DCA - An era ends.

Funds to be dispersed

The DCA Trustees have confirmed the decision of the 13th January to disband the Association.  The following statement was issued.

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that the members of the Doxey Community Association have voted to bring the Association to an end. In the 20 years that the Association has been in existence, it has achieved a great deal. Some of the many events for which the DCA has been responsible are: pantomimes, collaboration on a theatre production with the Mikron Theatre Company that later went on a national tour (Village Voices), organising play afternoons, establishing the Monday Coffee Morning, holding Clear Out Days and working with other organisations within Doxey for various Doxey Days and a Jubilee celebration, numerous Plant & Produce Sales and the Senior Citizens' Christmas Party.

Sadly in recent years the support at meetings and events has dwindled dramatically. We reached the point where everything was on the shoulders of approximately 6 people, who found it increasingly difficult to maintain momentum, and to carry on the work of the DCA with the vigour needed.

The DCA trustees must now consider how the associations assets are to be dispersed among the charitable organisations working within Doxey or for the benefit of some of Doxey's residents. We have a small amount of money that we would like to give to one or more organisations.

If your organisation is a charitable one, working within Doxey or for the benefit of some of Doxey's residents and you have a project or proposal that you need some funding for, please contact the DCA Secretary at secretary@doxeyca.org.uk giving the following information:

  • Your organisation's name

  • The aims of your organisation

  • Where you are based

  • The project or proposal that needs some funding

  • The amount needed

  • How this would benefit Doxey residents.

Please send the relevant details to the secretary using the e-mail address as above by close of day February 29th.

nb. Web Site - This web site will continue as a source of local information and history. contact webmaster@doxeyca.org.uk



LIST OF TRUSTEES 2012 / 2013


Christmas Party   -Sat 8th Dec

The Annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party was held on Sat 8th at the Church Hall. A raffle and donations raised more than £100 towards the the costs.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in organising, entertaining, cooking, serving and (not to be forgotten!) washing-up

For Photos of Christmas Party - Click here

October 2012 - Problems for DCA

After some years of declining activity there is a serious possibility that the DCA may be wound up.

As the October Doxey Times puts it : 

At the DCA meeting earlier this month the committee was presented a letter requesting that the future of the association be formally discussed. As with any charity the DCA depends on volunteers to operate and function but over the last few years the association has struggled to maintain its yearly programme of events due to the lack of new members.

The DCA has always tried to provide a mix of social, leisure and educational events to appeal to Doxey residents. These have included plant sales, clear out days, Mikron, basic life support, race night, sculpture day, pantomime, Doxey Times and Senior Citizen Christmas meal to mention a few. The DCA also support the Monday Coffee morning, Craft Group and the Senior Youth Club when it was operating. It is hoped that some of these valuable activities will be maintained by other groups and organisations but this in turn puts an increasing strain on them.

The meeting has been called to discuss whether the association has a viable future.

All are welcome to attend the meeting.

Voting can only be carried out by fully paid up members.

I would like to encourage anyone who would like to see the association maintained and grow to come along to the meeting and help support this valuable community resource.

Wednesday 14th November ,


William Sutton Centre

If you would like information on becoming involved please contact Anita on 01785 605653. 

Minutes from Trustees Meeting    Wednesday 7th March ‘12


David Hughes, Sally Hems, Rob Belcher, Gill Smith, Isabella Davis and Anita Sumner-Smith


Jane Essex, Mark Smith and Denise Peel

Financial Report

Rob feedback about the DCA account currently there is £1000.02 in current account and £217.17 in Savings account. In the last year very few transitions have been made.

Rob informed the meeting that he would be resigning as treasurer at AGM due to other commitments. Rob will complete the financial report and more than to guide and support the new treasurer.

Anita was concerned about money being sourced for jubilee celebrations and how this will be managed. Rob informed meeting that there is a restricted funds spread sheet and transitions would be few.

Gill raised the question about auditing the accounts. In the past Rob has had the accounts check but due to the small amounts there was no legal obligation.


It was agreed that the AGM would take place on Wednesday 9th May '12, 7.30pm at the Church.

A discussion took place as to the benefits of having a guest speaker the majority of people felt that it did not enhance or encourage residents to attend therefore was not nessacessary.

Roles and encouragement to join the DCA to be advertised in next Doxey Times. It was also suggested that they could be included in church notices, school newsletter and also posters displayed in notice board/shops.

Queen's Jubilee Celebration Weekend - 2nd June 2012

(letter sent to various Doxey groups)

Doxey Community Association
262, Doxey
ST16 1EB
01785 605653

Monday 13th February 2012


Queen's Jubilee Celebration Weekend
The jubilee celebrations are taking place on the long weekend of 2
nd June 2012. At our last DCA meeting it was suggested that we could approach the many groups, organisations, amenities and services within Doxey to create a joint event or bank holiday programme.

We would therefore like to invite you to an initial planning meeting on Tuesday 6th March 2012 at 7.30pm, Doxey Church hall.

