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The large 'Broad Meadows' estate built by the borough council soon after the war comprises the core of central Doxey. To the north are two privately built estates 'New Doxey Fields' and 'Meadow Rise'.


'New' Doxey Fields

This area to the north of Greensome Lane was developed soon after Doxey Fields in the late 1960s and was referred to at the time as 'New Doxey Fields'. Until 2003 it was in the parish of Seighford.

Many of those who has been brought up in Doxey and wanted to buy a house in the area moved here and to the original Doxey Fields. Many of the houses have extensive views over the Marshes.

Broad Meadows

At the end of the eighties the area was completely rebuilt (with twice as many houses) as 'Broad Meadows'. Road names were reused. Most of the existing tenants stayed in the area. (The southern part of the estate is described elsewhere).

Greensome Lane

The original Greensome Lane ran from near the White House to Tillington across the Doxey Marshes. When the railway came in 1837 the lane was cut leaving the southern part of Greensome lane as just an access to the reed and willow beds on the Marshes.

An extended Greensome Lane was a major part of the new council estate built after the war. It looped east to join the original Ashley and Marsland Roads overlooking the allotments on the bank down to the Marshes. When redeveloped a new section was built south to Bradbury Rise .

Until 2003 'western' Greensome Lane was the boundary between Stafford on the east and Seighford on the west.

Meadow Rise

A somewhat undulating area to the east of 'New Doxey Fields' bounded by the line of the old Greensome Lane was used to provide 75 new houses in the late nineties. The footpath running from The Ridgeway to the railway line is a remnant of that original Greensome lane. The continuation on the other side of the railway line can be traced as a raised 'causeway'

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