Stafford District Voluntary Services and to the Community Council of Staffordshire.

Between I997 and 2004 the DCA campaigned for Doxey to have its own Parish Council. In May 2005 we welcomed the inauguration of the Parish Council. Since May 2005 the PC has been working with enthusiasm and with the support of local residents to improve the lives of all who live in the village. There are similarities between the aims of the Parish Council and those of the DCA but it will be important for each organisation to develop its appropriate role.

I would like to end on a personal note. This is my last report as chair of the DCA. I wish to thank those people who have given their support to me and to the association over the last 5 years. Because of their commitment, their vision and their sheer hard work the DCA has developed a wide range of activities and encompassed a range of interests and age groups in Doxey. It has also become an exemplar to other communities. We can look forward to its continuing development in the future.

Joan Moore

Report of Stafford Borough Councillors,
Adam Tedstone and Peter Goodland,
prepared for the Annual General Meeting of the Doxey Community Association:

Wednesday I0 th May 2006 at Doxey Parish Centre

Thank you for giving Adam and me the opportunity to keep you informed about what we are doing on your behalf in the Ward of Tillington. Together, as Stafford Borough Councillors, we are jointly responsible for the whole of the ward, which stretches from Doxey across to the Eccleshall Road and meets up with Holmcroft.

I thought it might be useful to explain a bit about the role of a local councillor which involves working on behalf of residents to represent you and the Ward. To carry out this responsibility at Stafford Borough Council. I sit on the Environment and Health Scrutiny, and Public appeals, Committee and Adam has spent a considerable amount of time and energy as a “Councillor” Board Member with Stafford and Rural Homes: this is the organisation that has taken over responsibility of social housing from Stafford Borough Council. Stafford and Rural Homes was selected as the preferred choice of Stafford residents of council housing. As a company it has started from scratch. They have over 6000 residential properties with a combined mortgage of £I4m. so you can guess at the amount of time this has taken. Carrying out these committee roles allows us to truly represent residents and ensure a local voice is heard when considering council business. The Council has maintained the Council Tax for the Borough at or below the rate of inflation for the last 3 years and still managed to maintain good quality services: it is Adam’s and my job to make sure Tillington Ward and Doxey are considered in any council business.

This year has seen us spending a considerable amount of time working across the Ward either from individual residents contacting and asking for particular assistance or advice, or representing the ward through our role as Local Councillors.

Here are some of the highlights:

Play and Sports Facilities. As you may be aware the play area behind Doxey school has been standing idle for years since the equipment was burned down. We have been constantly negotiating with the leisure and open space staff at the Council to get some commitment to improve this facility and to bring it back to life. So far without any real developments, even after constantly pointing out the need for improved facilities in the area. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel: Adam and I have been involved in discussion with the council who assure us that former Universal Grinding Wheel factory is subject of a planning application that will allow new community open space to be developed. At this time the negotiation is ongoing but hope is there for quality play and leisure facilities that will match any in Stafford Borough. Our constant pressure is beginning to pay dividends but we also continue to lobby for the original open space to be developed.

Stafford Borough Play Scheme. Last year's summer play scheme run by the council was in danger of not getting a location to operate from in Doxey. After being approached by residents and the council play officer, together with a representative of the Parish Council, I visited the Head Teacher at the school to discuss the situation. Following this the head teacher offered the premises for the scheme. This is a good example of Borough and Parish Councillors working together for the good of Doxey.

Parish Council. Both Adam and I worked hard to get support for the Parish Council against, what was at the time, very strong opposition within the Council. Both of us believing it brings a new dimension to a local voice representing Doxey and the example above shows it really works!

Planning Issues. Keeping an eye on planning applications and ensuring the voice of residents gets a fair hearing is a big part of the councillors role and there have been a number of occasions that we have been involved in such planning matters in Doxey. A number have needed to be “called-in”. Called-in is just planning jargon for the official process of getting them properly considered with a local and representative voice being included and heard. Called-in items mean the application is usually contentious: but the most contention this year was the proposed erection of a mobile telephone mast on the Doxey Road. Many people approached us with very real concerns about safety issues from placing the mast in a residential area and following our involvement the company withdraw the application.

