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Village Voices - 5th Feb 2005 - Announcement of 'Doxey' project with Mikron Theatre

Village Voices - 10th Feb 2005 - Village Voices moves up a gear

Village Voices - 11th June 2005 - The Doxey/Mikron project chalks up another success




Doxey Community Association - Meetings 2005

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Michelle Elliot, Richard Essex, Sue Fox, Sarah Jessop, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Terrence Strickland, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Michael Wright

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Hannah Burgess, Jane Essex, Claire Gaisford

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th December 2004

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 8th December 2004

Anti Social Behaviour The Express and Star (12/01/05) had reported more incidents of motorcycle riding in the area and that there is to be a police crackdown. Riders seen at the weekend had come by car and were therefore unlikely to be local people and others had told residents they had permission from the landowner. Lord Stafford owns the land and is unlikely to have granted permission himself. It is to be investigated with the farmer to establish the true situation.

Post Office Survey The letter and draft survey were circulated during the meeting. It aims to establish current post office usage to demonstrate that some level of service is still required in Doxey. A number of comments were shared about inadequate service at the General Post Office in Stafford town centre and the cost involved in travelling to town. People were urged to make formal contact with SM to report such issues. SM and Doxey Times deliverers will distribute 104 (1 in 10 households) forms. Forms to be returned to the William Sutton Centre. A further collection point will be at the church. A return by date (by the end of January) will be added to the covering letter.

Christmas Card Recycling Competition The box at the William Sutton Centre is already full and will be emptied on the evening of the 12/01/05. All cards must be collected and weighed and a signed weight form returned to the Community Council by the end of the month.

Training Courses All current courses will resume next week (week beginning 17th January), no additional classes have been arranged as yet.

Parish Council Mary Booth, the Chief Executive of Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association is arranging a speaker for our February meeting.

William Sutton Housing Association Ltd. Congratulations were passed on to the WSHA on their success in achieving Charter Mark status.

Christmas Party A letter of thanks was sent to Mark Smith for organising the popular and successful event.

3. Doxey Community Association Constitution

It was felt that as the Community Association and its role had grown over time and the amount of funds it was handling had increased. Therefore it would now be wise to apply for charitable status. This will open up new opportunities for funding and grants and will involve the development of a new constitution. A model constitution suggested by the Charity Commission was used and the objects recommended by Community Matters were adapted to fit our own aims and objectives. The implications of charitable status and our responsibilities were highlighted. A number of other points were raised and discussed and the decision was taken to formally adopt the constitution. The current honorary members (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) will sign the document.

4. Youth Forum

A Youth Forum meeting had taken place on 10th January 2005. The main issue at this meeting was the leisure barn. John Ryan, a business advisor had attended the meeting. He recommended that ideas should be put down on paper and a sketch of the facilities be prepared by the end of January. A business plan and formal presentation would need to be produced and skills of local individuals identified. Decisions would also have to be made about how the company would run, and whether there would be a membership fee, for example. Anyone who knows people with relevant skills should get in touch with the Forum. The existing youth service provision was acknowledged but the leisure barn would provide services to the people of Doxey on an entirely different level. JM requested that the presentation be given to the Community Association so all members are aware of the plans and ideas.

5. Village Voices

A further award of £1500 has been received from the County Council Arts Development Scheme. Mikron are visiting on the 7th, 8th and 9th of February and will return on the 23rd and 24th to speak to people about memories and folklore over the last 100 years of our history. Workshops on history and archiving have already begun; others are planned on technical skills (see Richard Essex), set design and music (see Geoff Moore). There will be an intensive series of workshops during the Easter holidays. The launch of the national play will take place in Doxey on Saturday 11th June 2005, the venue is yet to be confirmed.

6. Programme for 2005

Plans will be made as the year progresses. MT will organise Clear-Out days for the year and will liase with JM to arrange dates. The Community Association thanked SH for the commemorative plate she had made to mark our 2004 Stafford Borough Green Award, which features the Doxey Ducks.

7. Doxey Times

The February edition will feature Village Voices, information about the Parish Council, an article about a local resident and one from our Community Beat Officer. There will be a feature about the motorbike issues and three people have approached SM to request advertising space. It is anticipated that it will be a double issue (equivalent to four sides of A4). It is intended that it will be printed and distributed by 28th January.

8. Correspondence

No correspondence has been received since the last meeting

9. Any Other Business

The land by the Football pitch near The Drive has been over-used, it is currently a mud bath and is in very poor condition. It was requested that a proper path be put in place. It is understood that the land belongs to the Universal factory; enquiries will be made to the County Council to establish the status of the right of way. TS highlighted that 2005 is the year of the volunteer and this could be an opportunity for local people to help their community; he will bring a leaflet to the next meeting. SM also believed the Ramblers Association could help.

So far attempts to restart the children’s clubs have been unsuccessful. SCVYS have been contacted to organise insurance for the drop in sessions and an update will be given at the next meeting.

10. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 9th February 2005 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre


Doxey Community Association

Parish Council Talk, held on 9th February 2005

The chair invited our guest speaker - Mark Gater, Chairman of Silverdale Parish Council - to give a brief talk on the role of a Parish Council. The session was opened for questions; the main points of discussion are listed below:


What are the duties of a Parish Councillor and what skills and knowledge are needed?

Legally one must be over the age of 21 years, a British or European Union subject and live or work within 3 miles of the parish boundaries. The only additional needs are that you have the interests of your community at heart, be willing to work hard for them and be able to attend at least a majority of the Parish Council meetings (there has to be a minimum of 4 meetings per year). A Parish Council would be given guidelines and training is available, generally through the SPCA.

A leaflet is available for the Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association (SPCA) outlining the details, SM has a number of copies and these will be available from the William Sutton Centre, at the church and at the local shops.


Would we need training?

A handbook is available for new councillors, the SPCA run training, provide information and offer on-going training for parish councils. This usually involves a day or half day on specific subjects and is delivered locally.


What role does the Clerk play?

The Clerk is a paid employee of the Parish Council and performs secretarial duties such as minute taking and producing letters to external agencies, essentially taking the administrative actions they are instructed to at meetings. Before a new parish council appoint a clerk Stafford Borough Council provide such services.


What would we need as a Parish Council?

An experienced or well-informed clerk would be beneficial to guide the other councillors and help business matters to move forward. It is important that information is freely shared - a change to the laws governing local authorities (such as Parish, District or County Councils) means that all minutes of meetings and personal details of councillors must be readily available to the electorate. A newsletter (such as Doxey Times) is an additional resource which helps to spread information.


What can a Parish Council do?

Representing the views of local people and lobbying other local government bodies (i.e. the Borough and County Council). As a parish council our voice is more likely to be heard and responses are generally received more quickly than other organisations, such as a Community Association. Although planning applications are sent to a Parish Council for comment they are only able to recommend not decide whether such applications are successful.

In addition to this it is possible to negotiate to take on some Borough or County Council services in return for payment, e.g. park up keep or basic highways duties such as verge maintenance.


What does a precept involve?

A precept is the amount of money the parish council decide to take from each household as part of the council tax, it is calculated on the same basis as council tax, i.e. depending up on your homes ‘band’ and is clearly shown on your bill. The money is collected by the Borough Council and paid directly to the Parish Council.

You are not able to refuse to pay this additional charge, however if you wish to change the amount payable you are urged to stand as a Councillor or find a prospective councillor who agrees with your opinion and lobby the Parish Council from inside!

