Previous Growth of Doxey 1820-2005

7 - Doxey in 2017 - Fully Built Up !

The period between 2005 and 2017 has seen a further burst of residential estates with the prospect of more to come. The continuing shrinkage of Universal (now San Gobain) saw two major developments :

Mallard Walk is the first stage of the "Burleyfields" development which is planned to accommodate over 2,200 houses and will fill the area between Doxey, Castlefields, Stafford Castle and the M6. Taylor-Wimpey presented their plans for the rest of the area, owned by Lord Stafford, in 2017.
The bulk of the new development will be accessed from new Western Access Road being built from Stone Road to Newport Road which is due to pass through the San Gobain site with Doxey Road being realigned.

Fight for a Better Doxey

The Bellway development went ahead after much opposition from local residents. Not opposed to the building of houses on the site per-se but because the development was too crowded, went against the Borough Council's own local plan and contradicted the plans the developer(s) had published only 6 months earlier. The loss of the 'green' footpath from the church towards the Castle was particularly resented and the complete lack of any recreational facilities within the building area went against the Borough's own plans.

In 2017 there was an attempt by Bellway, with the approval of the Planning Department, to increase the already high density of housing by adding an extra 20 'Affordable' houses (transferred from a Bellway development in Baswich, 4 miles away south of Stafford) with no increase in facilities. This was opposed by the local councillors, the Parish Council and Stafford's (Conservative) M.P.

[Sept-2017 In September 2017 this was thrown out by the Planning Committee - we hope for good ! ]

(for background on the Plans for the area and Doxey's response - see Burleyfields Development Plans.)

Recreation - Good & Bad

With the Castle View development came a new play area (adopted by the Parish Council in 2017) which provides the area with some much overdue recreational space, especially since the (Universal) Bowling Greens closed in 2014 (with the inevitable attempt to build). The old Universal cricket pitch is still derelict.

The Mallard Walk development has also led to the 'temporary' closure of the public footpath towards the Castle - a great loss for local walkers especially those with dogs! The two public houses closed in 2009, the Doxey Arms being neatly converted into apartments and the Three Tuns being knocked down and (in 2017) remaining an eyesore.

Into the Future

The Parish Council is active in promoting Doxey and representing its constituents. This is important since developers have, with the apparent consent of the Borough Council, been keen to squeeze the last penny out of the area, completely ignoring the wishes of the residents.

The last 190 years have seen enormous changes in this small area of Staffordshire. There will undoubtedly be many changes in the next 190. I leave speculation to others!

Amended : 27-11-19