Ongoing problems. There have been a number of ongoing problems that have involved us over the year. One of them is the use of open land by motorcycles causing a nuisance. We have frequently brought this to the attention of the Police to ensure the issue is being dealt with and a resolution to the problem being sought. Another is ensuring that the overall environment is kept clean and tidy, so we have kept the needs of Doxey high on the agenda of Council's services. Another ongoing issue that we been involved with is that of Seighford fishing pits: this has caused a real problem to residents of Doxey for a number of years. The County Councillor for the area, Mark Winnington, has played a leading role in overcoming this problem and has now ensured a restricted time scale to the planning application. This should have the effect of ending this ongoing nuisance for Doxey in the foreseeable future.

If you have any issues that need our help please get in touch.

Adam Tedstone

Peter Goodland

A Report on Doxey Church for The Community Association AGM 2006.

The Vicar, Rev. Paul Thomas, regrets that he is unable to attend the AGM but is pleased to submit this short report.

The Government has said that the future of community life in the UK depends upon small voluntary organisations working together to promote their well-being. It is encouraging therefore that in Doxey a few such organisations - the Church, the Parish Council and the Community Association - have begun to develop links and to work in harness.

We are conscious that we have very good facilities to offer, especially since the kitchen was refurbished and the heating in the Hall replaced with an efficient system. We are pleased that we were able to host Village Voices last year and more recently to offer a venue for Mother Goose. I believe another Theatre Group are also considering a presentation in the Hall. We hope other events will follow so that the Hall is seen to be at the disposal of the community and not the reserve of churchgoers. On Sunday I8th June a Strawberry Tea will be held in the afternoon - in the Hall if wet, possibly outside on the grass if dry - and if it is feasible we will try to organise a bouncy castle. We are looking at other possibilities such as coffee mornings or light lunches.

We have spent a long time discussing and planning the establishment of a Youth Club for teenagers as a joint venture by representatives of the Parish Council, Church and Youth Forum. The first session was held on Monday, 8th May and attracted twenty-seven teenagers who were invited to take part in various games, to discuss a set of rules, and who were given free refreshments. There were eight adults supervising the group and as a result it was contained, but not easily. Any other adult volunteers would be most welcome. In addition we have been exploring the possibility of a football tearn and this venture looks as though it might get underway in September, the team taking part in a Sunday league.

Two highlights of the last year were the Christmas Tree Exhibition and the outdoor Christmas Tree. The exhibition facilitated a very enjoyable togetherness for groups and organisations in the community and the Cheese & Wine on the Sunday evening allowed some very interesting conversations to be struck up. Carols round the Christmas Tree ( a Tree jointly paid for by the Church, the Parish Council and the Community Association) drew a large crowd of adults and children and the atmosphere both outside (despite the drizzle) and inside where Santa thrilled the children and we had refreshments was a very worthwhile occasion.

We hope such joint ventures will continue   and even increase   as we seek to serve the people of Doxey, and we look forward to being part of the Doxey Day on July 8th

Paul W. Thomas
Vicar of Doxey.

Report of the Doxey Parish Council to the Doxey Community Association,
 Annual General Meeting May 10
th 2006

In its first year the Doxey Parish Council has addressed a number of problems raised by Doxey residents. These include:

The Doxey drain   this has now been dredged and fenced.

The Universal 'dump' field. The gate has now been reinstated and the contaminated field is now secure.

The sewers from Bradbury Rise to the Universal have now been cleaned out.

The Summer Playscheme, which was under threat due to lack of premises went ahead using a mobile building obtained by the Parish Council.

The Playing field behind Doxey School has been brought to the attention of the District Council.

Work on the gullies in Baxter Green, which are subject to flooding, is now in hand.

The need for a building in Doxey for community use. Two possible locations are now being considered.

The DPC has supported Doxey organisations through grants:

St Thomas' and St Andrew's Church

The New Testament Church of God

The Doxey Primary School Breakfast Club

The Doxey Community Association for the Pantomime.

The DPC has launched the drawing up of the Parish Plan. Through this every Doxey resident is given the opportunity to contribute to the future development of our village.

The DPC welcomes public participation in its meetings. Meetings are held on the second Thursday in each month. They are held at Doxey primary School at 7pm.