In Doxey, the precept for the first year has been set by Stafford Borough Council at £10 per year for a Band D house, meaning the average home in Doxey will contribute around £7 each for one year.


Do Parish Councils represent a political party?

No, they are usually non-political and non-religious. Individuals who have personal political views are able to become parish councillors but a political party does not drive the council as a whole.


If I don’t want to be a Parish Councillor can I attend meetings?

Yes, the public are able to attend meetings but are not permitted to interrupt whilst business is being conducted. There is an allocated slot for people to voice their opinions, usually at the beginning or end of each meeting.

What are the benefits of becoming a Parish Councillor?

Personal enjoyment and satisfaction knowing that you are helping local people as well as the ability to take action and influence positive change for your community.


Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Val D’Arcy, Isabella Davies, Laura Day, Sue Fox, Sarah Jessop, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, Denise Peel, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Sanjoli Seehra, Darshan Singh Seehra, Terrence Strickland, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Glyn Woodward, Alistair Wray.

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Michelle Elliott, Jane Essex


Minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2005

Approved as a correct record and signed as such by the chair in accordance with our new constitution and Charity Commission guidelines.


2. Parish Council

If more than nine people stand for the new Doxey Parish Council, we will need an election, if only nine people stand they will all automatically become parish councillors and if less than nine stand those who put themselves forward for nomination will become councillors and have the power to co-opt other members. There is a bi-law that states that a parish council election cannot happen on the same day as a general election, it must take place three weeks afterwards. It is predicted (but not confirmed) that a general election may take place on Thursday 5th May 2005; therefore the Doxey Parish Council election would take place on the 26th May, if there were no general election on the 5th May our Parish Council election will take place on 5th May.

Nominations are open until early April; you must obtain papers from the Borough Council (where a briefing will be given to each applicant). When you receive your papers you must find ten people who are on the electoral role and who live or work in Doxey to sign your form in support – do not wait for others to nominate you. A person may sign more than one nominee form if they believe they would make good councillors. If you would like more information about the forms contact Jane Peat at Stafford Borough Council.


3. Doxey Community Association Constitution

After speaking to Helen Dart at Stafford District Voluntary Services BS sent the constitution and application for charitable status to the Charities Commission. It was decided that the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer would be the trustees until the AGM in May when a formal election could take place. As a result of the changes DCA now has a membership system. It was decided to set the membership at 50pence per year, payable to BS.


4. Youth Forum

The Youth Forum gave a presentation about the leisure barn project. They had appointed a board comprising:

    Chair                                 Adrian Venables

    Managing Director         Hannah Burgess

    Finance Director             Sue Fox

    Marketing & Sales         Michael Lee

    Quality Control             Claire Gaisford

Their aim is to provide leisure facilities for Doxey (the whole community) and their objectives include consultation, researching locations and building types, liaison with local groups and agencies, identifying funds and recruiting skills. They want to provide sports activities such as basketball and indoor bowls and the venue would include additional facilities such as meeting rooms, a café, changing and showering facilities, etc. It is estimated this project will cost £950 000 plus employment of permanent staff. They need to identify local people who can advise and help; this would include someone with business and finance planning skills and a consultancy and design engineer.

They have been in touch with the developer, Mr Pritchard whose plans may have an impact on project development, however no plans have been produced and submitted for permission as yet. The on-going debate about the Riverside Recreation Centre may also affect the project. Concerns were raised that this idea will take time to evolve and young people need something to do now. SF advised DCA of cuts to Youth Service budgets and on-going discussion with SCVYS to re-start the drop in (although it was felt a more active youth club was needed there is no suitable location for such a facility). Bad behaviour, a lack of youth workers and no operational bus had led to the loss of the youth bus visits.

The group’s next meeting will be held on 14th March at 6 pm in the church.


5. Village Voices

The scriptwriter and director from Mikron had spent three days in Doxey meeting local people who had stories to tell of history and heritage. Groups are being set up and activities are progressing well. Everyone involved in the project will meet at the William Sutton Centre on Thursday 24th February at 7 pm. Dates for the performance of the Doxey play are confirmed as Sat 30th April and Sun 1st May 2005.


6. Doxey Times

The March edition will include:

A parish council update

Leisure barn information

The Mikron visit

Information about the new church sign (see AOB)

The telephone number for the Community Beat Officers and hopefully an article

People were reminded that local businesses could place small adverts in the newsletter and that this helped offset some of the production costs.


7. Any Other Business

The football pitch has been spoilt again by bikes riding on the land and the grass has returned to a similar state to the one it was in before the Borough Council improved it

People were reminded to call 999 if a crime was seen being committed, the Community Beat Officers are there to report incidents to after the event

People were also asked to be vigilant around the church as signage had been replaced at great cost after it was vandalised last year


10. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 9th March 2005 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre



Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2005


Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Laura Day, Michelle Elliot, Claire Gaisford, Sarah Jessop, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables, Alistair Wray, Glyn Woodward

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Jane Essex, Sue Fox, Sally Hems, Stephen Moore


Minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2005

Parish Council Nomination forms are available from the end of March and should be completed and returned the Stafford Borough Council by 7th April 2005. If you have any queries call the Borough on 619424. A full list of nominees will be published on 11th April; if you are on the list and have changed your mind or wish to be removed you have 24 hours to notify the Borough Council in writing. Information is still available from collection points.

Charitable Status BS has received a letter from the Charity Commissioners who agree in principle with our application. One amendment was requested and that is to find four more trustees to add to the existing three to create the seven outlined in the document. ME, SF, SM and GS have been approached. The seven trustees will stand until the next election at the AGM in May. Once all trustee forms have been received by the Charity Commission it will take 15 days to get approval.

3. Youth Forum

The Forum had not met since the last DCA meeting and their business consultant is on holiday. Mr Pritchard had asked for a meeting with HB, SF and AV to discuss their plans for a leisure barn. There was nothing else to report

4. Village Voices

Mike Lucas and Richard Povell from Mikron have conducted a series of interviews with local people and are making progress with the development of a story. During their return visit they had toured the Universal factory and held workshops for the actors, run by Laura Sydonie and Rob Tuck. Approximately 25 different people attended the events over two nights and they were felt to be fun and exposed a lot of talent! Richard is now writing the script and has many ideas. Mikron return on 28th March for two weeks of intensive rehearsing. Whilst they are back in Huddersfield rehearsals will continue in Doxey until they return on the 25th April for another intensive period of rehearsals during the week before the play. DCA are pleased that the press are now picking up the story and running articles. We have also received a further £2500 from Awards For All (Lottery Group) and are now only waiting to hear from the Midlands co-op.

