This page contains News items from 2009-2012

A tidy bit of work - thanks girls !

Children from the 3rd Castle Rainbows Unit, aged between 5 and 7 years, took to the streets of Doxey to help their community by "litter picking" to ensure the areas surrounding Marsland Road, Greensome Lane and Bradbury Rise were clean and tidy and free from waste. Armed with red "litter pickers", protective gloves and  refuse bags, the Rainbows collected bags of litter and learned about items such as cans and bottles that could of been recycled to help save the planet. The girls had a great time whilst enjoying fresh air and also contributing to their community.

Getting a Post Office back in Doxey ?

In 2004 in spite of extensive local protests Post Office Ltd decided to close the Doxey sub-post office in Bradbury Rise. In the eight years since then, residents who wished to post a parcel or buy an airmail stamp have had to go to Stafford Town centre or the one of the small number of remaining post offices in the Stafford area.

Now the owners of Bradbury Rise Stores are petitioning Post Office Management to allow them to add ' a Sub Post Office to the facilities on their current premises.'

The Post Office Management will need to be convinced that a new sub-office is needed and will be well supported.

Oct 2012 - No decision has been made yet

Universal Factory being demolished

Stafford Borough Council have been given notive by San-Gobain that they intend to demolish a large part of the remaining buildings. The demolition does not require planning permission but the Borough (and local residents) have to be informed. The reference number is 12/16669/NDEM and any comments have to be received by 28th Feb. The plans can be viewed at the Civic Centre.

The area being demolished does not include the Office block or the factory buildings surrounding it.

  In the end Saint-Gobain stayed where they were although they were only using a small part of the area. Eventually it will come down and form part of the new 'Burleyfields' development.

New Parish Plan for Doxey

  With the publication of a new draft Stafford Local Plan, speculation regarding the development of land previously owned by Universal Grinding Wheel and the potential loss of playing fields it is appropriate that Doxey Parish Council should now be commission a group to look at how Doxey could develop over the next 5 years.

Over the next few months the group will be asking Doxey residents of all ages for their views on the area and how it can be improved.

The previous plan (published in 2007) has had mixed success in influencing the policies of the Borough and County Councils but provided a detailed picture of the problems and aspirations of the area.

New play area

24th May 2012

Doxey residents have been waiting for some months for the opening of the new play area being built by Redrow on their Castle View Estate. The official handover was expected in the next few weeks.

However during the last few days a few people have broken down fences to get into the area. Not to use the equipment sensibly or to appreciate the work done by Redrow, their sub-contractors and the Borough Parks department;  but to destroy young trees, scrawl graffitti on the equipment and to litter the place with discarded beer cans.

The Police are investigating this vandalism and hope that they will identify the perpetrators. It is hoped that these idiots were not from Doxey as this is the last thing that the village needs.

The play area is the first major improvement in Doxey's recreation facilities for many years and promises to be an enormous provision with :
  • Multi-user Games Area
  • BMX track
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • etc.
The area is still not officially open, but responsible users can visit and use some of the facilities.

Access is via Reed Drive/ Valerian Drive on Castle View, the Greenway or off The Drive. (see Map)

New Play area New Play area New Play area
New Play area New Play area New Play area

Update - 31st May

Thanks to everyone who has tidied up the area and the those responsible for improving the waste bins. It looks a lot better.

Update - Oct 2012

After some further problems,  the play area is now open from Reed Drive. Access from The Drive and football field is still by breaks in the fencing. Not a satisfactory situation.

New Play area New Play area

Doxey Celebrates the Jubilee

Doxey celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in style with a Family fun day on Monday 4th June 2012 at

Universal Sports and Social Club,
Reed Drive, Doxey, ST16 1EB
Attractions included :

Mumbles mini farm, face painting, balloon modelling, pony rides, cake stall, Punch and Judy, inflatable assault course, BBQ
and a variety of stalls.
The main event was followed in the evening by a karaoke and disco.

The event was organised by the Doxey Community Association and Doxey Parish Council.

Doxey Loses Out Again !

2012 has not started well for facilities in Doxey.  'Happy's English & Chinese Take Away' has closed. And now the Universal Social Club (including the bowling greens) has received 12 months notice to quit. Redrow Homes have indicated that they wish to build on the site.

