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Bob and Tunga Fishing

Peter Parker

Reg Snapper

Not your fella yet !

Universal Grinding Wheel

The Costume Girls

Coronation Day


Half Time

Ena and Eileen

"Where do you want it then ?"

Big River

Ena on scooter

Costume Girls (and Boys !)


An ode for Joan

Joan receiving ode

The Choir

Mike Directing Traffic


Relaxing afterwards ...

... at the Essex's

The Stage is now empty..


.. the toys can go away..

.. and the regulars return

A few additional pictures

- the man what wrote it

Rehersals -
Sophie projects her voice

Geoff - about to dazzle the choir

Tunga, Sophie
adding colour and volume

"We think alike , we point alike ..."

The chorus in full voice

More photos will appear later
Amended : 21-12-19