5. Programme for 2005

Village Voices local production will happen on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May

Clear Out Day is scheduled for Sunday 8th May, no electrical, flammable or toxic goods are allowed. Another will happen during September or October. The May event will be publicised on posters and in the Village Voices programme

The AGM will take place on 11th May. The Association agreed that the police (preferably a high ranking officer) should be invited back to give a talk and answer local concerns

The annual plant sale will take place on Saturday 14th May

The professional version of Village Voices will be premiered on Saturday 11th June

There will be no Doxey Day in 2005

The Funday will be arranged for Saturday 6th or 13th August. JP and PP offered to organise the event again

The Village Voices Exhibition will happen in September

A day trip to Blackpool illuminations will be investigated by DH, to take place in late September or early October. It will be open to all and coach travel organised, under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult

6. Doxey Times

Articles suggested included:

Two adverts

Village Voices information

Plant Sale

Blackpool illuminations trip (note expressions of interest to DH)

Clear Out Day (note expressions of interest to MT)

SM to do an interview with the vicar. JC will ask the vicar about this

The newsletter will be produced and distributed at the end of March/early April. GW offered to deliver on Virginia Park and more deliverers may be needed around Doxey Fields

7. Correspondence

No correspondence has been received since the last meeting

Any Other Business

The bus service was causing renewed concern. Services are erratic and late. On 5th March one resident had waited for the return bus from the town centre between 12.10 and 12.30, when it did not arrive he waited at Sainsburys until 1.27 pm. There had been nine complaints made of no shows earlier that week. One person wanted to catch the 9.00am service for a doctors appointment but the next bus did not arrive until 9.55. The bus had been seen passing the school at 8.55 am and it appeared the service had left early, which was unacceptable. It was commented that there used to be a 10-minute stop/waiting period in Doxey that enabled drivers to make up lost time if necessary but this had been removed from the drivers schedule – a reduced bus timetable was suggested so that the service could be more reliable. Pushchair users also reported problems as old buses were being used on the route and a driver in training had been on the school bus, which raised concerns about legal issues. JM will bring bus services up at the next Stafford-wide Tenant Federation meeting, as this could be a common issue where collectively voices may have greater influence.

A computer course on databases will start at the school on 12th April. The previous sessions had maintained the attendance levels at 7 or 8

Anyone interested in photography should express their interest to JM so that they can be involved in the two sessions as part of the Village Voices project

9. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 13th April 2005 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre


(click here for printable (pdf) Version )


Doxey Community Association


Minutes of the meeting held on 13th April 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Sarah Jessop, Sally Hems, Carol Haigh, David Hughes, Joan Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Mike Turner

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Michelle Elliot, Jane Essex, Stephen Moore

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2005

Jane Essex was approached to be a trustee, not Gill Smith; otherwise the minutes were approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2005

Parish Council Eleven nominations were received, Doxey requires nine parish councillors and as two nominees withdrew there will be no need for an election. The chair thanked and congratulated everyone. Councillors are David Adams, Nigel Barnett, Isabella Davies, Carol Haigh, David Hughes, Mick Johnson, Philip Kinnersley, Stephen Moore and John Peel. The councillors are now awaiting details of the first meeting.

3. Youth Forum

There was no formal report as SF is out of action and the young people were involved in Village Voices rehearsals. MT reported that a number of young people had approached him about a lack of facilities on the playing field. JM reminded the group that the Borough play strategy stated that there would be no new equipment provided all investment would be put into maintaining existing facilities, which means Doxey has missed out. MT will write to Mike Heenan about the situation.

4. Village Voices

Over two weeks the writer and director, musical director and two actors hosted intensive rehearsals at the church. The play is a series of stories about Doxey people and incidents woven together to show a history of the village ranging from VE Day celebrations to the opening of the M6 motorway. There have been a number of minor set backs due to illness of key characters but rehearsals have gone very well and the steering group were glad to report that it has engaged a wide range of people aged 7 to 70! Their hard work was acknowledged. Rehearsals are continuing and Stephen Moore is supporting the actors and Geoff Moore is working with the musicians. A legacy of the project could be the creation of an on-going music and drama group. Everyone is welcome to watch current rehearsals and reminded that tickets are available from Bradbury Rise Stores, Doxey Stores, Barbara Simpson and Tourist Office in Stafford. Individual tickets are £2.50 and family tickets are £6, but there will be some availability on the door at a cost of £3 with no concessions. Dates are still Saturday 30th April at 7.30 pm and Sunday 1st May at 3.30 pm. The publicity group has designed a promotional flyer and posters are being processed. TV and Radio have been informed and expressed an interest in the project. Local representatives, e.g. Borough Councillors will receive personal invitations. Unfortunately the Co-op bid was unsuccessful, however this shortfall can be met from other sources. We are currently awaiting news from the Charity Commission because once we have charitable status we are able to apply to many more sources. The play is being adapted into a professional production for Mikron’s 4 person touring play and will premiere in Doxey on Saturday 11th June.

5. Programme for 2005

Posters are being produced and will be displayed to promote Clear Out Day on 8th May

JM has had difficulty contacting Inspector Grainger but will ask him to speak at the AGM. The new vicar was also suggested as a good public speaker, as was a representative of the police authority.

Due to the fire JM and SM are unable to supply seedlings and plant pots for the plant sale on 14th May at the Three Tuns, however other sources have pledged to help. If anyone has any spare plant pots please bring them along. Bric-a-brac will also be for sale on the day.

Fun day has been confirmed as Saturday 13th August. Concerns were raised about certain activities posing a possible danger so a list of activities will be given to Playaway so they are able to confirm if races such as the three-legged event have been banned!

DH has investigated the possibility of a trip to Blackpool in late September or early October. People are able to book on scheduled trips already operated by Happy Days or hire a 54-seater coach. Tickets would cost £10 each but donations from local firms, such as Universal will be sought to supplement this. DH has approximately 20 people interested so far.

6. Doxey Times

Village Voices

Advertisement of the availability of the mobile library which is located at Doxey House between 2.00 and 2.35 pm and 2.40 – 2.50 pm on The Drive opposite the post box on alternate Tuesdays

The AGM, plant sale, fun day date and clear out day will all be included

If the date of the first parish council meeting has been decided this will be included as will a list of all the councillors.

7. Correspondence

The renewal of DCA's Community Matters membership has been requested and will be paid. Joan also received copies of the Sundial magazine.

8. Any Other Business

The August meeting will be a social event and catering will be arranged by DH and SH as it was last year. All are welcome

9. Date of next meeting

The AGM will be held on 11th May 2005. It will be held at the church from 7.00 pm when refreshments will be served and the meeting will officially begin at 7.30 pm.


(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Mick Johnson, Sarah Moody (SMo), Joan Moore, Stephen Moore (SM), John Peel, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, John Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venebales

Apologies: Joyce Beach, Tom Beach, Michelle Elliot, Jane Essex, Sue Fox, Claire Gaisford, Denise Peel

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th April 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 13th April 2005

Parish Council It was suggested that the Parish Council be a formal agenda item in future to give a parish council representative an opportunity to update the group at the DCA meeting. NB, the chair, reported that they are currently finalising bank details, insurance and other technical issues. The Parish Council have joined the Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association (SPCA) and are currently advertising in the newsletter and within the SPCA database for a clerk. The SPCA were thanked for their help so far, they have offered a free training day as well as the ad hoc advice they have already received. Parish Councillors were pleased that there had been a public presence at meetings so far and it had been decided to have a ‘public forum’ at future meetings to enable members of the public to speak. The ninth member (to replace the person who resigned) is being sought, there has been some interest but if no one takes up the position the council are able to co-opt. There was also a request for a Parish Council notice board so that information and minutes can be displayed.

3. Youth Forum

There was no formal report as SF is still unwell. AV reported that there are on going discussions about the leisure barn but meetings will not start again until SF returns. The Forum has also become involved with a consumer services watchdog. The football pitch around the mouth of the goal has no grass and is overgrown elsewhere; there is some litter and a number of holes around the grounds. A request was made to the Parish Council to lobby the Borough Councils Open Spaces department. MT had received no reply to the letter he sent on the matter last month. There are concerns that the play scheme is not operating this year, young people have requested activities such as football, basketball, athletics and woodcrafts. JM offered to attend a meeting about the issues discussed and AV agreed. JM will liaise to organise a date.