The Social Club are fighting to save the last 'licensed premises' left in Doxey and they have approached Stafford M.P. Jeremy Lefroy for his support. The Club is hoping to either negotiate a new lease or to purchase the building. 

We understand that the Club is taking legal advice on the situation and hopes to discuss the matter at a meeting in the near future.

During the last few years Doxey has lost its Post Office, both pubs (Three Tuns & Doxey Arms) and the football pitch is due to be closed in June.
(jan 2012)

Fences did not have Planning Permission

It now (July 9)appears that (some of ?) the fencing erected by Saint Gobain (see below), blocking access to paths and the football pitch needed planning permission. A planning application has now been received by the Borough council and was discussed at the last Parish Council meeting (14th July). The council unanimously decided to oppose the application.

Details (ref : 11/15615/FUL) can be found at the Borough Council web site

enter keyword :  11/15615/FUL and search

Creating 'a fence' !

Doxey residents will probably have noticed that wire fences and notices have been erected on the north side of the land owned by Saint-Gobain - adjoining the Drive and opposite the Doxey/Bradbury Rise junction. Access to the area is still available via the gate off the Drive or by the Church car park.

The Parish Council received a letter from  'SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIVES' (!) saying that they were  'fencing their land and erecting signage so that the extent of their land ownership is clear'

This is presumably connected to a possible sale of land mentioned in the earlier letter (see below).

doxey fence doxey fence doxey fence
click to enlarge

nb. The paths that the fencing obstructs are not legally 'rights of way' - the only major 'footpath' in Doxey is the Doorstep Walk from the Church to the Castle - see Walking

Doxey to Lose Football Field ?

The parish council has been informed by Saint Gobain that they wish to sell the football pitch (to Bellway) for building and the lease will be cancelled immediately.

Latest (1st Feb 2010) : We understand that the Parish Council has received a new lease keeping the pitch open until the end of this season [June 2010] and it is hoped that a further year's extension will be granted.

(July 2011) This has now been received.

(July 2012) This has now been renewed for another 12 months.

Promotion for Doxey Vicar

The vicar of Stafford, Rev Paul Thomas, becomes Archdeacon of Salop (click here for more details)
Photo of Rev Paul Thomas
Rev Paul Thomas has been vicar of Doxey since 2004.

Stafford's VC - the Doxey Connection

Charles Pye VC born 24 September 1820 at Forebridge Stafford died 12 July 1876 (aged 55) in Australia - how is he connected to Doxey? Read on and see!

A 16 foot clock dedicated to Stafford servicemen and women is to be erected in Mill Street, close to Peter Rogers shop and is expected to be unveiled in the week beginning November 15th 2010 by the Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Malcolm Millichap. A plaque on the clock will be dedicated to the only Stafford man to have been awarded the Victoria Cross - Charles Pye 1820-1876. (see Sentinel article)

The Pye family came from the Berkswich area, but Thomas Pye, the father of Charles died in Australia — having been transported there in 1836. Before that he had married Alice Wall and they were the parents of Charles and his brothers and sisters. Alice died in 1836 and Thomas, who may already have been in trouble with the law, was transported to Australia where, in due course, he married again and had a second family.  One of the descendants of that second family is Elizabeth Pye, family historian, who is anxious to hear from anyone connected to the family.

Charles Pye was about 37 years old, and a Sergeant-Major in the 53rd Regiment of Foot (later The King's Shropshire Light Infantry), British Army during the Indian Mutiny when the following deed took place on 17 November 1857 at Lucknow, India for which he was awarded the VC:

"For steadiness and fearless conduct under fire at Lucknow, on the 17th of November, 1857, when bringing up ammunition to the Mess House, and on every occasion when the Regiment has been engaged."

There are monuments celebrating Charles Pye VC in Australia and more information is available on the internet including details of where he fought in India (Indian Mutiny) and other countries and a rather nice picture of a Victoria Cross.