If you are unable to make this meeting but would like to be involved, or have any suggestions, please call me on 01785 605653.
I look forwards to seeing you on Tuesday 6
th March '12.

Yours sincerely,

Anita Sumner-Smith
DCA Secretary

Annual DCA Christmas Party

On Dec 10th the DCA held its annual party for Doxey pensioners. A great time was had by all. As usual thanks go to all those who organised it, cooked the food, served it, played the piano, cleaned up or helped in any other way. (No names - we'd only forget someone) They know who they are.

click for larger images
DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011
DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011 DCA Christmas Party 2011

DCA Christmas Party
DCA Christmas Party

Minutes from DCA Trustees Meeting

Wednesday 27th July ‘11


Mark Smith, Gill Smith, Denise Peel, Isabella Davis and Anita Sumner-Smith


Jane Essex, Rob Belcher, David Hughes and Sally Hems

Craft Circle – Initial Payment:

As agreed at the previous trustees meeting the DCA will pay for the initial meeting. Invoice to be given to Rob Belcher.

A letter is to be written to Doxey Parish Council asking for £96 to cover two month church hall rental. The money saved from subs during this two month period will hopefully cover any shortfall in the future.

Mark suggested that the craft group could write to Emma Crutchley, Sainsbury's Charity PA, and make a request for craft materials.

An update is to be put into the next publication of the Doxey Times.


Mikron is due to be performing in Doxey on Sunday 18th September '11 in the afternoon. Jane has booked the Church Hall and gill and John are offering to do a light lunch for the performers before the commencing of the show.

The performance is sponsored by individuals. Mark has offered to pay the full amount in-kind for gift aid purposes.

It was agreed that donations from tea/coffee be put towards room rental and Mikron make up any shortfall.

Future Projects/Fund Rising:

It was agreed that it would be good to organise an event and raise money for the production of the Doxey Times. Suggestions included; talent show, car boot, summer fate and a walking treasure hunt throughout Doxey. These are to be taken to the next meeting.

If a plant sale is to take place in 2012, perhaps the craft circle could have a small stand and Aston Bank Farm be invited to sell the produce.

Doxey Times:

All articulates to be with John by the end of August so that a Doxey Times can be published in September.

Craft Group

On 6th July a new Craft Group was formed to encourage all forms of creative activity
- Furniture Restoration
- Painting
- Scrapbooks
- Embroidery
- Jewellery
- etc., etc.

The group will hold meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at Doxey Church from 7.30 - 9.30pm. A charge of £2 includes tea or coffee.

Denise Peel is coordinating the group and can be contacted on 0792 356 4094 with enquiries and ideas.

"We have already begun to share skills and ideas amongst ourselves, with much laughter and encouragement. We hope to be able to arrange occasional demonstrations or talks from people outside the group. If you want to learn a new craft skill or to pass on one you have and have a good time while you are doing it, come and join us. We are very informal - just drop in"

DCA Committee - 2011 (Elected at AGM on 15th June 2011)






Mark Smith

Jane Essex

Iain Simpson

Vice Chair

David Hughes

Sally Hems

Gill Smith


Rob Belcher

Jane Essex

Susan Corcoran


Anita Sumner-Smith

Gill Smith

Denise Peel

DCA Committee - 2010

ChairLaura DayDave Hughes Gill Smith
Rob BelcherMike TurnerJohn Smith
SecretaryJoan HarveyDenise PeelDave Hughes
Anita Sumner-SmithDenise Peel Gill Smith

Nicky BarronLaura DayDenise Peel

Gill SmithJohn SmithMike Turner

Isabella DaviesJohn SmithMike Turner

Paul FirmanJohn SmithMike Turner

Michael WrightJohn SmithMike Turner

David Hughes

DCA Committee - 2009

Following the AGM we have some new faces on the Doxey Community Association Committee plus some old friends.

Officers :Chair        Denise Peel

SecretaryJoan Harvey

Treasurer  Rob Belcher   
Committee :

Isabella DaviesHilary Chalmers   Paul Firman
Michael WrightTina Pennington David Hughes

Gill Smith

Doxey v Police - 19th July 2008 - Photos

Photos of Old Estate 

Mike Harman - please make contact

Some Time ago a gentleman named Mike Harman (hope the spelling is correct), called in at the end of a DCA coffee morning and talked to Pat Perks about living in Doxey 50 years ago. The webmaster would be interested in talking to him (if he didn't mind!). If he would like to, can he contact  webmaster or ring 607771..

Reunion - 28th Oct 2007- Photos 

Indian Dance & Mikron !

Doxey Fete 2007

DCA AGM was held on 9th May 2007

Chair's Report 2006 to 2007

For Doxey Community Association this has been another successful and busy year with a variety of events happening over the past twelve months alongside the regular groups.

The Monday Coffee morning that is organised and facilitated by Pat and John Perks remains extremely popular. Everyone receives a warm and hospitable welcome and is made to feel at easy in the comfortable surrounding of the William Sutton Centre.

