Current Public Transport (Oct 2019)


Doxey is served by the Number 12 Arriva Midlands bus service between Doxey and Stafford Town Centre. It runs at varying intervals during the day. (Timetable- Feb 2017)

There is also another Number 12 service run by Select Bus Services.

The lack of any real control over Bus Companies means that there is very little stability in the services offered and the timetables are changed frequently and are not always adhered to.

(Local Services)

Stafford Station (1.5miles 2.2km) is on the West Coast Main Line and provides frequent services to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Penkridge etc.

Local Roads

The road through Doxey generally follows the line of the old road out to Seighford and Derrington.

In 2019 work commenced on the Western Access Route which will connect the Stone and Newport roads. Doxey Road over the railway bridge will be re-routed via a new roundabout built on the old 'Universal' site. In the longer term this should benefit Doxey but there will be substantial short term disruption.

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M6 Motorway

Junctions 13(South) & 14(North) of the M6 are 10-15 minutes away from Doxey (on a good day!).

In 1962 there was a major upheaval as the "Stafford Bypass" was built . This was the third part of the M6 as it extended south from Lancaster towards Birmingham . Doxey is the site of a motorway maintenance area and is used as an access point for the emergency services.

[On some maps of the period the M6 is referred to as the 'Preston Bypass' , thus reflecting the novelty of Britain's first 'motorway']


Doxey is about an hour away (road traffic permitting) from Birmingham, Manchester, East Midlands and Liverpool airports.
Seighford airfield (RAF station during WW2) was used for private flying until the 1990s. It is now used by Staffordshire Gliding Club

Transport History

Doxey has had close connections to the railways since the early 19th century. The Grand Junction Railway, connecting Birmingham with Liverpool and Manchester, opened in 1837 going across Doxey Marshes. "The Grand Junction Railway (now the West Coast Main Line (WCML)) was constructed between Warrington and Birmingham from 1833 to 1837. In 1845 the company merged with the Liverpool and Manchester Railway and then with the London and Birmingham Railway and the Birmingham and Manchester Railway to form the London and North Western Railway in 1846" (*ref 1). This line, which runs across Doxey Marshes (requiring much work and ballast to provide a firm foundation) was electrified in 1967, resulting in the improvement(!) of the Doxey Road Bridge in Castletown.

The Stafford - Newport - Shrewsbury line was built in 1849 and was closed in the Beeching cuts in 1964. The route of the line is now established as the 'Greenway' (part of the The way for the Millennium ) for walkers and cyclists who can follow it through Derrington to Haughton and Gnosall to Newport.

There was also a line that went from Stafford to Uttoxeter via Stafford Common and Weston, built in 1867. This line is now provides a footpath  [Doxey Link] from Doxey Road in Castletown  across the entrance to the Marshes, passing under Eccleshall and Stone Common Road. This section line served RAF Stafford until the 1970s , long after the rest of line to Uttoxeter had been closed in 1957.

* ref 1. Some of this content is taken from . 'Appendix 8.1 Cultural Heritage Baseline Assessment' for the Western Access Route which gives a very good background to the history of the area.
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