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When you approach Doxey from the west ie. from Haughton, Derrington or Seighford, you come past the M6 motorway, the bridge over Doxey Brook and the Brookhouse Farm developments. The housing on Doxey Fields was built in the 1960s.


1,2,3 Entering Doxey

The road leaving Stafford towards Derrington has a number of names. It is 'Doxey Road' until near Reed Drive, it is then 'Doxey' until it reaches the side road towards Brookhouse, it then becomes part of 'Doxey Fields' (numbers 1-12 and 88-97) after the bridge over Doxey Brook it is 'Aston Bank'.

Although the council and OS refer to it as 'Doxey Road' the road signs still just say 'Doxey'. - A matter for argument !

Aston Bank Farm is the last working Farm in Doxey, Brookhouse Farm was farmed until the last century when part of the area was developed as a mobile home site(Castle Grange Park), recently modernised. The farmhouse and surrounding area has been developed residentially

4. Doxey Fields

Doxey Fields was the first 'private' estate to be built in Doxey after the war. At the time the area was still part of Seighford (not in Stafford Borough but in the Rural District).

A popular area, it comprises about 100 houses some on the 'main' road but most on a loop running north. This produces road numbers which are designed to confuse visitors, delivery and taxi drivers -- 1-9 and 88-97 are on the main road, 10-36 are on the north, 56-87 on the south, 37-55 on the centre 'island'.

Many of the houses have extensive views over the marshes and across towards Seighford.

5. M6

When the M6 Motorway was built in the early 1960s, it brought massive upheaval to Doxey. Thousands of loads of soil were used to fill a number of existing pits and low areas (now covered with new (2018) houses).

The road layouts changed, moving the line of the roads to Seighford and Derrington. (Most) residents have got used to the noise levels which surprises visitors. There is a now a major Motorway maintenance area at Doxey with restricted access (used by Police and emergency services).

At one time there were proposals for a another (Toll) motorway to be build alongside the M6. If this had gone ahead Doxey would have been in for a lot more disturbance - Another viaduct across the Marshes ! Instead now (2019) we have widening to 4 lanes.

Amended : 21-11-19