The Doxey Times, now edited by John Smith, has circulated ten editions to the 1100 homes in Doxey. The Times publicise the forthcoming events in Doxey and also communicates concerns, feedback and community matters. The Doxey Times is frequently published in the Stafford Newsletter and is also available on the DCA website.

The Doxey Community Association website continues to be regularly updated by lain Simpson with DCA business material as well as with notices of events, reports and photographs.

Two successful Clear Out Days have taken place outside the William. Sutton Centre that have been organised by Mike Turner. These prove to be a popular event with the residents of Doxey and further days have been requested!

A Plant and Cake sale took place last month and even without Joan and Stephen's plant and gardening expertise the event still flourished! Thank you to the Three Tuns for the use of their premises.

For the fourth year running the DCA received a Green Award for its work in promoting environmental awareness in Doxey. Sally Hems designed and painted a commemorative plate which is displayed alongside the certificate in the William Sutton Centre.

Doxey Day took place in July and was a joint event with Doxey's Primary School PTA the Parish Council and DCA. There were lots of things to do and see and proved to be so successful another event is scheduled to take place on Saturday 23 d June '07.

David Hughes organised a variety of trips for Doxey residents throughout the year and have included trips to Blackpool and Walsall Illuminations. Forthcoming trips will be advertised in the Doxey Times.

The Life Support project facilitated by Dr. Darshan Seehra and Stephen Smith has continued running courses. Three sessions are on offer, one on resuscitating adults, another on resuscitating children and infants and the third on helping someone who is choking. These certificated sessions have been well attended by Doxey residents and our thanks to Dr Seehra and Stephen for their commitment and support.

The DCA was invited to take part in The Stafford Film Festival commemorating Victoria Park in August. Twenty-two Doxey residents, dressed in a variety of period costumes, took part in the event. Everyone involved received a completed film on DVI3 and was invited to the premier at the Stafford Film Festival.

The senior citizens' Christmas Meal organised by Gill Smith and family was attended by approximately 60 Doxey residents. Following the three course meal the diners were entertained by local talent and a selection of songs from the Stafford Grammar School choir.

Jane Essex has arranged numerous theatrical and creative events throughout the year including two visits from Mikron and Etruria Café Theatre, a sculpture afternoon and several Indian Dance workshops! These events have been both interesting and fun.

The Doxey Player performed their second pantomime, Puss in Boots, last month to an audience of approximately 285. The project this year included more people than previous productions and was equally successful. The Doxey Players are already talking about their next production so keep an eye out in the Doxey Times for information.

Doxey Community Association is also represented on the Tenants' Federation of Stafford and Rural Homes, the Community Council of Staffordshire and the Local Environmental Quality Group. It is affiliated to the Stafford District Voluntary Services and to the Community Council of Staffordshire.

All of these events would not be possible without the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of everyone involved within Doxey Community Association, a huge thank you to everyone and here's to another busy and successful year!

Anita Sumner



             The Doxey Parish Plan was officially launched on Friday the 23rd March at 5.45 pm. in the Church Hall.

            Mike Turner (Plan Co-ordinator)  presented copies of the plan to David Kidney MP and Isabella Davies representing Doxey Parish Council. The launch was attended by Doxey residents and representatives of other organisations including Inspector Rob Pilling of Staffordshire Police and Mark Winnington our local County Councillor.

David Kidney M.P.


Presentation to
Isabella Davies
(Vice-Chair of
Doxey Parish



Inspector Rob Pilling
talking to Parish Councillor
Carol Haigh
Doxey residents
watch the
Mike Turner
 with Doxey Vicar
 - Paul Thomas

prepared and
served by Sally Hems
 and Parish Councillor
David Hughes

     To read parish Plan on-line (pdf version) click here

Good Neighbour Pat

At the Chase Division awards ceremony at Red Lecture Theatre, Staffordshire University, Beaconside  on 30th March Pat Perks will be presented with a Divisional Commendation for Exceptional Work with Doxey Neighbourhood Watch.

Well Done Pat

Thanks Melanie

Melanie's Hair@108 has been running a self-help slimming group (Weigh-In and Coffee). Half of the proceeds have been allocated to the Doxey Pre-school playgroup and a play tunnel, play house and books have been purchased from Argos. They were presented to the playgroup on Thursday 15th March. 

Doxey in Wikipedia

Congratulations Diane

PC Diane Powell was one of seven Police employees presented with 'British Women in Policing' awards. She was nominated in the 'excellence in performance' category. (Photo in the Express & Star - 23rd Feb)

On yer Bike !

Presentation by Isobel Davies
PCSO Jamie Gough with his new bike presented by Isobel Davies (deputy chair of  Doxey Parish Council) on behalf of the Doxey Community  - 4th February 2007.   PC Steve Croft was away and chasing miscreants on his !
(Click photos to enlarge)

DCA Events

Meetings        2nd Wednesday of each month 7.00pm in Wm Sutton Centre

Coffee Mornings    Monday 10.30 - 11.30am Wm Sutton Centre

Doxey Times    End of each Month (Contact John  -  press@doxeyca.org.uk)



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