4. Report on Village Voices

Those present had attended one or both performances. Evaluation and response had been very positive. Everyone was delighted with the outcome and were pleased that Doxey people had been involved. The displays had been featured at the county show in Culturegen’s tent. A DVD is now available at a cost of £3.50; videos can be made for those who do not have DVD players.

5. Report on Clear Out Day

This was another good event with little left over at the end and no rubbish. A car full was taken to Save The Children. JM has a wooden cot which will be advertised in the Doxey Times if no one wishes to take it.

6. Report on Plant Sale

About £140 was raised from the sale of plants and bric-a-brac. There were many plants donated and some are left over so will go on the DCA stand at the summer fete at the school.

7. Programme for 2005

The Village Voices professional premiere will take place in Doxey on Saturday 11th June at 7.30pm at the church

Fun day has been moved to Saturday 20th August. Concerns were raised about certain activities posing a possible danger at the last meeting but Playaway were unable to confirm if races such as the three-legged event have been banned, they suggested contacting the school

DH investigated the possibility of a trip to Blackpool and Saturday 17th September was chosen. The cost will be £10 per head if the coach is full, it will leave Doxey at 8am and return from Blackpool at 9pm with a two-hour tour of the lights. An adult must accompany children under 12. An advert will be placed in Doxey Times, but DH has approximately 20 people interested already.

The next Clear Out Day will take place in late September/early October

8. Doxey Times

Blackpool Illuminations trip

Advertisement of the cot

New fun day date

Post Village Voices activities, including an advert for the DVD

A reminder about safety near the railways

Date of the next Parish Council meeting

Next DCA meeting

All information should be sent to SM by 25th June

9. Correspondence

The renewal of DCA's Community Matters membership has been confirmed, it came with an invitation to their 60th AGM and information on children’s policies and working with vulnerable people. DCA already have a policy as part of its constitution

Further Local Development Framework consultation literature had been received from Stafford Borough Council. JM will respond personally as the timescales are short

We received a Green Awards nomination form and DCA will put themselves forward for the work that has happened over the last 12 months

An additional letter from Stafford Borough Council was received regarding open spaces, if there are areas anywhere in the Borough which may benefit from a clear up people should notify Paul at the Borough Council by doing a sketch or small written description of the area

Walking For Health leaflets are now available with dates of May, June and July events

10. Any Other Business

SM reminded the meeting that the School Fete is taking place on Friday 24th June at 3.15pm; any help on the plant stall would be welcome.

There had been an incident on the railway tracks and the British Transport Police wished to remind people of the dangers.

A litter picker was requested by SH so that she can clear up litter left around the estate. JM will provide it.

It was thought that young people had dammed Swallow Brook causing concerns about the wildlife living there; JM will contact Staffs County Council to establish whose responsibility it is.

The Real Nappy Campaign are hiring the party tent and will make a small donation, this should cover the cost of the kit to put the tent up on hard ground, this will cost £70.

9. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 13th July 2005 at 7pm at the Sutton Centre


(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Tom Beach, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Isabella Davies, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Sarah Moody (SMo), Joan Moore, Stephen Moore (SM), Denise Peel, John Peel, John Perks, Pat Perks, Darshan S Seehra, Mike Turner, Alistair Wray

Apologies: Michelle Elliot, Sue Fox, Barbara Simpson

Minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2005

Clear Out Day A gentleman from Highfields who visited Doxey and saw the advert for the cot in Doxey Times came and took it away. SM reported that he has found information on a similar scheme based in Stoke-On-Trent and a web-based initiative; he will give a full report at the September meeting

Green Award An application, similar to those in previous years (with additional information about Village Voices) has been submitted

Litter Pickers Those who requested litter pickers at the last meeting can collect them from JM

3. Youth Forum

No one was in attendance to give a full report, however the group have been unable to meet due to exams and participation in taster courses.

4. Life Support Project

Dr Darshan Seehra, who lives on The Ridgeway in Doxey, presented an initiative to the group. In response to concerns that there is little for young adults to do in Doxey, he felt energies could be channelled into a positive activity and offered to provide (with support from other local qualified professionals, including his wife who is a nurse) basic life support training, based on a tried and tested methodical approach of teaching. It would be a one off session (one to two hours long, depending upon numbers) in which people aged over 16 (but will include mature 12-16 year olds) learn how to give mouth-to-mouth and use the recovery position, etc (it will run more than once on different dates in response to demand, refresher sessions are also recommended). The course will be certificated, which will boost confidence and look impressive on a CV. Funding advice has been provided by neighbours; employed by the County Council and Community Council. The meeting gave the idea its full support and JM suggested setting up a working group once funding was secured. This group will include young people to ensure that promotion is done in the most appropriate way to attract them. SC, DP and SMo offered to be involved in this group; others said they would attend a class. It was suggested that sessions be held in both main community locations, the Church and the William Sutton Centre to attract a wider audience.

5. Parish Council

The Parish Council are already achieving great things, including arranging for lights to be fixed in Broadmeadow Croft and enabling the re-starting of the summer play scheme, which will operate during the summer holidays at the school. There will be three sessions per day for four weeks. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be in mid-August.

6. Report on Village Voices

The event was very well attended, by about 180 people. Mikron were happy with the way everything went and have since done a number of performances in the South Midlands where it was received very well. Everyone agreed that they had enjoyed it and that the show was a credit to Mikron and to Doxey. BS will give a full financial report at the September meeting now that all documentation has been sent to and approved by Arts Council England, West Midlands. A car share is available to see the other Mikron show, Wheel of Fortune in High Offley on the 24th August. Six people have expressed their interest so far and anyone else wishing to attend should contact JM.

7. Programme for 2005

Fun day will take place on Saturday 20th August. No additional equipment is required, but SC will look into whether the church has a Parachute. PP and JP asked for volunteers to help supervise on the day, parents have also been invited to attend. NB offered the help of some students who will be staying with him at the time. Help is particularly needed with the putting up of the party tent at around midday. The police have been asked to attend and they have said they hope to join in!

DH has 18 interested, 10 definites and 8 people who have paid deposits for the trip to Blackpool Illuminations. He is hopeful that by the end of the month there will be more interest, but if numbers are limited, those who have paid deposits and expressed keen interest will be able to attend a coach company organised trip instead, to avoid disappointment.

The next Clear Out Day will take place on the 2nd October. Volunteers were asked to attend to help MT

8. Doxey Times

Blackpool Illuminations trip

Play scheme

Fun day reminder

High Offley trip to see Wheel of Fortune

Advert for the video version of the Village Voices performance

A reminder about summer holiday issues, such as litter dropping and safety

Date of the next Parish Council meeting

Next DCA meeting – the social event in August

The playgroup will be approached to see if they would like to advertise in the next issue. ME suggested that small adverts be placed in Doxey Times for unwanted goods as she has had a number of queries about large items of furniture which could be of use to others. This method works well on a notice board at the William Sutton Centre. Alternatively people could call the Furniture Exchange on 01785 606674 for free collection. All information to be included in the August edition should be sent to SM by 22nd July

9. Correspondence

The monthly community matters mailing has arrived with the newsletter, which SM recommended people look at if they want ideas for community action. Also enclosed was a nomination form for the Year of the Volunteer. The closing date for nominations however is 18th July

JM has received a mailing about Connexions, the one-stop shop for young people, anyone wishing to read it should contact JM

JM had also received a letter from SC as treasurer for the Parish Church thanking the Community Association for full payment for the use of the church during the Village Voices rehearsals and performances

10. Any Other Business

AW has asked a number of people whether they would be interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NHW). The response was very positive, but people would like to know what is involved before committing. MT suggested contacting the Staffordshire Police NHW Co-ordinator. ID is a co-ordinator for her street and looks after 20 houses. They monitor any unusual activity and report incidents. SM pointed out that some companies would give a reduction on premiums if you live in a NHW area. JM suggested inviting a NHW representative to speak at an autumn meeting.