Doxey Community Association


Minutes of the meeting held on 14th June 2006


Present :- Isabella Davies , Stephen Moore , Joan Moore, Gill Smith, Sally Hems, Nigel Barnett, Pat Perks, John Perks, John Peel, Denise Peel, Anita Sumner, Jane Essex, David Hughes and Mike Turner.

Apologies: Tunga Muzangaza.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting
    The minutes of the last meeting were read. It was noted that apologies should have been recorded in respect of John Peel. That was the only correction, and the minutes agreed.


  2. DCA Officers
    Following the AGM, the officers of the DCA are now :
    Chair - Anita Sumner
    Secretary - Tunga Muzangaza
    Treasurer - Rob Belcher. (The treasurer nominated and agreed at the AGM had not been able to take up the post, and Rob had agreed to step in).


  3. Clear Out Day
    There had been a good attendance, and not much had been left at the end of the day. The lorry that had been requested to take away any excess items was cancelled as nothing needed to be taken to the refuse tip. Joan Moore mentioned that she had met 2 families new to Doxey at the event.


  4. Plant Sale
    There had been a reasonable attendance. As no new houses had been built in Doxey since the last sale, no-one was starting to stock up for a new garden. Joan Moore thanked everyone involved - she said she had received magnificent support , especially in the transport of plants for the sale.


  5. Mother Goose Pantomime
    This had been a huge success and had received huge support. It was understood that the Doxey Players were meeting to discuss the next venture. This is likely to be a play involving only adults to be performed in October 2006, to be followed by another pantomime in April 2007, which would involve all ages.

    Because the October production was smaller than the pantomime, it was hoped that a Saturday night performance could be given, which had been impossible for Mother Goose due to the size of the set, and it having to be cleared away for the church service the next morning.

    15 people who had not previously been involved in DCA events had joined in with the Mother Goose production.

    Gill Smith mentioned that she had a pupil who had become involved in the pantomime as part of her Community Award Scheme studies, and had gone on to more than was necessary, as she had enjoyed it so much.

    It was mentioned that during the performances, the temperature in the church had become very hot. Jane Essex asked if it would be possible to hire air conditioning for future performances.


  6. Mikron
    Mikron Theatre company had appeared in Doxey on 10th June. The event had cost £600; ticket sales had made £377, and donations of £26.57 had been received, making a total of £403.57. 90 tickets had been sold.

    Thanks were given to those who had provided cakes, and to Pat and John Perks who had supervised the refreshments. Apparently , the new actors in the theatre company were pleasantly surprised at the welcome they received. Although Dan and Rob had already told them how good it would be, it had exceed their expectations.

    Feedback on the poster supplied by Mikron was that as the poster was so busy , it made it difficult for people to actually see the performance details. It was felt that this meant a few people may have missed the play.

    The barbecue held afterwards at the Three Tuns was very successful. The pub was very hospitable, and it was felt that we would be welcome to do the same thing again, and so may be worth considering for a future event (possibly the DCA August social meeting?). Thanks were given to Jane and Richard Essex for providing the drum barbecue for all to use .


  7. Sculpture Trail
    22 people (including 4 who had never before attended a DCA event) attended and greatly enjoyed the day.

    Nigel Barnett, Anita Sumner and Jane Essex identified the possibility of applying for lottery money to fund future activities for those who did not want to be involved in a drama group.


  8. Forthcoming Events

    Etruria Cafe Theatre - 10th July, 6.30 p.m. This is theatre group who use their own scriptwriters, but use professional actors. The scripts match food to the theme of the play.

    The group have received a grant from Staffs County Council to put on the play. DCA will sell the tickets on behalf of Etruria Café Theatre group. The tickets will be in the region of £4 -£5 each. 60 people will be able to attend.

    Mikron Theatre 24th September. Mikron will be performing the play “Mrs Brunel”. Jane Essex will check with Mikron to check that DCA is not expected to pay for this production, but those who attend will be asked for donations.

    Doxey Day 8th July . This was being in conjunction with the school. DCA would have an stand showing what activities it is involved in , and there would be plant and bric-a- brac stalls, run by Joan Moore and Pat and John Perks respectively. Nigel Barnett gave details of what the Parish Council would be providing ( horizontal bungee jumping , sumo wrestling suits). John Smith would be running the Human Fruit Machine game, and Anita Sumner said she would run a game of chance, where straws are chosen from a bed of sand. The straws would have a coloured paper inside, the colour of the paper denoting whether a prize was won or not. It was agreed that a major prize of a ticket for a family of four to go on the Blackpool Trip be provided, with the DCA paying for this .

