Doxey Brook

Doxey Brook looking North towards the Marshes and the West Coast Main Line (WCML) railway

Approaching Doxey from the west you go over the M6 Motorway and then over Doxey Brook a small tributary of the Sow which has collected the flow from number of brooks coming from the more outlying villages. Hextall Brook , Clanford Brook , Presford Brook , Butterbank Brook - all of these become Doxey Brook near Derrington. This in turn joins the Sow in Doxey Marshes by the railway line and the old Greensome Lane.

Until about 1890 the brook was crossed by a ford in the road with a small wooden footbridge on the path between Brook House Farm and Aston Bank Farms. A bridge was then built, paid for with compensation for the closing of Greensome Lane, half a century earlier :

"The chairman ... mentioned that a few years ago when the London and North-Western Railway Company stopped up a road [Greensome Lane !] which had been used by the public they paid over to the Aston and Doxey townships the sum of £1,500 to be devoted to the purpose of widening and improving such part of the road that lay within the parishes; also to build a bridge over the Doxey Brook which crosses the road and divides the two parishes. ..."

[report on meeting. Staffordshire Advertiser 7th Feb 1891]

In 1994/6 the bridge was widened but in 2008 the bridge was completely rebuilt to provide a proper footpath. While this was being planned a 'keystone' was produced which had been removed in 1994. This (incorrectly) purported to show that the bridge dated from 1681. For more details of this and the rebuilding of the Bridge click here.

Amended : 17-12-19