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 (Where's the Arch ?)

Do You Remember this arch at Doxey House ?

In the early 1980's Stafford Borough Council acquired Doxey House and use it to create sheltered accommodation (now maintained by Stafford & Rural Homes). Doxey House is one of the older residences in Doxey and dates back to the 18th Century. (see Doxey in 1900). In the 1800s an arch was erected in the garden. It was reputed to have come from St Marys Church (possibly when it was restored by Gilbert Scott between 1842 and 1844).

In 2014 the DCA website received an email from Mrs Ann Webb, a granddaughter of Mr Frederick and Mrs May Roebuck who were tenants of Doxey House from 1939. She spent a lot of time at Doxey House in her youth and has lots to remember about the house and surroundings before 1980.

She remembered the arch and wondered whether it was still there. On investigation it seems to have been removed after the Borough Council took over the property.

If anyone knows what happened to the arch,  Ann (and the webmaster) would be very interested. Ann is planning to visit Stafford and would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers her family, especially her grandmother (who was renowned for her colourful hats!).

If anyone has any information on the arch, or memories of the Roebucks and Doxey House we can pass them to Ann Webb (

[Later 2017] Ann visited Doxey in October 2016 meeting the current occupant Joan Harvey.

[Even later (Sept) 2017] Three pictures have now appeared on 'Staffordshir Past Track' specifically stating that these remains had come from St Mary's. To see them click here : [Search for 'St Mary's Church Remains, Doxey]

Arch at Doxey House
 (Doctor's Surgery ?)

Possibility of Doctors Surgery in Doxey.

Doxey residents have long wanted their own (or a least a nearer) doctor's surgery. At last it seems that it may be possible. In 2014 Rising Brook and Cross Street Surgery investigated the possibility and circulated a questionnaire on the subject.

"Rising Brook Surgery are a forward thinking GP Practice and are aware of the need for a new GP Surgery in the Doxey area which has been proposed in plans for the new Housing Development being considered by Stafford Borough Council. At this moment this is a proposal, as we are required to seek approval from NHS England for a new GP Surgery.

If approval is granted, the Practice proposes to offer a similar range of services currently available from Rising Brook Surgery. it is envisaged that a range of community health services will also be delivered from the new facility resulting in services being offered within easy access for the patients.

We are providing this information together with the attached questionnaire in order to engage with the residents of Doxey and surrounding areas, at the earliest point possible in the process.

Update 2017 There was general approval of the idea and there was a (low key) search for premises. Three years on Doxey is still waiting for its own surgery. There was a hope that the site of the Three Tuns might be used; but as yet nothing has come of it.
 (Keeping fit in Doxey)
Keeping fit with Doreen Garrard
(thanks to Doreen's daughter Sue for Photos and information)

Keep Fit Display held on the Vicarage Lawn in Doxey.

Keeping Fit with Doreen Garrard

Doreen Garrard first formed the Doxey Keep Fit Class in the 1960's which continued over 20 years. She went on to teach the Ladies at Brocton up until the time she had her first stroke in February 2006 at the age of 82. Doreen fought it with the determination and knowledge she had learnt over the years and was able to continue with the class until she had her second stroke in June 2006 which took her eyesight and the physical side of her body. In May 2008 she sadly passed away.


Doreen Garrard moved to Doxey in 1958 with her husband Ted and two daughters and formed the Doxey Keep Fit Class in the 1960's which ran for 20 years. Doreen was very dedicated to help the Ladies of Doxey to look after their well-being which also brought them together for an enjoyable social evening once a week.

Doreen used to work at the Doxey Post Office (Norman Miller, post master) and Harry's shop on Bradbury Rise. She was a familiar face to the people of Doxey.

 (Misc News Items)

Doxey gets Fast Food Again

 "Castle Pizzas" has opened on the site of 'Happys' (was briefly 'Peri Peri')
Tel 01785 211 000

Order Online :

New Vicar for Doxey

A new vicar for Doxey has arrived.  In September the Rev Martin Strang become the Priest-in-charge of St Thomas and St Andrew, Doxey and of St Paul's, Forebridge. He was previously the Curate of Awsworth, Cossall and Trowall in the Southwell and Nottingham diocese. For further information contact the church
 (Old School Memories)

Do You remember Tenterbanks C.P. School - 1958 ?

We have had a email from Roger Fenna from North Carolina enclosing this photo (click to enlarge). He lived at 28 The Drive from 1949 to 1961.

Tenterbanks School - 1958

His email address is>

"I have attached a copy of a photograph I took in 1958 of the graduating class from Tenterbanks County Primary School. Most of the class members lived in Doxey. I have also attached a guide to the names of all 34 kids in the picture. My apologies for any misspellings or errors of memory. I hope you will consider posting the picture in the history section of the Doxey website. I would also welcome hearing from anyone who knew me or my family in Doxey at that time"

Front (seated left to right) : Margaret Perry, Michael Ellsmore, Graham Parker, M. Watkins, A. Watkins, Christine Pailing

Row 2 (seated left to right) : Jennifer Dobson, Glennis Murray, Pamela Wright, Anthony Cotton, John Birtles, Maureen Spurway, S. Chambers

Row 3 (standing left to right) :S. Rathbone, Graham Talbot, David Deakin, Malcolm Haywood, William McFarlane, Kenneth Roberts, Michael Taylor, Robert Smith, Peter McCleary, Harold Bidgood, M. Stephenson, Carol Bailey, Rosemary Simmons, Jennifer Reese, Elizabeth Smallman

Back (standing left to right) : Cynthia Malone, Richard Homer, Lois Porter, Geoffrey Cartwright, Patricia Woodman, Carol Baker, Diane Haycock

Missing : Gaynor Hill

Class Teacher : Mr Frape

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