Charles' father Thomas was the son of Joseph Pye (about 1776-1830) and it is from Joseph's younger brother George (1781-1864) that the Pyes who lived in Doxey are descended. George had at least five sons and two of these, James (1812-1892) and John (1820-1899) were the parents of the two Pyes who settled in Doxey and are on the 1911 census (along with some of their adult children who had families of their own) and it is more than likely that there are some of their descendants living in Doxey today. These two Pyes were first cousins to each other and second cousins to Charles Pye VC. It's confusing that there are two Charles Pyes but I will always use VC if referring to the soldier who was honoured.

First Pye Family in Doxey

Charles Pye 1853-1929, born at Baswich, was the fifth son of James Pye (1812-1892) and Abigail Talbot. He married a Doxey girl, Mary Snape, at Seighford St Chad's in 1878 and they are on the Doxey censuses for 1881 onwards, living at Sherwood in 1911. They had a family of eight daughters — their only son Charles Edgar Pye died aged three. Three of the daughters, Daisy Ethel Pye born 1886, Violet Esther born 1889 and Nora May Pye born 1892 did not marry but the other five did and there may well be some Doxey residents who are their descendants so I will go through them in birth order.

Kate Annie Pye, born 1878, married George William Packman in 1900 and was at Mansfield Nottinghamshire in 1911 with five children: George Fl Packman born about 1902, Winifred K Packman 1903, Doris E Packman 1905, Regina L Packman 1906 and Elsie May Packman 1910.

Lillian Mary Pye, born 1881, married Charles John Bradbury and was at Ferndale Doxey in 1911 with children Charles J Bradbury born about 1907, Olive May Bradbury about 1908 and I think that they had another son, Frederick J Bradbury, in 1912. Other children might have followed.

Florence Edith Pye, born 1883, married Henry Herbert Taylor in 1906. In 1911 they were at 7 Ventnor Terrace Doxey with one child, Henry J Taylor born 1909 but there were probably some later children.

Elsie Rose Pye, born 1884, married Fred Hanson Fox in 1907. By 1911 they were at 30 Owen Road Wolverhampton with one child, Dorothy M R Fox. I think that they had another child, George W Fox, in 1913 and there could have been others later.

The three next sisters were school teachers in 1911, living at Sherwood. If anyone has any information about them, we would be delighted to hear about it. They were Daisy Ethel Pye born 1886, Violet Esther Pye born 1889 and Nora May Pye born 1892.

The youngest daughter was Evelyn Esther Pye born 1897 who married Frederick J Parsons and many people knew this family but we don't have many details. They had three children Norman J Parsons, Colin S Parsons (who married Sheila J Giles) and Stella who married David Jandrell. We would love to hear from anyone who has contact with these Pye descendants!

Second Pye Family in Doxey

Edward Pye, born Baswich in 1849 died 1917, was the father of the other Pye family who lived in Doxey in 1911, along with some of his married sons. Edward, who became a railway engine driver, was married at St Andrew's Mission Church (St Thomas') in 1870 to Mary J (may have been Jenkinson) Ward born 1850. I think that she died in 1935 aged 85. They had ten children, four boys followed by six girls. One of these girls, Daisy, even had the same name as Charles's daughter and like her was a school teacher, did not marry, and had two unmarried sisters who were also school teachers, so very similar to Charles�s family. Being much the same age, it won't be easy to know which was which if we do have any information about them, but will be interesting to try to work it out. I will go through the family in birth order.

The eldest son of Edward Pye 1849-1917 was also called Edward and was born in 1871. He married Ellen Wall at St Andrews Castle Town (like his father before him) in 1895. In 1901 they were living at 14 Co-operative Street Stafford with daughter Nellie Pye born about 1897, Edith E Pye 1898, and Ellen's father, Thomas Wall who was a shoemaker like many Stafford people.

By 1911 Edward and Ellen had had moved to Leicestershire (where Edward is described as a Boot and Shoe Mechanic ) and had four more daughters. These were Doris May Pye born about 1902, Lilian Ada Pye 1903, Elsie Pye 1905 and Amy Pye 1908. Edward's father-in-law, Thomas Wall, was still living with them, aged 80.