    It was asked if people would provide cakes for a cake stall.

    Eileen Skelton would be asked if she could make her Doxey Archive available for people to learn more about the history of Doxey. (Nigel Barnett would ask her if she could do this).

    DCA would be providing the party tent for use at the event.

    Indian Dance Workshop 15th July 10.30 a.m. Culturegen had said that the dance workshop would be given free of charge. Anita Sumner would check the number of people who could attend.

    Blackpool trip 2nd September Tickets are going well. David Hughes said that he hoped to be able to charter a bus solely for Doxey. He had sold 29 tickets so far.

  9. Reports
    Parish Council Nigel Barnett gave a short report

    Youth Forum Joan Moore had attended a meeting earlier in the evening, where there were very few young people attending.
    One of the concerns raised was the school bus. This was very crowded, and costly. It was hoped that the Youth Forum would write to David Kidney and Mark Winnington, Parish Council, etc., on this . At present, those who attend Blessed William Howard and King Edward get a bus into town and then another into Doxey. It was said that there was a school bus that comes into Doxey , but was usually empty. Stephen Moore said he would look into this .

    The Youth Forum were pleased with the youth club, but it was said that some activities could not take place because of lack of insurance cover.

    Doxey Times 2 people have offered to help with the writing of this. The following items were to go into the next issue :-
    Doxey Day,
    Etruria Cafe
    Indian Dance workshop
    Blackpool Trip
    Regular events.


  10. AOB
    Joan Moore said that some were still to do all 3 Life Support course. There was £400 left , which was ring fenced for this purpose. It was suggested that the course could be extended to the Venables Estate and Castletown. Joan said she needed someone to design a poster - she will contact Katy Clapp to se if she ia interested.

    Digital Photography They had an outing to Down’s Banks , to take photographs, with Mike Day giving advice. People can still join the group, by just turning up for each session.

    Parish Plan There is to be a meeting on 23rd June at 7.30, to be held in the Church Hall. David Kidney, Peter Goodhead, Mark Winnington and Adam Tedstone were to meet Parish Council , and DCA representatives to discuss what is wanted and needed in Doxey, as shown in the Parish Plan questionnaire results. Joan Moore and Denise Peel agreed to represent the DCA, Pat and John Perks to represent the Coffee Morning, and Nigel Barnett and Stephen Moore to represent the Parish Council.

    Stafford Local Partnership. This represents 300 + organisations within Stafford Borough. Doxey was represented by Stephen Moore, Joan Harvey and Hilary Chalmers. It was not known if Joan Harvey and Hilary Chalmers would be able to carry on , and so there was a need to consider representation before September, as it is important to be able to put forward Doxey’s point of view and interests.

    Clifton, Nottingham Mike Turner said he had recently attended Clifton Village Weekend, where various events ( choral , jazz, flower show, etc., ) took place over Friday - Sunday. Perhaps this was something Doxey could aspire to ?

    Strawberry Teas Sunday 18th June afternoon 2.30 onwards at the Church


  11. Correspondence
    Joan Moore said she had something about Green Awards, which Doxey has received in previous years. Application had to be made by 7th july.

    She had also received details of Skills Base -SDVS training courses .

(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Tom Beach, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Sarah Moody (SMo), Joan Moore, Stephen Moore (SM), Denise Peel, John Peel, John Perks, Pat Perks, Darshan S Seehra, Mike Turner, Alistair Wray

Apologies: Michelle Elliot, Sue Fox, Barbara Simpson

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Clear Out Day A gentleman from Highfields who visited Doxey and saw the advert for the cot in Doxey Times came and took it away. SM reported that he has found information on a similar scheme based in Stoke-On-Trent and a web-based initiative; he will give a full report at the September meeting

Green Award An application, similar to those in previous years (with additional information about Village Voices) has been submitted

Litter Pickers Those who requested litter pickers at the last meeting can collect them from JM

3. Youth Forum

No one was in attendance to give a full report, however the group have been unable to meet due to exams and participation in taster courses.