There are still very few low-level buses operating on the number 6 route at peak times. NB has enquired and has been advised by the Council that there are no current plans to introduce them on all runs at this time. Residents have questioned why fares have risen so much if there will be no improvement to services. Concerns were also recorded following the closure of Doxey Post Office, increasing the reliance of some people on bus travel into the town centre. SH had seen signs on the buses stating that low-level buses would be operational from 8th May 2005, but they are infrequent and used in the main part on a Sunday when the bus service extends to Telford. JM suggested selecting a day and monitoring the times and types of buses operating

AW suggested a litter pick. This will take place on Monday 8th August. Volunteers to meet at the William Sutton Centre at 6pm, all equipment will be provided (gloves and pickers, etc.)

The church will be open from 11.30 until 12.30 on 14th July for people wishing to remember those killed and injured in the London Bombings. A two-minute silence will be observed at midday

The young people who performed the rap at the beginning of the community performances of Village Voices entered the Stafford Borough Raw Talent Competition and won. The Community Association wish to pass on their thanks and congratulations.

9. Date of next meeting

The social event will take place on Wednesday 10th August 2005. No formal business will be conducted. Refreshments will be organised by DH and SH

(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 14th September

Present: John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Jane Essex, Sally Hems, Ian Henry, Jayne Henry, Sarah Moody (SMo), Joan Moore, Stephen Moore (SM), John Perks, Pat Perks, Darshan S Seehra, Gill Smith, Alan Thomas, Adrian Venables

Also in Attendance: Vicky Singleton, NHW Co-ordinator

Apologies: Nigel Barnett, Tom Beach, Joyce Beach, Marian Belcher, Isabella Davies Michelle Elliot, David Hughes, Sue Fox, Barbara Simpson, Iain Simpson

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Approved as a correct record

2. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005

Life Support Project This project involves a range of doctors and nurses teaching basic life support skills to local people on a voluntary basis. The project is funded by Community Champions. They will teach groups of up to 10 people aged 12+. It will comprise a one off 2-hour session, with refresher courses every 6 months. Sessions will happen fortnightly to enable as many people as possible to participate.

DS asked for 5 teams of volunteers:

Course Trainers – 9 doctors and nurses identified by and including DS and his wife

Refreshments – PP and JP offered to take on tea, coffee and biscuit duty

Promotion – AV suggested Hannah Burgess might wish to be involved

Printing – AV offered, a printer will be purchased using part of the grant

Venue organisation – to meet approximately 30 minutes before a session to open up and arrange furniture as appropriate. SH, GS & JM will rotate and SC and JC will help at the church

DS will start to order equipment immediately and claim back costs from Barbara. Tesco and Ink Box were suggested as good places to source paper and card for certificates.

Sessions will take place on alternate Thursdays, starting in early October, ten people volunteered to participate in the first session, other sessions will be advertised in Doxey Times. A question was raised about teaching CPR on children – it would cost an extra £150 to buy an appropriate manikin. This can be done with authorisation from funders if savings are made elsewhere on the budget. Initially only adult CPR will be taught, but if people do wish to learn about CPR on children, specific sessions could be run.

3. Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)

Vicky Singleton, one of the Chase Division NHW Co-ordinators talked to the group about setting up a NHW scheme. NHW came to the UK from America 23 years ago to address a spate of burglaries on a British street. The scheme has 40,000 member households and there are 900 schemes operating in Chase Division (of which Doxey is a part). There are existing schemes in Doxey and interest has been expressed from a further 2 locations. NHW is a free scheme that is owned and run by the community, with support from local police. It has 3 objectives:

Reduce Crime – The police give advice on security, property marking, preventing crime, reducing risk and providing information so that people are aware of key issues which may affect their area (via a telephone notification service). Nuisance incidents can also be dealt with.

Maintain Community Values – by looking out for each other and communicating information community spirit is built and quality of life improves

Help Police – Report suspicious incidents, bogus callers, etc. reduce crime through vigilance and act as ‘CCTV’

It is important that membership to the scheme is obvious using signs and stickers. A survey of offenders revealed that 65% of burglars would think twice before committing a crime in a NHW area. It can also reduce home insurance premiums and such benefits should be highlighted to apathetic members of the community to encourage their involvement.

NHW co-ordinators review crime patterns so that people can be kept up to date with what is really happening, support setting up and running schemes (including tackling other issues such as dog fouling) and provide information. This information is also put into a newsletter which highlights issues; shares success stories and provides useful contact numbers.

To set up a scheme a letter is sent to households to establish interest. This includes a tear off slip, which is returned so households can be identified. A meeting is then organised to discuss what will be involved.

Vicky explained that images on TV are untrue. Members do not interfere, they help and look out for each other, and real crime statistics are provided to reduce fear of crime. If a scheme is set up but after a time struggles, there are various ways a NHW co-ordinator can reinstate interest, including street meetings and leaflet drops. It does not matter if not everyone is interested schemes vary in size from 2-3 households to whole villages. Vicky will be happy to return to Doxey if people do want to start a scheme in their area.

4. Youth Forum

After much investigation by AV it has been established that Sue Fox is due back to work soon. JM will contact her to discuss the next steps

5. Parish Council

Parish Councillors were involved in another event in Stafford so SM informed the group that Parish Plans had been discussed. They intended to continue consultation done during the Planning for Real exercise some years ago. A working group have been formed and they will meet in October. The Plan will help to identify what people in the area want and need and inform priorities for the Parish Council. It will also enable the community to influence the Community Strategy and other documents and plans, locally and regionally.

The telephone mast, which it is proposed will be erected near the Chevron Garage, was discussed. There is a petition which those who object can sign.

Traffic calming was discussed, but no formal proposal has been put forward.

SM reminded everyone that if they had an issue they wished to raise they should inform their Parish Councillors prior to the meeting, preferably in writing (although a verbal communication or asking someone else to produce the concern in writing would be acceptable).

6. Report on Fun Day

The event went well, but with fewer children than usual – it clashed with a number of other events including the V Festival at Weston Park. PP suggested that perhaps next year could be a whole day of activities with wider community representation. It will be an item agenda for February's meeting. The chair thanked PP and JP for their hard work.

7. Programme for 2005

DH has 24 people going on the trip to Blackpool Illuminations. As numbers were not as high as expected they have made a block booking on a scheduled coach and the DCA trustees have agreed to supplement the ticket price and pay £60 towards the cost of the trip. It is hoped it will help to build community spirit and form friendships. JM wished everyone a good trip!

The next Clear Out Day will take place on the 9th October at the William Sutton Centre.

The Village Voices trip is being organised for anyone wishing to see the final professional show, names must be given to SM or JM by 15/09/05. There will be a coach or car share to minimise the number of cars taken. They will depart Doxey at around 5.15pm, see the show and move on to the pub afterwards and anticipate departure from Marsden no later than 11pm.

