Historical aerial images of Doxey

The bulk of images on this page will be from the website www.britainfromabove.org.uk and are copyright Historic England.
They should not be used for any commercial purposes.

The photos on www.britainfromabove are mainly those taken by Aerofilms Ltd who started operating commercially after WW1. Nearly 100,000 images taken between 1919 and 1953 have made available to the public. Among the 200 odd photos of the Stafford area are some going back to 1927.

The above photographs give an idea of how Doxey developed between 1934 and 1949. (click on images for larger versions.)

The first (EPW046129) from 1934 shows Universal before it expanded in the late 1930s - no cricket or soccer grounds. Burley Terrace is clearly visible sited on Burleyfields Road which goes on to Hill Farm. The Crescent is still a small road with terraced houses and a single pair of semis. The houses on Doxey road (130-178) have just been built (1933-34) and there is no development on Greensome Lane.

The second (EAW000385) from 1946 shows the wartime expansion of Universal; the new office block, Burley Terrace replaced with kilns and new buildings beside the (still running railway line). The lane to Hill Farm now seems to run from the south. Sports grounds have been built and the Social Club has tennis courts/bowling greens. Bagnalls have expanded south of the railway. The Crescent is now running parallel with Doxey road and the Police/Universal semis have been built in Greensome Lane. The area west of the social club seems to be more cultivated with fewer trees. (Wartime vegetables ? )

The third (EAW000904) also from 1946 shows Universal in more detail. Burleyfields Road is now an internal factory road.

The fourth photo (EAW021498) from 1949 shows the major council house building development nearly completed. Click here for more detailed analysis of this photo with significant points highlighted and the location of later developments marked.

Amended : 20-12-19