4. Life Support Project

Dr Darshan Seehra, who lives on The Ridgeway in Doxey, presented an initiative to the group. In response to concerns that there is little for young adults to do in Doxey, he felt energies could be channelled into a positive activity and offered to provide (with support from other local qualified professionals, including his wife who is a nurse) basic life support training, based on a tried and tested methodical approach of teaching. It would be a one off session (one to two hours long, depending upon numbers) in which people aged over 16 (but will include mature 12-16 year olds) learn how to give mouth-to-mouth and use the recovery position, etc (it will run more than once on different dates in response to demand, refresher sessions are also recommended). The course will be certificated, which will boost confidence and look impressive on a CV. Funding advice has been provided by neighbours; employed by the County Council and Community Council. The meeting gave the idea its full support and JM suggested setting up a working group once funding was secured. This group will include young people to ensure that promotion is done in the most appropriate way to attract them. SC, DP and SMo offered to be involved in this group; others said they would attend a class. It was suggested that sessions be held in both main community locations, the Church and the William Sutton Centre to attract a wider audience.

5. Parish Council

The Parish Council are already achieving great things, including arranging for lights to be fixed in Broadmeadow Croft and enabling the re-starting of the summer play scheme, which will operate during the summer holidays at the school. There will be three sessions per day for four weeks. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be in mid-August.

6. Report on Village Voices

The event was very well attended, by about 180 people. Mikron were happy with the way everything went and have since done a number of performances in the South Midlands where it was received very well. Everyone agreed that they had enjoyed it and that the show was a credit to Mikron and to Doxey. BS will give a full financial report at the September meeting now that all documentation has been sent to and approved by Arts Council England, West Midlands. A car share is available to see the other Mikron show, Wheel of Fortune in High Offley on the 24th August. Six people have expressed their interest so far and anyone else wishing to attend should contact JM.

7. Programme for 2005

Fun day will take place on Saturday 20th August. No additional equipment is required, but SC will look into whether the church has a Parachute. PP and JP asked for volunteers to help supervise on the day, parents have also been invited to attend. NB offered the help of some students who will be staying with him at the time. Help is particularly needed with the putting up of the party tent at around midday. The police have been asked to attend and they have said they hope to join in!

DH has 18 interested, 10 definites and 8 people who have paid deposits for the trip to Blackpool Illuminations. He is hopeful that by the end of the month there will be more interest, but if numbers are limited, those who have paid deposits and expressed keen interest will be able to attend a coach company organised trip instead, to avoid disappointment.

The next Clear Out Day will take place on the 2nd October. Volunteers were asked to attend to help MT

8. Doxey Times

Blackpool Illuminations trip

Play scheme

Fun day reminder

High Offley trip to see Wheel of Fortune

Advert for the video version of the Village Voices performance

A reminder about summer holiday issues, such as litter dropping and safety

Date of the next Parish Council meeting

Next DCA meeting – the social event in August

The playgroup will be approached to see if they would like to advertise in the next issue. ME suggested that small adverts be placed in Doxey Times for unwanted goods as she has had a number of queries about large items of furniture which could be of use to others. This method works well on a notice board at the William Sutton Centre. Alternatively people could call the Furniture Exchange on 01785 606674 for free collection. All information to be included in the August edition should be sent to SM by 22nd July

9. Correspondence

The monthly community matters mailing has arrived with the newsletter, which SM recommended people look at if they want ideas for community action. Also enclosed was a nomination form for the Year of the Volunteer. The closing date for nominations however is 18th July

JM has received a mailing about Connexions, the one-stop shop for young people, anyone wishing to read it should contact JM

JM had also received a letter from SC as treasurer for the Parish Church thanking the Community Association for full payment for the use of the church during the Village Voices rehearsals and performances

10. Any Other Business

AW has asked a number of people whether they would be interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NHW). The response was very positive, but people would like to know what is involved before committing. MT suggested contacting the Staffordshire Police NHW Co-ordinator. ID is a co-ordinator for her street and looks after 20 houses. They monitor any unusual activity and report incidents. SM pointed out that some companies would give a reduction on premiums if you live in a NHW area. JM suggested inviting a NHW representative to speak at an autumn meeting.