8. Doxey Times

Dates of future Life Support sessions

Reminder of the Friendship Group

Churches Christmas Tree Exhibition

BBC Radio Courses

Advert for position of DCA secretary

CAB Surgeries

Photography Group

9. Correspondence

The monthly community matters mailing has arrived

Live and Local flyers were distributed

David Kidney MP sent details of a meeting on 21st September at Rising Brook Baptist Church for anyone interested in Big Lottery funding

The BBC is running a couple of workshops on radio programme production. They will take place on a Wednesday afternoon and a Saturday. Anyone interested should let JM know. If there are more than 10 people interested they will host a session in Doxey

Staffordshire university is putting on a programme of community practice courses offering graduate certificates and Masters degrees in the subject

Mike Day (Laura’s dad) has offered to run another series of three photography workshops. They will teach the principle of good photography and look at a range of subjects, including digital photography and using a computer to enhance/edit pictures

The Citizens Advice Bureau has funding to provide a number of outreach surgeries on debt issues. They are planning to have a number of days at the William Sutton Centre

PEP – a training body are providing a free course in Birmingham on 6th October. JM attended last year and found it useful

A request was received to provide financial support to the Senior Citizens lunch. It was agreed that we would contribute £70 as we did in 2004

The harvest supper will take place at the church on 24/10/05, at 7pm. The charge towards the meal and entertainment is £5 for adults and a voluntary donation for children

DCA had been invited to display a Christmas tree decorated to reflect what the Association is about, in the church's Christmas tree display. It was agreed that the DCA would accept – details to be discussed at the October meeting.

10. Any Other Business

The film of Doxey which was made as part of last years film festival will be shown at a future meeting and at the coffee morning if people would like to see it. Anyone that was a child during the war is invited to attend an event at the school to answer questions about their experiences. This years events will take place in Castle Church and include subjects such as evacuation during the war. They will host a VJ day celebration (Doxey people, with food supplied by Sainburys, will provide the catering). JC, PP, JP and George O’Brien would be interested.

The BBC is working in conjunction with Culturegen to make a Time Capsule. We have been asked to produce a one minute long DVD on any subject. Ideas suggested include posing a relevant question about a local issue, e.g. youth barn/speed bumps. Anyone with ideas should talk to John Smith

The Church is planning to have an outdoor Christmas tree with lights this year. . The DCA had purchased lights in the previous two years and it was agreed that they should be loaned to the church.

JE went to Proms in the Park at Lichfield and recommended that next year the DCA organise a trip. It is fun and free of charge and features a wide range of music

SMo informed the group that she is taking up a new post in Lincolnshire in early October and will no longer be able to attend the DCA meetings. She thanked the group for their support and friendship

SC thanked everyone for the card she received whilst in hospital recovering from a hip operation

9. Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 12th October at the William Sutton Centre


(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 12 October 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Sally Hems, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Alan Thomas, Mike Turner

1 Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 14th September were agreed as a correct record.

2 Matters arising

There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere in the agenda.


3 Trustees meeting

A trustees meeting had been held on 4 October, as part of the requirement for at least two trustees meetings per year. At the meeting the role of the trustees had been explained, there had been a financial report and past and future activities of the DCA had been reviewed. The following decisions had been taken.

A donation of £85 should be made to the senior citizens’ Christmas dinner.

Because a speedy decision was sometimes required in response to requests from outside bodies for use of the party tent, responsibility for this should be delegated to the DCA chair.

In discussion the question of insurance for the party tent was raised. It was thought that the premiums would be too high to be worthwhile. Also, most events for which the tent would be used would have insurance which should cover the tent anyway.


4 Clear our day

This had been particularly successful. MT estimated that something like 98% of all items had been recycled, even though more items than usual had been brought. He thanked the eight helpers on the day; the biggest number so far, including one who had not helped before.


5 Neighbourhood Watch

The inaugural meeting for the Brooklime Gardens scheme was to take place in the near future. It was noted that a potential co-ordinator for a scheme around the Doxey Arms had been identified. It was not clear yet what would be happening in Sutton Drive.


6 Trip to Blackpool

24 people had gone on this successful trip and some were already talking about next year’s trip. DH expressed thanks for the subsidy. He is willing to organise a trip next year. If enough people to fill a coach took part, the cost would be much less. It was noted that the subsidy may not be available next year. Agreed to put the matter on the agenda for the DCA meeting in June 2006.


7 Film festival

Part of the Stafford Film Festival had been the creation of a film, based on the festival’s theme of the Second World War, of a street party in Castletown. Most of the children and some of the adults in the cast were from Doxey and most of the food had been prepared by Doxey people. Unfortunately the weather had made for difficulties but it had been felt that the experience had been valuable for those taking part. It was regretted that Doxey Primary School had not co-operated in recruiting children who would have benefited most from the experience to join the cast. A showing of the finished film had taken place the evening before.


8 Life support project

The first session had taken place with 11 people attending and all being successful. There had been a good response to the further notice in Doxey Times.


9 Digital photography course

There had been a good response to the further notice in Doxey Times and it was hoped to start the course in a few weeks’ time. This would be on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Mike Day would be asked whether he would put on a second course to meet demand.


10 Village Voices trip

There are places for all who want to go to Marsden on 28 October. Some are staying overnight. It is still hoped to be able to get a minibus. About 30 people are likely to be going from Doxey in all.


11 Parish Council

NB gave a brief report on the work of the parish council. The major issues are the parish plan and traffic calming. The aim is to get a large number of people involved in the plan. A survey is to be issued in the traffic calming. It was announced that the application for a telephone mast near Baxter Green had been refused. The parish council was hoping to put up a new notice board for the community.


12 Doxey Times

The following items were suggested.

Parish plan Report on clear out day Traffic calming Date of next DCA meeting Friendship Group Post of secretary

Life support project Digital photography Chocolate evening

Invitation to the senior citizens’ Christmas dinner

There was discussion of printing arrangements for Doxey Times. Agreed that the DCA should investigate purchase of a suitable printer.


13 Correspondence

(a) The autumn issue of Sundial, the magazine of Local Agenda 21, had been received.

(b) Details of training courses provided by PEP had been received.

(c) The latest issue of Community Matters’ journal had been received.

(d) The DCA is to receive another award at the Green Awards ceremony on 20 October. Agreed that Joan Moore should collect this.


14 Other business

(a) It was reported that the play area at the end of Greensome Close was in bad condition. NB said he would contact the Borough Council.

(b) It was reported that fencing and gates on the Universal’s field beside the football pitch were to be repaired.

(c) There was a discussion about the toilets at the parish church and the need to provide facilities for disabled people.

(d) It was reported that mini motorbikes were being ridden on the Universal car park. This led to a wider discussion of the need to provide for a variety of activities for young people to allow for choice.

(e) A meeting had been held of people who wished to follow up the Village Voices project with another piece o theatre. About 30 people attended. It had been agreed to work towards producing a pantomime at Easter 2006.

(f) Street meetings with the police. Doxey’s community police officer had asked for suggestions about these. It was noted that the police had daytime meetings at weekends in mind for the winter months, but the meeting felt that early evening meetings might be feasible. Suggested locations were the following.

Outside Doxey Stores Outside the church

Outside the Doxey Arms The green area by Greensome Crescent

Sutton Drive

The passage between Marsland Close and Greensome Close


15 Next meeting

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th November 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Hannah Burgess, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, David Hughes, Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Denise Peel, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables.

