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side view Doxey Bridge side view
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Doxey Bridge is currently (Sept 2008) being rebuilt (at a cost over £400,000) and there has been some comments in the press regarding its past.

If anyone can add to the history of the Bridge, especially with regard to the 'Key Stone' or if you have any pictures of the bridge the webmaster would be pleased to incorporate them into this page. (contact webmaster@doxeyca.org.uk or ring Iain on Stafford 607 771)

History of Bridge
'1681' Keystone
Known Facts
Views of Bridge
Plans of New Bridge
Work in Progress


Doxey is connected to the outside world by two bridges, the railway bridge approaching Stafford and 'Doxey Bridge' over Doxey Brook on the road to Derrington just before Aston Bank Farm and the M6 Motorway.
Until about 1890 there was a ford at this point with a wooden footbridge about 100m south which connected the two farms (Astonbank and Brook House). This appears on the 1881 map but has disappeared by 1901.

The '1681' Keystone

When the Bridge was widened and re-decked in 1994 a stone was removed from the old structure which read :

Key Stone
In SCC storage
"Doxey Bridge
Erected A.D.
(looks like 1661
now !)
Key Stone
In the New Bridge

This is strange since there is no evidence for any bridge existing before about 1890. The inscription on the stone peculiar since the first two lines are neatly carved but the date is very uneven and in a completely different style.

Two thoughts !

- The Broad Eye Bridge (near the Mill) used to be referred to as 'Doxey Bridge'. In the late 19th century (1860-1880)the original sandstone construction was demolished and replaced with the current steel bridge.

- '1681' is '1891' upside down !

In late 2008 County Council historians and archeologists examined the stone looking for any additional information but came to no definite conclusions. [It now appears that at the the they had just found the 'Staffordshire Hoard' and that was in bit more interesting !]
(Jan 2009)
These seems to be agreement that the 1691 date is completely false but no-one had any real idea where it came from. The carving of the date is very crude.

The stone has now been replaced in the footings of the bridge but without any grand unveiling as was originally planned. There is no explanation so the confusion will continue.
nb. The bad carving and the way the is set now makes the date look like 1661 !

We now know the bridge was already built by 1891 (we have a 1891 reference to it being built 'a few years ago') - research continues....


Known facts about the bridge

Built between 1881 and 1901 (OS maps)

- 1935 - New water main passes under bridge, defective girder found.
Repaired by Keays of Birmingham
- 1938 - Repairs required (done by Staffs County Council (SCC) labour ?)
- 1949 - Re-painting required
- 1950 - Insurance claim (drum of paint fell into brook)
- 1955 - Minor repairs
- 1960s - M6 built - bridge unchanged - road alignments changed
- 1974 - Seighford Parish Council (SPC) request widening/footpath
- 1979 - Railings require repair - safety concerns by School
- 1981-89 SPC continue to ask for changes. SCC continue to look at costs.
- 1994 - Bridge widened and re-decked - 'keystone' removed. No footpath on Doxey side
- 1996 - Footpath & steps built on Doxey side
- 2008 - Bridge replaced


Various Views of the bridge

From East From West
(created 1996)
c1990 c1990
footpath from Doxey
2008 2008 2008
steps up to bridge


The New Bridge

Plan of the New Bridge

Below is the plan of the new bridge courtesy of Staffs County Council. There will be a new footpath from Doxey Fields to the entrance to the motorway services.

During the construction of the bridge there will be a temporary footbridge built over Doxey Brook.

A full size .pdf of these plans can be viewed by clicking here.
Legend for Plan
Plan of New Bridge


Down with the Old - Up with the New

Start Date Well it was going to start
But it will be 13 weeks
and there will be delays !
(it was 13 weeks almost to the day!)
Start Date

Footpath as it was(7/9)

Cutting the new(8/9)

New Path(9/9)

Ready to widen(10/9)

The 1994 bridge base
(4 steel sections)(20/9)

Where the temporary
footbridge goes(8/9)

Reusing part of the

A few tubes added(26/9)

A perfect fit ! (26/9)

Last section ready to go
(1890 Bridge base left)(26/9)

.. and then there
were none ..(26/9)

The water main that
had to be cut ..(24/9)

The Victorian engineering
that was still there.(1/10)

.. and all that was left was
the BT cables(4/10)

The new (temporary)

Girders in position
New Girders in position(2/11)
Girders in position
Fibreglass(?) base - ready for
concrete (8/11)
Girders in position
Concrete laid(25/11)
Girders in position
First tarmac layer(3/12)
Girders in position
Almost ready(7/12)
Girders in position
Open if not finished (9/12)
Girders in position
Original foundations
still there(7/12)
Girders in position
The stone's back...(28/12)
Girders in position
.. but it's difficult
to read(28/12)

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