John Pye was born in 1873 and married Emma Haywood at Stafford Christ Church in 1896. On the 1901 census they were at Victoria Square, Stafford and John is a Licenced Victualler.  Emma died in 1910 and John moved to Rugeley where he is on the 1911 census at 18 Forge Road Rugeley with four children. These were John William Edward Pye born about 1898, Leonard Haywood Pye about 1903, Cyril Charles Pye 1905 and Arthur Pye 1907.  John was a grocer's assistant in 1911.

George Pye, born 1874, was a railway foreman in 1901 and a railway stoker in 1911. He had married Emily Patience Lawton at Stafford Christ Church in 1897 and they were living at 18 Gaol Road, Snow Hill, Stafford in 1901. By 1911 George he and Emily had moved to Cranleigh in Doxey with three children, Arthur Edward Pye born about 1899, George Pye about 1901 and Ethel Gwendoline Pye about 1906.

Harry Pye born 1877 was also in Doxey in 1911, at Knowle House (next to Glendale, Doxey) with four children. He had married Mary Jane Lees at Haughton St Giles in 1899 and they may have been at Birmingham in 1901 as two of his children were born there. He was a Sewing Machine Agent in 1911 and seems to have moved around a lot as he had two children born in Birmingham, (Beatrice Amy Pye born about 1901 and Charles Edward Pye about 1904) then one born in Stafford (Alice May Pye about 1906) and the youngest, Hilda May Pye was born in Bristol, Somerset in about 1910. The family were in Doxey by 2nd April 1911, census day. I think that they might have had at least one more child, after 1911, Henry Pye born 1912, who died 1944 at Dunkirk, but am not sure about that.

Emily Mary Pye was born 1879 and married in 1901 at St Andrews Castle Town to Arthur Edward Wright. The marriage would be after 31st March, 1901 census day, as Emily is on the 1901 census with her parents at Doxey. By 1911 they are living at Reynard Cottage, Penkridge with one child, Ethel Mary Wright, born about 1904. Questions asked on the 1911 census for the first time included length of present marriage and number of children born, and of those, number still living and those who have died, so we know that Emily and Arthur had been married for 9 years and had had only one child, and none had died. Families were getting smaller at this stage though large numbers of children were still quite common. I don't know if there were any children born later.

Ada Jane Pye was born in 1881 and married George Arthur Foster in 1908 at Stafford St Mary's. By 1911 they are living at 65 Sutton Crescent Walsall. There are no children at this time though they had not been married long. George Arthur Foster was an assistant school master in 1911.

Clara Eveline Pye was born in 1883 and married at St Andrews, Castle Town to Arthur Brown who was a Butcher.  By 1991 they were at 1 Crabbery Street Stafford with one daughter, Eveline Margaret Brown, born about 1910. I think that they might also have had three more children; Joyce L Brown born 1913, Bernard B Brown born 1916 and Arthur E Brown born 1917 but am not sure about this.

If any of this stirs up memories and you think you know someone who is descended from these families we would love to know. Please get in touch by sending an email, or contact us at 170 Doxey .

(Barbara Simpson)


VCs awarded to the 53rd (Shropshire) Regiment during its service in the Indian Mutiny, 1857-58.

Charles Pye VC (24 September 1820 - 12 July 1876) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross

On October 10th at 3pm Doxey's favourite theatre company performed at St Thomas & St Andrew's Hall.
The story of the National Clarion Cycling Club with songs, laughs and history.
poster for show Pictures from Micron
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photos for
larger image)
Pictures from Micron
Pictures from Micron Pictures from Micron Pictures from Micron
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Pictures from Micron Pictures from Micron Pictures from Micron
Pictures from Micron Pictures from Micron Pictures from Micron

Trip to Skate Park

Recently Youth Club members went on a skate-boarding trip organised by the local police officers including PCSO Helen Clarke (previously known as Helen Walker before her recent marriage - congratulations !).

Skate boarding with Police

Skate boarding with Police Skate boarding with Police

Meet your local Police - 14th July

Stafford Neighbourhood Policing Unit is holding a community meeting for residents of the Doxey area to meet with their local officers and talk with them about issues or concerns they may have.

It's taking place on Wednesday 14th July 2010 at the William Sutton Community Centre, Sutton Drive, between 6pm  and 8pm and everyone is welcome.

The DCA meeting that was to be held that evening has been postponed - details later.

Doxey Day - 11th September

Cancelled - lack of time/interest ?

