Details of local representatives

Member of Parliament

Member of Parliament - Stafford

Theo Clarke M.P. (Website)

Theo (Con) was first elected for Stafford in 2019 and succeeded Jeremy Lefroy (Con) who replaced David Kidney(Lab) in 2010

Local Stafford Office

  • Stafford Conservative Association,
  • Castle Street,
  • Stafford,
  • ST16 2E


  • House of Commons
  • SW1A 0AA
Stafford Borough Council

Stafford Borough Council (Website)

Doxey is part of the Doxey & Castletown Ward ( see ward map) which comprises -

Doxey - the area between the Greenway, the M6 and the Railway line

Castletown - the area on the west of the town centre

The ward has one councillor on the Borough Council (serving 4 years - last election 2019)

Tony Pearce

Stafford Borough Services - Streetscene

"We are part of Stafford Borough Council's Environmental Health Service and are responsible for looking after Stafford Borough's public spaces and provide a range of services that enable you to live in a community that is clean and tidy."

Staffordshire County Council

Staffordshire County Council (Website)

Doxey is currently part of the Gnosall and Doxey ward and the County councillor is

Mark James Winnington

Doxey Parish Council

Doxey Parish Council (Website)

For number of years there was a campaign (supported by the Doxey Community Association) for Doxey to have its own parish council. Although Doxey was part of the Stafford town, this was possible if the area had a distinct identity and that there was a demand. In April 2004 the idea has been approved, by the Borough and County Councils and eventually by the government.

In 2005/6 The Parish Council was established.

One of its first actions was to commission a Parish Plan which would set out some of the options for Doxey. Mike Turner led the team that produced the first plan in 2007.(For details of the 2007-2012 plans click here.)

History of Local Government Boundaries


In 1917 Doxey became part of the Borough of Stafford having previously been part of Seighford parish. The area to the west of Greensome Lane remained in Seighford. The two sides of Greensome Lane were in different authorities (the boundary stone can still be seen near the bus shelter)

In the 1973 Local Goverment reorganisation the new Stafford Borough was formed from the old

with Doxeyfields in Seighford and Doxey in the Stafford Tillington Ward.

In 2003 the M6 became the effective town boundary so now all of Doxey is in the same ward.

Amended : 16-01-20