There are still very few low-level buses operating on the number 6 route at peak times. NB has enquired and has been advised by the Council that there are no current plans to introduce them on all runs at this time. Residents have questioned why fares have risen so much if there will be no improvement to services. Concerns were also recorded following the closure of Doxey Post Office, increasing the reliance of some people on bus travel into the town centre. SH had seen signs on the buses stating that low-level buses would be operational from 8th May 2005, but they are infrequent and used in the main part on a Sunday when the bus service extends to Telford. JM suggested selecting a day and monitoring the times and types of buses operating

AW suggested a litter pick. This will take place on Monday 8th August. Volunteers to meet at the William Sutton Centre at 6pm, all equipment will be provided (gloves and pickers, etc.)

The church will be open from 11.30 until 12.30 on 14th July for people wishing to remember those killed and injured in the London Bombings. A two-minute silence will be observed at midday

The young people who performed the rap at the beginning of the community performances of Village Voices entered the Stafford Borough Raw Talent Competition and won. The Community Association wish to pass on their thanks and congratulations.

9. Date of next meeting

The social event will take place on Wednesday 10th August 2005. No formal business will be conducted. Refreshments will be organised by DH and SH

(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th August 2006

Present: Stephen Moore, Joan Moore, Gill Smith, Sally Hems, Nigel Barnett, Pat Perks, John Perks, John Peel, Anita Sumner, David Hughes, Mike Turner, John Corcoran, Sue Corcoran, Jane Essex and Tunga Muzangaza

Apologies for absence: Adrian Venables, Denise Peel and Gill Smith

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

Feedback from Trustees meeting

The trustee meeting was held on Wednesday 2nd August ’06 it was attended by Anita Sumner, Rob Belcher, Pat Perks, Stephen Moore and Tunga Muzangaza. The meeting discussed the Doxey Day proceeds of £139.44. It was decided that the proceeds should be set aside, to accumulate with other proceeds from DCA activities, in preparation for a donation to a specific group. It was also decided that the Senior Citizens Christmas meal will go ahead on a budget of £80.

Feedback on events: Indian Dance Workshop:

The event was attended by 22 people. The event was an hour long and it comprised of a demonstration, information on the Indian culture and dance routines and then a practical workshop allowing participates to try out some of the steps. The facilitator will apply for a grant from the Art’s Council, to fund future free workshops. The last event was funded by Culture Gen.

Forthcoming events:

Etruria Café Theatre Workshops:

Anita Sumner is awaiting contact from the drama group regarding the workshops schedules for September.

Blackpool trip:

To date 33 people have registered an interest in the trip, and of them 27 have confirmed and paid for the tickets. However due to a pricing error from Happy Day Coaches, there is a shortfall of £52, which David Hughes planned to pay for. It was proposed that the DCA should refund David Huges £52, DCA member attending the meeting agreed to the proposals.

Mrs Brunel by Mikron:

Mikron are scheduled to perform the play in September. It had been previously agreed by the DCA members that no tickets are to be sold for the event, instead, the audience will be asked to make donations on the day. The cost of the performance to be paid by the DCA is to be confirmed by Jane Essex, either £300 or £600, to be discussed at the next meeting

Doxey clear out day:

Further information is to be requested from Mike Turner.

Senior Citizens Christmas Meal:

The Youth Forum was approached to help organize the event; however they declined the offer citing Sue Fox’s departure and the lack of a replacement preventing the youth forum’s participation. DCA trustees have agreed an £80 budget for the event.



Doxey Players:

The group held a meeting on Monday 17th July ’06 in the Doxey Arms function room. The group consisted on John Smith, Anita Sumner, Denise Peel and Terry Williams. The plans for a performance in October 2006 have been cancelled; instead the group has decided to perform a pantomime in April 2007, followed by a play by the adult actors in September 2007.

A read through of the proposed pantomime scripts will be held on Monday the 21st August 06, in the Doxey Arms function room at 7pm.

Doxey Parish Council:

The footpath along Doxey Road is in the process of being elevated from the Doxey Stores to 247 Doxey Road. This has been conducted by the DPC through the Staffordshire County council.

Youth Forum:

Sue Fox has not been replaced. The Youth Club has been closed for the summer holidays and will reconvene when the school term begins.

