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The are a few references to Doxey in the historical documents prior to the 19th century. Its origins go back to Doomsday and earlier (see article by B Simpson). From the 12th to 14th centuries the "de Dokesay" (or Dockeseye) family is recorded as having land in "Estone" (Aston) . The Doxey births, deaths, and marriages are recorded in the Seighford parish records from the 17th century. The name appears on maps and there are references to "Doxey Wood" which seems to have extended from the Sow south towards Hyde Lea and Coppenhall where there is still a " Doxey Wood Cottage".

From the early 19th Century the picture becomes clearer. This section endeavours to plot the growth of Doxey from a very small agricultural hamlet to a substantial suburb of Stafford and a parish in its own right (2005). The maps show the extent of the residential area with photographs of the older properties.

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Wanted - Your pictures and stories about Doxey

Especially photos of old Doxey. 'Old' here can mean 1985 ! When the estate was rebuilt c1990 the old houses, gardens and play areas disappeared. If you have photos of these or other areas we would like to put them on the website for today's and tomorrows children to look at. Email them to the webmaster - Iain Simpson (or we can scan them -  phone 607771)

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