The bulk of the houses in Doxey are  post-war.
The original council estate built after the war was replaced around 1989 and as with most 'social' housing is now managed by Housing Associations.

As elsewhere some properties have been sold to tenants.

Recent developments have included 'affordable housing', some of which are administered by Housing Associations.

In Doxey the main Housing Association is :

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH)

The Rurals
1 Parker Court, Dyson Way
Staffordshire Technology Park
Stafford ST18 0WP

Tel 0800 111 4554

SARH (as from 1st October 2019 part of the Housing Plus Group) took over the administration of Stafford Borough Councils housing stock in 2006.
They administer houses in

Sheltered Housing  

  Doxey House (sheltered accommodation) - Run by SARH

Private Housing

A number of estates have been built since 1960
Amended : 15-11-19