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  • 1. Baxter Green
  • 2. Chetney Close
  • 3. Doxey
  • 4. Holbeach Way
  • 5. Romney Drive
  • 6. The Crescent
  • 7. The Drive
  • 8. Walland Grove
  • 9. Reed Drive
  • 10. Valerian Drive
  • 11. Moss Close
  • 12. Cardinal Way
  • 13. Campion Grove
  • 14. Aster Drive
  • 15. Purslane Drive
  • 16. Curlews Court
  • 17. Dunlin Gardens
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    1. Baxter Green

    Baxter Green was built in 1981 on the field between The Doxey Institute and the Universal car park.

    Manor Park

    [2. Chetney Close 4. Holbeach Way 5. Romney Drive 6. The Crescent 8. Walland Grove]

    The Crescent (sometimes known as Doxey Crescent) was built originally in the early years of the 20th Century with a row of terraced houses which still exist. The Doxey Institute was built around 1920 as a reading room and to provide opportunities for self-improvement (demolished in 1998 and the area is now occupied by 12 houses (Mayfields). In the thirties the Crescent was expanded to run parallel to the railway and provided a number of semi-detached houses and, later, bungalows.

    In 1997 the Manor Park estate was built in the area that had previously contained gravel pits and 'Durber's' scrapyard. It has a pedestrian access to the shops opposite The Drive and a childrens play area near the school.

    3. Doxey

    The stretch of Doxey between (what is now) Bradbury Rise and Reed Drive was the first part of the area to be built on. Most of the houses were built between 1890 and 1930; although there has been some infilling since then.

    In 1914 funds were raised to erect the St Andrews mission church at 216 Doxey. This was used until 1975 when the new church of St Andrew and St Thomas was built.
    Since then the site has been occupied by The New Testament Church of God. The old mission church was demolished in 2009 and services are now held in the adjoining church hall .

    At the junction with The Crescent one of a pair of semi-detached houses was turned into a shop and then into the 'Doxey Arms' pub (closed in 2009).

    82 Doxey was the local Post Office and newsagent (in the days when only newsagents were allowed to sell papers and magazines). It also sold fishing equipment before being converted back to residential use.

    By the Western end of the Drive a number of businesses were created before and after WW2. 107/108 was the site of Redfern's Doxey Garage before becoming a General Store run by Percy Palmer and then a greengrocer. It finally (?) became a hairdressers 'Hair@108'.
    On the other side of the road what is now Doxey Stores and Marco's Pizza was previously the Co-op store and butchery. 210a was a hairdressers for a time.

    7. The Drive

    Although not part of the Broad Meadows estate , The Drive was built at the same time (shortly after World War 2). While the other council houses were replaced in 1989, the ones in The Drive were refurbished and re-faced with brick. Some had been sold to their tenants and are left more in their original state.

    The area south of The Drive was open space owned by Universal and the Universal Football Field was created after the war. It has been administered by the Parish Council since its creation in 2005. The football club ceased using it by 2017 and it has now been re-seeded and used by the St Leonards Rugby Club.

    Castle View

    [ 9. Reed Drive 10. Valerian Drive 11. Moss Close 12. Cardinal Way 13. Campion Grove 14. Aster Drive 15. Purslane Drive]

    Castle View was the name of the estate build by Redrow between 2005 and 2014 primarily in the area previously occupied by part of the Universal Grinding Wheel Works (eventually Saint Gobain). At the western end there was a area that had been used to dump industrial waste. This had to be cleaned up before a new play area (Castle View Park) could be constructed. In 2017 it was adopted by the Parish Council.

    The site of the Universal bowling greens beside the Social Club will soon (2019) be occupied by more housing.

    Mallard Walk (part)

    [16. Curlews Court 17. Dunlin Gardens]

    At the eastern end of the Mallard Walk development, on two roads, accessed via the Drive, were the first houses built in Doxey by Bellway. They occupied the area between The Drive and the Doxey Football (now Rugby) Ground.

    On the area between the Rugby pitch and the Balancing Lake there the a pleasant open area which is accessible from Curlews Court and Lapwing Place

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