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The Old Estate

In 1989 as the old Doxey estate was about to be redeveloped, Chris Ball, who had lived in the area for many years, decided to photograph the houses before they were demolished. He walked round the estate along Greensome Lane past the northern end of Ashley Road and down Marsland Road. After taking pictures of Bradbury Rise and the approach to the school he continued along Conway Road, past Greensome Close, and back up Greensome Lane. In 2007 when there was a request for pictures of pre-1990 Doxey he dug out the photos he had taken. Here they are shown with a map of the old estate. The (estimated) position of the camera is indicated by the black circle. The current road plan is shown in the background.
We are very grateful that Chris had the forethought to take and to keep the photographs.

The photos were taken immediately before demolition started and many of the houses were empty and partially derelict. The pictures do not reflect the state of the roads, houses and gardens as they had been some months earlier. If there are more representative photos available we would like to have copies so that a better image is remembered.

The photos were scanned and prepared for publication on the Internet. This means that some of the quality of Chris's originals has been lost.

The air photo below was taken in May/June 1989 and shows the start of the development. Most of the new houses south of Conway road have been built but most of the Greensome Lane, Greensome Close and Ashley Road houses are still standing.
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D9 Greensome Lane from Greensome Crescent D8 - Greensome Lane looking SE D12 Greensome Lane/Ashley Road Junction looking SE D13 Greensome Lane/Ashley Rd D1 N end Ashley Rd D16 Ashley Road Looking NE D17 Greensome Lane D22 N end of Marsland Rd  N end looking SE D2 Marsland Rd looking S D3 Marsland Rd looking S D5 Marsland Rd  looking SW D4 Marsland Rd  looking N D26 Marsland Rd looking SW D25 E end Conway Rd looking towards School D18 Bradbury Rise looking S past shop D27 Marsland Rd from Bradbury Rise D11 Conway Rd from Bradbury Rise D23 Conway Rd looking E ? D24 Conway Rd looking SW   towards play-area D15 Ashley Rd from Conway Rd looking NW D19 Ashley Rd from Conway Rd looking N D20 Greensome Close from Conway Rd looking NW D21 Greensome Close from Conway Rd looking NE D7 Conway Rd - play area Looking SW D14 Conway Rd - play area looking S towards church D6 W end Conway Rd looking E D10 Greensome Lane looking E from Greensome Cresc
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