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  • 1. Doxey Road (Castletown)
  • 2. Doxey Road (Doxey)
  • 3. Ebony Close
  • 4. Mahogany Drive
  • 5. Rosewood Gardens
  • 6. Spruce Way
  • 7. Timberfield Road
  • This area sits right on the edge of Doxey. The Universal Grinding Wheel Company employed hundreds of Doxey residents in its long history. Henry Venables Timber Yard, not actually in Doxey, also employed many local people before closing in 1999. The site becoming Virginia Park.


    1. Doxey Road (Castletown)

    Doxey Road - up to the Railway (Main London-Crewe line) Bridge is in the Castletown area of Stafford Borough.

    As you come out of Stafford you pass the disused railway bridge that used to go over the Stafford-Uttoxeter line that passed though the R.A.F. Camp (16 MU) before going on through Salt and Weston. It ceased public services in 1951, staying open to serve RAF Stafford, finally closing in 1975,

    The railway line is now part of the 'Isabel Trail', a foot and cycle path running from Doxey Road past the Doxey Marshes Nature Reserve , the Eccleshall and Stone roads, the site of Common Railway Station and terminating near the M.O.D. camp (ex R.A.F MU 16)

    On the western side the railway leading down to the site of Blackberry Farm (demolished some years ago) is Blackberry Lane which provids access to the grazing land on the edge of the Marshes - now the new location of Stafford Rugby Club. There was a small row of terraced houses near Doxey Road, providing accommodation for Venables employees, which were occupied until about 1975.

    The Henry Venables Timber Yard was on on both sides of the road in the angle of the two railway lines. It closed in 1999 and moved to Tollgate.

    2. Doxey Road (Doxey)

    Doxey Road - past the Railway Bridge, up to Reed Drive is in Doxey Parish.

    On the South side of Doxey Road is the site of the Universal Grinding Wheel Company [2019 - now being demolished to provide the route of (and the base for) the new Eastern Access Road]

    Before Universal's final expansions there was a lane running beside the Stafford-Newport railway line, past railway sidings and going up to two farms - Burleyfields (now gone) and Hill Farm (still thriving and accesed via Martin Drive). Beside the railway bridge there was a row of Victorian terraced houses - Burley Terrace - which were demolished when Universal expanded during WW2.

    On the North side of the road were the main company car parks (build after 1946) and the location of the Universal Garage (now Chevron - a Citroen and Suburu specialist). In 2010 the car parks were used by the railways to provide temporary parking while the multi-storey car park was built.

    Before 1917 the low lying area between the railway bridge and the slope up to Doxey (where Reed Drive is located) was in the parish of Castle Church. Complaints were made by residents of Seighford (which then included Doxey) that the road was not maintained and accused Lord Stafford, who owned the land, of neglect.

    Virginia Park

    [ 3. Ebony Close, 4. Mahogany Drive, 5. Rosewood Gardens, 6. Spruce Way. 7. Timberfield Road]

    Virginia Park (an estate of 130 houses conveniently situated close to Stafford) was built on the site of Venables Timber Yard in 2000.

    Amended : 25-11-19