Doxey Marshes

If, in the wider world, people have heard of Doxey the chances are it's in the context of "Doxey Marshes" - a 'lowland wet grassland habitat' to the north of the village. Ironically, the public part of the Marshes is not easily accessible from Doxey as they are north of the Inter-City rail line and have to be approached via the 'Isobel Trail' near Virginia Park.
An area renowned for walks and birdwatching.

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There are many pleasant walks in the Doxey area with a number of organised walking groups.

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There have been two set of bowling greens in Doxey, both now gone. Doxey Institute's greens went in 1998 when the land was used for the Mayfields development. The Universal Social Club's greens were sold by Redrow in 2016.
This seems to be a widespread problem as greens elsewhere in Stafford have gone.


The overgrown area next to Reed Drive was the Universal cricket field from well before the war (on aerial photo from 1934) until the 1970s or 1980s. The ground was kept dry by regular pumping. Once this was stopped the field became waterlogged and unusable for cricket. There are now (2019) proposals to designate it as a nature reserve.


In the past there was always some fishing in the Sow and Doxey Brook. However in the last twenty years a commercial operation has been established just outside the parish boundaries - Seighford Lakes.

Right off Seighford Lane just after the M6 Maintenance Area - Seighford Lakes provides facilities for Course and Fly Fishing a short distance from the centre of Doxey. It is run by Phil Dixon an English International Flyfisher.

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Play Space for Doxey

In 2011 the attempt by Saint-Gobain Abrasives restrict access to the foolball field (in advance of the Mallard Walk development) was met by the creation of a local action group 'Play Space for Doxey'. This followed the closure of the Universal Cricket Field, the Conway Road play area. New developments had gone ahead with only minimal recreational facilities so there was a general shortage of open space for residents of all ages.
Although this resulted in some publicity, overall the authorities showed little sympathy and 'Play Space for Doxey' (or 'PS4D') had ceased serious activity by 2014. The situation was eased by the provision of a new play area nerxt to the Castle Fields development, some open space south of Mallard Walk and the failure to keep a Doxey football team playing on the existing field.

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Amended : 27-11-19