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Doxey School Universal Sports Club New Testement Church of God Parish Church - St Thomas & St Andrew Doxey House - Sheltered Accomodation Bradbury Rise Stores - ex Post Office Doxey Stores, Marco‘s Pizza Aston Bank Farm Doxey Hub - Community Centre Abandoned Cricket Pitch - disused Universal Bowling Club Playground Football Pitch (Doxey Parish Council) Play area (unfit for purpose) Doxey Bridge over Doxey Brook London - Crewe Railway Line M6 Motorway - No Doxey Access - use J13/J14 M6 Maintenance Area River Sow - flows through the marshes Isabel Trail - old Stafford - Uttoxeter Railway line Greenway - Old Stafford - Shrewsbury Railway Line Doxey - Castle footpath (closed during development) Doxey Brook Saint_Gobain (ex Universal Grinding Wheel) Doxey Marshes Doxey MarshesDoxey Marshes Doxey Marshes Doxey Fields and M6 Centre West - Conway Rd, Doxey Northern Doxey - Greensome Lane East Centre - The Drive, Manor Park, Castle View Eastern End - Virginia Park

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Amended : 25-11-19