Apologies: John Peel, Alan Thomas.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting held on the 12 October were agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising

Neighbourhood Watch

There has been a good response to the project in Brooklime Gardens, with 23 households participating. However there are problems with the signposting, as lampposts cannot be used due to legal reasons. Permission is being sought for alternative means, e.g. ground floor flats (PP)

Village Voices

21 DCA members attended the final performance of the professional version of Village Voices. An archive file for the play has been created on the DCA website. (JM)

Life Support Course

The course is in two parts; the first training for life support for adults and older children and the

second for younger children and infants. The course is funded by a grant from the Community Council of Staffordshire and is free of charge to participants. It has been fully attended. To date, 20 people having been trained in the providing life support for children and adults. Next session could be held later in November, or early December. (JM)

Digital Photography Course

The course, free of charge, was held on the 5thsNovember. 18 people attended the course. There will be two groups for the second session, one on Monday 14th November and one on Thursday 24th November. The topic for the session is transferring photographs from the digital camera to the PC and using software to change the pictures. Participants have agreed to contribute 50p per session to the tutor's travelling expenses.

Parish Council

The Stafford Borough Council was contacted regarding the clearing of the play area at the end of Greensome Close. Response from the council is pending. NB to arrange meeting with council- preferably on site. NB will advise on the time and date of that meeting so local people can be there.

Parish Church Toilets

There is a lack of adequate funding for the provision of disabled toilets. Fund raising ideas were put forward. It was suggested that a Doxey day or weekend could be organised jointly by the DCA, Parish Council, Church, and School etc with all local organisations collaborating on planning. Funds raised would be for the toilet improvements at the church. GS suggested that local youth bands should also be involved. The notion of a Doxey Day/ Weekend would be on the January 2006 agenda.

Activities for Young People

Youth Forum: a Christmas tree display to be arranged, and decorated by (HB). There is need for a recruitment drive for new members to join the youth forum. A meeting will be held on Monday 14th of November. NB is in discussion with Juliet Prince regarding the setting up of a youth club in Doxey. The developments in activities for young people to be on next meeting agenda.


(i) Script Play

Scripts for the pantomime, Mother Goose had been bought. Performance rights and video rights had been obtained. Performance dates have been set for Friday 21st April 2006 in the evening and Saturday 22nd April in the afternoon.

(ii) Rehearsals

A script read through was attended by 28 people on the Sunday 6th November. Future rehearsal dates are to be decided

(iii) Play Support

The video team has been arranged (GS).

Mike Beach is interested in editing Doxey elements into the script.

The DCA are seeking a Director, in order to commence casting.

Meeting to be held with Jim Wheeler from CultureGen to discuss future collaboration.

There is no funding for the project, although it was suggested by the treasurer that surplus from the Mikron project should be used.

Doxey Times

Items for be include are:

Youth Forum Christmas tree display

Friendship group Help with the distribution of the Doxey Times

Digital photography Life Support

Pantomime news

SM offered to do press releases for items that did not meet the Doxey Times publication date.

Other Business

There have been 27 expressions of interest in the Blackpool trip in August/September 2006. The trip will be advertised in June 2006 of issue of Doxey Times. If there is sufficient demand DH will order a 52 seater bus. This would bring the cost down to £10 per person.

An activity calendar will be prepared to aid in planning DCA activities. This will be an agenda item at the next meeting.

An independent qualified accountant to examine the accounts has been identified.




SBC Supervised walks and Volunteer Walk Leader Training - contact LA 21 on 619676

SCC: food and policy health action group regarding health food and locally produced foods – contact JM or Brian Camfield 277983

SBC: Local Development Plan deadline 12 December 2005. The relevant document can be down loaded from internet – contact SM

SCIOS Questionnaire regarding help and future help for the DCA completed by JM and at the meeting

SDVS 18 Aug 2005 re our outstanding membership fee. BS to follow up.

Connections information contact JM

Telephone call to JM from Mr Spurway who lived in Doxey about 15 years ago. He had some suggestions for getting together Doxey residents. JM told him about the website. He will be in touch again.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 14th December at 7pm at the Sutton Centre.


(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

Doxey Community Association

Minutes of the meeting held on December 14th 2005

Present: Nigel Barnett, Hannah Burgess, John Corcoran, Susan Corcoran, Claire Gaisford, Sally Hems Joan Moore, Stephen Moore, John Perks, Pat Perks, Denise Peel, Barbara Simpson, Gill Smith, John Smith, Mark Smith, Mike Turner, Adrian Venables.

Apologies: Jane Essex

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting held on the 10th November 2005 were agreed as a correct record.

Matters arising

Neighbourhood watch PP reported on the Brooklime Gardens scheme. They had been receiving regular information from the police. This concerned crime in other parts of Stafford. JM reported that a co-ordinator was ready to get started in the town end of Doxey, but was waiting for more information. There was no report of action at the other end of Doxey.


Christmas tree exhibition. SC reported. About 60 people had visited the exhibition over the three days, about half at the event on the Sunday evening. Unfortunately, there had been difficulties with the youth forum tree, but Adrian’s efforts in getting the outside tree up were much appreciated. It had been generally felt to be a worthwhile effort. £300 had been raised for the Church’s charity for street children in Colombia. The meeting was reminded of the carol service next Sunday and carols round the Christmas tree on the 21st.

Digital photography

JM reported on the activity so far. The third, trouble shooting session, will take place on 14th January. JM will discuss with Mike Day whether to start a new course or take the existing group further on. Thanks are due to Mike for what he has done so far.

Life support course

23 people have now done the full range of training. These included a number of people who have not previously taken part in any DCA activity. The next session is on resuscitating adults and older children, on 29 December.

Parish council

NB gave a report of activities of the parish council. The most notable had been the drop-in for the parish plan. As a result Mike Turner had now taken on the role of "champion". He gave an account of how he saw the plan developing. He was beginning to identify a number of people who would form a steering committee and it was hoped to have a first meeting early in January. He spoke about the three dimensional map which the schoolchildren were to make and hoped that some outcome of this exercise could be presented to them before the end of the summer term.

Senior citizens’ Christmas Party

65 people attended. It was reported to have been well enjoyed by all. Mark Smith was thanked for the work which he and his team had put in. It was noted that Mark would probably be away at the time the next party was due and a new organiser would probably have to be found. There was some discussion of earlier activities of this kind at the church.


JS gave a report on the current position. The pantomime has been cast for the most part with about 20 people taking part, but the addition of parts for children might mean another 20 people would have an acting part. The first performance would be on 21 April. JM is busy seeking grants, with a total expenditure of £6000 envisaged and a maximum audience of 600 over two (three?) performances. It was noted that Sheila Ball would co-ordinate productions of costumes, but some help with design was still needed. It was suggested that there might be students at Stafford College who could help. NB said he would make some enquiries.

Visit of Rotary’s Santa Claus

This had gone off without hitch. The presence of DCA members was helpful. It had been possible to forestall trouble by talking to some of the youths who were around. The visit was well received by many children in Doxey and their parents. The absence of our local police officer was due to his inability rather than unwillingness to be there. However, it was pointed out that it shouldn’t be necessary to have the police in attendance at every event such as this.


Forward planning

The following events are expected to take place next year.