Doxey Times:

As mentioned in the minutes of last weeks meeting, John Smith has taken over the editorial role of the Doxey times. He has requested that prewritten articles be submitted for the Doxey times. The DCA are also looking for someone who could deliver the Doxey Times to the various distributors in Doxey distributor. It would take approximately 1 ½ hrs each a month and the process includes batching the Doxey Times and on occasions distribution of paper to cover distributors who are away.

Items to be included in the next edition of Doxey Times:

The Mikron Visit 24th of September

Parish plan meeting to be held on the 09/09/2006 at the Church of Saint Andrew’s and Thomas. A meeting is to be held on the 26/09/2006 with Juliet Prince and Di Powell to discuss policing in Doxey now and in the future.

An up-date of the situation of the Doxey play group.


Etrurian Café:

Jane Essex distributed an evaluation form for the theatre group, which they require to obtain funding. The forms were distributed to DCA members who attended the play on Monday 10th July ’06. These members are John and Sue Corcoran, John and Pat Perks, Sally Hems, Joan and Stephen Moore, Denise Peel, and the Smith family.

Anti Social Behaviour:

Anita Sumner received an e-mail detailing the availability of Anti Social Behavioural grant, which the DCA can apply for to fund projects the help tackle anti social behaviour.

Friend of Victoria Park:

A letter was received by Joan Moore from the friends of Victoria Park, detailing the Agenda of their next AGM.

Land Development Framework:

For further information see Steven Moore

Any Other Business:

The Church of Saint Andrews and Thomas is to hold lunch’s on trial basis, on a Thursday between 12 noon and 2pm and will be available to all. The lunches will be prepared and be available from the Church. These lunches will be held on a trial basis for the month of August. The first lunch meeting proved popular as 14 people attended.



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Minutes of the meeting held on 13th September 2006

Present: Gill Smith, Nigel Barnett, Anita Sumner, David Hughes, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Michelle Elliott, Terry Strickland and Tunga Muzangaza.

Apologies: John Corcoran, Sue Corcoran, Denise Peel, John Peel, Stephen Moore, Joan Moore and Sally Hems.

Absent: Pat and John Perks.

Minutes of the last meeting:

Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 9th August 2006 were accepted. Adjustments necessary were to attendants list of that meeting, Terry Strickland was added and Gill Smith was deleted.


A list will be distributed at the beginning of the meeting, to mark members present at the meeting.

Evaluation and Evolution of DCA:

A debate began discussing the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees and the committee members,

From the debate the following issues arouse;

  • There should be an improvement in the recording and authorization of DCA expenditure on events, in the meeting minutes.

  • Democratic voting on suggested events and the event expenditure. This could involve a system of proposal and seconding.

  • Ensure meeting minutes from Trustees meetings, and the matters arising are reported back at the monthly meeting.

As a result the debate, the association’s constitution will be distributed to committee members together with the minutes of this meeting (11th September 2006), to facilitate a debate to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees and the committee members.

There was also a review of DCA events held this year. The first being Doxey Day, where it was expressed that, there should be an improvement in the selecting a suitable date and advertising of the event, and also assess the possibilities of a bar (including obtaining a limited license). The day could also possibly involve a cadet’s band. Other events discussed included the Mother Goose Pantomime, and the august committee meeting which involved an open invitation to Doxey residents. Overall it was felt that Doxey events required better advertising and marketing.

Future events in Doxey:

It was suggested that there should be more events for 9 – 11 years age group. Activities could include, Art, Drama the pantomime scheduled for April 2007, and the Etrurian Café theatre workshops. It was suggested that such events could be advertised at the school.

The Doxey Parish Council will meet with representatives from The Stafford Borough Council and the Staffordshire County Council regarding the extension of the Doxey Primary of School play fields to include play fields behind the Doxey Primary School.

It was noted that some time be set aside during the monthly meeting for the discussion of future Doxey events.

Financial Report:

The current financial position of the DCA is as follows:


Items Balance c/fwd Oustanding Ear Balance



Commitments Marked Funds












Mikron Payment for the June 2006 performance





Senior Citizens Party





Payment to Church for Mikron Sept Performance










Life Support





Doxey Day Proceeds





Etrurian Café Theatre proceeds










The grant of £1370 for the Life Support programme had been split as follows, £410 on equipment, £500 on advertising, £360 on hiring of the Hall, £100 on refreshments.