The Parish Council has decided that Doxey Day this year will be held on Saturday September 11th.

If you would like to get involved - Contact Carol Haigh (Parish Clerk)

Pictures of Last Year's Event

Free Mobile Skate Park

Doxey Primary school

Monday 15th February

8-11yr olds at 10am-1pm
12-16yr olds at 1pm-4pm

Skateboards and helmets are supplied, bikes, scooters and skates can also go on the park, however we don't provide them


Consists of Quarter pipes, Driveways, fun Box, jumps, Grind rail and more, suitable for bikes, scooters and skates (please bring your own, only boards provided)


All you need is an application form signed by a parent/guardian. (Available on day or call Sports Development for one on 01785 619607)

For any more information please call Sports Development on 01785 619607 or on the day 07800 619607.

 "On the first week back after the Christmas holidays, in January 2010, Doxey Primary School will be 50 years old. During this week we will have many exciting activities forthe children. A letter home will go out to you all before Christmas to inform you of the festivities. The week of celebration will include an Open Day Assembly, when we hope to invite back ex-Doxey pupils and staff to join us."
From school website


poster for programme

Radio Stoke came to Doxey

On Monday November 2nd the Radio Stoke Breakfast Show  hosted by Stuart George came from the William Sutton Centre in Doxey.

There were contributions from Doxey residents and others including
 - David Hughes - Parish Council Chair
 - Denise Peel - DCA Chair
 - Sgt Nigel Braun & PCSO Helen Walker - Stafford Police

Topics covered during th 3 hour programme included
- Changes in Doxey
- Why do you like living here (or not!)
- Anti-social behaviour
- Marshes
- Station carparking
- This website

If you really(!) want to hear it (again) go to Radio Stoke website - listen again Click on 'Breakfast - Show 4 More'  (only until Friday 6th Nov)

95 year old landmark goes

A long standing landmark disappeared this week with the demolition of Doxey's oldest church - built in 1914. For the last 30 years it has been used by the New Testament Church of God.   More Photos here
Demolition of chaurch

Doxey Arms


A public meeting, attended by over a hundred residents, was held in St. Thomas and St. Andrew's Church Hall, on Thursday 3rd. September. It had been called in response to concerns expressed  locally  over the proposed changes to The Doxey Arms.  
Link to developers website -

Doxey - " official ...ghost town" !

Doxey was near the western Oklahoma-Texas border near the present town of Sayre. All that remains is the old cemetery.

In July 1905 " .. on Saturday night .. Sam Doxey....whose greatest fault was that he loved liquor too well..- was shot and killed by W Dobbs, city marshal of Sayre.."

from Beckham County Archives
A Ghost Town !
From an Oklahoma guide.

Doxey Day - July 2009

A good time was had by all who attended this year's Doxey Day (organised by Doxey Parish Council)
The Police got their revenge for last year's defeat beating Doxey 4-2)

John's 100th Birthday

This is a brief tribute to John Whipps who is now (slightly over) 100 years old. He began a week's celebrations at the Universal Social Club on his birthday, Friday 22nd May 2009 and continued with family parties and a holiday afterwards but is now, as he says, 'back to normal' . His daughter Jean and son-in-law Philip had made all the arrangements for a lovely afternoon part on Friday 22nd May , and the Universal club did us all proud. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this a memorable day.

Birthday Cake - 100 years old

Cutting the cake with Jean Happy Birthday

John is pictured with some of his neighbours and friends at his 100th birthday party who were all there to wish him well, There was an impressive display of birthday cards (included the treasured one from the Queen in her yellow dress!) and a specially designed cake decorated with gardening tools and playing card suits, reflecting John's interests. Despite his years, he is still able to tend his garden, cut the grass and grow vegetables, though he does take it one lawn at a time these days!. He also loves to play whist, and manages to get out to whist drives on a regular basis as well as going out to Bingo and other pursuits since he doesn't believe in staying at home too much if he can help it. It is useful that the bus stops near his house, as he is a regular passenger, and has even been seen RUNNING for the bus on occasions. We all wish him many more happy and active years for the future and send him our sincere congratulations.

Happy Birthday from the Queen

Amended : 18-12-19