Pantomime - 21 April

Clear-out days - April and October, dates to be fixed by MT

Plant sale - 6 or 13 May

AGM - 19 May

Trip to Blackpool - September or October, date to be arranged by discussion between Dave Hughes and likely participants

Social event in place of an August DCA meeting

Doxey Day

Doxey Day had been discussed at previous meetings. The idea would be to have a whole day or even two-day event which would include the fun day and some kind of fete, with all Doxey organisations contributing to planning and organisation. Further discussion to take place at the January meeting of the DCA.

Doxey Times

The following items were suggested.

Request for more deliverers, possibly listing areas where they are required

Thanks for the Christmas party - and possible request for an organiser next year

Continuing activities: DCA, Friendship Group, PC, life support.

Possibly an item about bus passes for people with disability

A report from the meeting about youth activities (See Correspondence)

It was noted that the item about bus passes was relevant to all of Stafford and not just Doxey. A letter to one of the local papers could be useful.


(a) A letter had been received from the parish council inviting the DCA to send a representative to a meeting to discuss possible youth activities in Doxey. It was suggested that Tunga might be able to attend.

(b) Training opportunities

(c) Community Matters newsletter with lots of ideas and helpful suggestions for community groups. JM asked whether anyone would be prepared to receive this in future and report on items which might be of special interest to DCA.

(d) Walkwise. Notification of walks arranged for the next three months.


Youth forum

There was nothing to report. It was not know whether the request for new members which had been put in Doxey Times had got any response.


Date of next meeting

Wednesdays, 11 January 2006

(click here for printable (pdf) Version )

DCA - 2004/5


Chair’s Report to the Annual General Meeting of the Doxey Community Association

May 11th 2005

This year the Community Association has built substantially on the progress made last year. Rather than follow a chronological account of the year I have grouped the association’s achievements and activities into areas in which I believe that the DCA has made a difference to the lives of people living in Doxey and in the wider area.


The association's monthly meetings have been very well attended, some 20-30 people attending each meeting. Overall 47 people have attended one or more of the associations monthly meetings. Meetings now begin at 7pm instead of 7.30pm and this seems to suit people. We had a talk from Mr Solly, the retiring headteacher in June. Kate Lee from Stafford College came to discuss FE provision in Doxey in November and in February Mark Gates of the Parish Councils Association talked about the responsibilities of being a Parish Councillor.

Doxey Times

Doxey Times has run to 12 editions since last May – and one of those was a double pager. Through its columns Doxey people have been informed of events and issues arising in Doxey and in Stafford. Thanks to Stephen, Doxey Times’ editor, to Sally and the team of deliverers who get out each edition cheerfully and promptly.

Coffee Morning

It is now almost six years since Pat and John Perks organised the first coffee morning at the William Sutton Centre. The event is held each Monday morning at 10.30am. It is well attended by between 20 or 30 people each session. Everyone is made welcome and each meeting provides the opportunity for people to meet old friends, to make new ones and to keep in touch with what is happening. In addition to the Monday sessions there has been a Christmas Lunch. If you would like to attend but have problems with transport please contact Pat or John.

Young people

The DCA is proud of the youth forum, which it helped to establish, now in its fourth year. but it should Members of the Youth Forum have contributed to discussion at each of the DCA meetings. We look forward to the progress of the Forum in its quest to secure facilities for young people in Doxey and have pledged our support for the Leisure Barn project which they have planned with guidance from Sue Fox of Staffordshire County Council and a number of specialists.


Doxey Day was held in July. Instead of a fete we had an afternoon when the many Doxey groups and organisations came together to display what they had to offer in the church hall. Dave Marston opened the event which was visited by about 80 residents. There was an interesting mix of activities, Guides, the walking group, Heraldry ad the National Childbirth Trust together with the Friendship Group, the coffee morning, the Whist Drive, the Youth Forum, the playgroup, the Community Association and the Church. Seeing all these organisations together we realise that we live in a very lively community. The decision to opt for such an easy to organise format was based on lack of time in view of other concerns in the community. As it turned out the weather was wet and cloudy and our traditional outdoor fete would possibly have suffered far more.

Pat and John Perks organised a second annual Fun day in August 2004. Many local children took part in the activities and it proved to be a social occasion for parents, children and the DCA members who attended. Prizes were provided by the William Sutton Housing Association. Thank you Pat and John for your commitment to the children of Doxey.



The Doxey Post Office closed in May 2004 but the campaign to secure some post office provision for Doxey continues. Ideas which are being pursued are for a post office van, similar to the scheme being trialled in the South West, a part time post office in non traditional premises a house, pub etc.

The five year campaign to establish a Parish Council has been successful. Eleven residents were nominated and willing to stand for the nine seats. In the event two withdrew and it was not necessary to have an election. However in times when many parishes have difficulty in fielding enough nominations Doxey can feel proud of the interest shown. The Doxey Parish Council has its first meeting on May 18th at 6.30 in the Sutton Centre. On behalf of the Community Association I wish it well.


The environment

The environment has again been high on the agenda of the Community Association. A squad of Doxey litter pickers helped with the clear up in Stafford in preparation for the judging of Britain in Bloom. The association is represented on the Local Environmental Quality Group which as well as improving the environment seeks to improve responsible public access to wildlife sites.

In October the association received a Green Award from the Borough Council in recognition of litter picking, the Clear Out days and the Garden Sale. The Clear Out days enable people to recycle their unwanted items by offering them to others. Thanks to Mike Turner for organising these events. The latest Clear Out day was held just last Sunday, organised by Mike. As usual lots of items were brought in and most of it went to good homes. We met a number of residents who were new to Doxey and the event was also an opportunity for Doxey residents to meet.

The garden sale held each spring, gives an opportunity for people to buy plants and garden items, surplus to the needs of other gardeners in Doxey, at low prices. The next garden sale will be held this Saturday - 14th May – on the car park of the Three Tuns. Bring your surplus plants and garden tools etc and get some bargains, There will also be a bric-a-brac- stall.


Registration as a charity

Until April this year the Community Association operated under its constitution which had been drawn up by those residents who had set it up. However as the Associations has grown so has its business and the amount of money it handles. By registering as a charity the Association safeguards its funds by making itself accountable to the Charity Commissioners as well as to the people of Doxey. An extraordinary meeting in January approved a new constitution for the Association. This was approved by the Charity Commissioners in April.

Our new status as a charity does mean that we must have a membership. In the past any resident of Doxey could vote at meetings, Now only members can vote. However the membership subscription is 50p per year which we hope will not deter anyone from joining. The treasurer will receive subscriptions and maintain a list of members.

Our charitable status does bring benefits such as enabling us to apply to a wider range of sources for funding.

The Arts in Doxey

The Village Voices project report is provided on a separate sheet.

That is a summary of the work of the Community Association in the past year. We have taken on new challenges as well as developing the initiatives begun in previous years. We have been fortunate in recruiting active members. Being an active member can include: attending meetings; contributing to or delivering Doxey Times; organising an event or helping someone who is doing so; taking on secretarial or financial responsibilities. We still need more active members. Come and join us. The Doxey Community Association is alive, flourishing and working in the interests of Doxey.

Finally, my thanks to those active members who have worked so hard this year. |Barbara Simpson, our treasurer, has not only kept the money in order, she has also guided through the process of registration as a charity. Sarah Jessop, our secretary has been diligent in minuting meetings and in drawing up agendas. Sarah can not by with us tonight – she and Owen are honeymooning in faraway places. We wish them well.

Amended : 21-12-19