It was suggested that the printing of the Doxey Times could be done through Doxey Parish Council.



Blackpool Trip:

A total of 36 people attended the trip. Despite the rain the trip was enjoyed by all, as David Hughes received calls of thanks. There were enquires about future Blackpool trips next year, which is schedules to be part of DCA activities in the forthcoming year. For this to happen the following should be considered, with 36 people attending, this was 13 people short of a full coach, which would allow a £195 discount to be obtained, thus reducing the price of the trip to £10.50 per person.


Forthcoming Events:

Etrurian Café theatre workshops:

There are 9 hours of workshop time offered by Etruria. The workshops have been scheduled to run on Saturdays’ in November.

Mikron “Mrs. Brunel”:

The performance of Mrs. Brunel will be on Sunday the 24th of September at 2pm, at Saint Andrews and Thomas Church Hall. David Hughes has offered to help with the refreshments. It has been agreed that there will be no charge for Mikron instead seek donations of £4 - £5 from the audience.

Clear Out Day:

This will be coordinated by Mike Turner on Sunday the 1st of October from 1pm – 3:30pm at the William Sutton Centre. Either Joan Moore or Michelle will open the William Sutton Centre on the day. Residents attending the clear out day are being advised not to bring paint, oil and electrical goods.

Senior Citizen Christmas Meal:

DCA are currently looking for an organizer for the Christmas meal. This will be advertised in the Doxey Times.

Reallocation of Life Support Project:

The next life support course will be held on Tuesday 19th of September. As the funding for the programme has run out, it was proposed and seconded, that extra funding for the project should be sort by the DCA. The chairman will obtain the necessary grant application forms. Darshan (who runs the programme) will be approached to see if there are other courses he can undertake.

A co-coordinator for the life support project will be required, and advertised in the Doxey times

Youth forum:

There was no report from the Youth forum.


Report from the Parish Council:

Parish Plan:

The Parish plan is still in progress. The 3D model of Doxey was put on display in the church on Saturday9th September and Sunday 10th September 2006, 40 to 50 people attended, this included a few new Doxey residence.


Policing in Doxey now and in the future:

A meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th of September 2006 at 6pm with Juliet Prince.


Doxey Times:

Items to be included on the Doxey Times are as follows;

Doxey Youth club helpers required, to help with organizing.

Doxey Pantomime advertising for helpers

Coffee mornings

Clear out day


Road Protestors:

Leaflets on the campaign against the expansion of the M6, and post cards addressed to Douglas Alexander MP Secretary of State for Transport.

It was suggested that a representative from GAME and representative from Council should be invited to Doxey to hold a public meeting, involving the community association and the DPC (Doxey Parish Council). This meeting will be held for 30 mins to 1 hour, where the guests will be invited to debate on the pros and cons of the expansion of the M6.

Partnership Plus:

Invitation to the AGM to take place on 18 September 2006, at the Gate House at 4:45pm beginning with a buffet, and 5:30 pm meeting will begin for 1 -11/2 hours.

David Hughes has put himself forward for the meeting


Leaflet on Victoria Pleasure Grounds, events held on 9 – 10 of September 2006.

Heritage open days:

Open day held between 7 – 10 September 2006, for heritage sights around Staffordshire.


Skills Base:

Voluntary and Community Learning, providing workshops on

Customer Care

Principles of Manual Handling 25th of September 2006

Food hygiene 26th of September 2006

Fire Marshal training 3rd of October 2006

Firm Footing and Biodiversity magazine with topics including:

Energy Issues, Cycling and the planned cyclist way in Stafford.

Leaflets on Social Care & Health:

Leaflets on the Recruitment and Awareness Open Day 22nd September 10am – 3pm at St Georges Hospital


Any Other Business:

Walsall Illuminations:

The trip is being organised by David Hughes, 10 people have registered an interest in the attending the illuminations. A Happy Day coach will be booked; the preferred dates are 14th October, or Sunday 22nd October. The coach departs Stafford at 17:00, and departs Walsall at 21:30. The Price for coach tickets are Adults £7, Senior citizens £6.50, Children £5.50. This price does not include the entrance into the Illuminations.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 11th October 2006 at 7pm at the William Sutton Centre

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Amended : 21-12-19