Doxey Reunion 2019

On Sunday 20th Oct 2019 Doxey Church Hall was filled with many people remembering old times. The occasion was the 2019 Doxey Reunion organised by Ray Spurway.

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68 years later, some are back in another Church Hall

Among the various memorabilia displayed at the reunion was a cutting from Eileen Skelton's collection recording the Sunday School Party in 1951. (image above). The text read :

Sunday School Party at Doxey. (Christmas 1951)

NINETY young children gathered in the new St. Andrew’s Church Hall, at Doxey, on Saturday last for their Christmas Sunday School Party. Many of these came from the new housing estate, and been attending regularly the new Department of the Sunday School, started in September for children under five. The afternoon’s entertainment began with party games organised by the teachers, and the children very much enjoyed such old favourites as “Nuts in May" and “Farmer's in his Den." After the games, the children sat down to gaily-decorated tables for their tea, which was prepared and served by Sunday School teachers and parents. This was followed by a marionette show given by a group of Dartmouth Street boys, under the supervision of Mr. D. F. L. Hoare.

When the marionette show ended, it was announced that Father Christmas was about to arrive and he distributed a present to each of the children. After a closing prayer by the Vicar (the Rev. N Gledhill) the children went home tired but happy.

On the following day, the Hall as once again full to overflowing with the members of all departments of the Sunday School and their parents for the annual prizegiving. The Vicar in a talk to the children reminded them of the fairy tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves who gained admittance to the secret cave by pronoucing the magic words “Open Sesame" and he told them that the Lord Jesus was seeking to enter their hearts and it was for them to say “Open Sesame" that He might come in and lead them throughout the whole of their lives.

Before the prizes were presented by the Vicar, Mr J C Beverley, superintendent, said that the prizes were awarded on attendances made during the year September 1950 to August 1951. A very high standard of attendance was necessary before qualifing for a prize.

Prizes were given to the following :-


1st: Irene Bradley, Audrey Fradley, Pat Foster, Stella Parsons, Pam McConnell, Shirley Taylor, June McConnell, Margaret Halden, Marjorie Eden.
2nd: Elizabeth Cochrane, Annabelle Davidson, Jean Cooper, Noreen Judson
3rd: Ruth Mayor, SyIvia Poyser, Audrey Ridler, Marjorie Dale, Kathleen Andrews, Ann Boughey, Ann Shelley.
1st: Neville Rigby, Kenneth Vernon, Glynne Jones, David Mercer, David Turner, Michael Rigby, Ronnie Coupland.
2nd: Peter Emberton, Norman Eden, Eric Boughey, Alan Vernon, Kenneth Wilde, David Chambers , Brian Powell, Michael Fisher.
3rd: Cedric Machin, Ian Davidson, Graham Wilding, Terry Blackman, John Homer, Peter Hawkins.


1st: Maureen Chambers, Sheila Powell, Margaret Thornley, Maureen Spurway, Jennipher Mosedale, Christine Bailey.
2nd: Judith Cochrane, Rita Gask, Audrey Judson, Carol Russell, Sheila Spurway, Barbara Hall.
3rd Doreen White , Barbara Jo(nes), Jean Boughey, Margery Bateman, Linda Fosythe, Julie Russell, Pamela Wright, Christine Robson.
1st: Bruce Davidson, Geoffrey Vemon, Roy Halden, Terry Bunn, Barry Cooper, Adrian Bunn.
2nd: David Hall, David Adams, Joseph Tyler, Bobby Tyler.
3rd Sammy Cornett, Geoffrey Mackenzie, Raymond Metcalf, Stephen Hughes, Peter Heath, Derek Gask, Andrew Turner.
It was announced that the Senior Sunday School Party would be held on Saturday, January 19th.

A few of the prizewinners were back in St Andrew's (and St Thomas's) Church Hall, no longer 'young childen' but they may have gone home 'tired and happy' after sharing reminiscences ?

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Some of the Documents Scanned at or for the Reunion
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