The Doxey Community Association and what it did

The Doxey Community Association was formed by residents in 1995 and continued until 2015 when it was wound up.

For the story of The DCA from its inception until 2006 see 'History of DCA'

Once the Doxey Parish Council was setup in 2005 (largely as a result of DCA campaigning) it undertook many of the functions of the DCA and there was a gradual decline in activity over the following 8-9 years (see Archive).


" To provide a forum where individual residents of Doxey and representatives of organisations operating in Doxey can consider ways in which all interests of people living in Doxey can be promoted. When possible, the Association will support appropriate actions by other organisations, but will take action itself, if this is seen as the best way of meeting a need."

The DCA has been active in 

- Promoting Musical and Theatrical events
- Organising 'Fun' events
- Plant Sales 
- Clearout Day (get rid of unwanted possessions)
- Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner
- Lobbying for Doxey (we were active in getting our Parish Council)
- Publishing/Distributing the Doxey Times newsheet 

History of DCA
(click for detailed history)


Regular Events


    were held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month(except Aug) 
        usually in Wm Sutton Centre (now also closed)

Coffee Mornings

    every Monday morning 11.30 am at the Wm Sutton Centre

[These continue, organised by ex DCA-members every Monday in St Thomas' & St Andrews Church]

Doxey Times

    was published bi-monthly and edited for many years by John Smith -

[A Doxey Parish Newsletter is now published by the Parish Council]

Amended : 21-12-19