Indian dance and Food

On 13th May there was a demonstration of Indian dance at the Church Hall. Appropriate food was served and greatly appreciated..


Photos below thanks to Chithra Ramakrishnan and Jane Essex, above to John Smith


Mikron - "Married to the Job"

On 10th June we were pleased to host Mikron for the first of this year's visits. The play about the life of Thomas Telford and the coming of female civil engineers into a very male profession was very entertaining. It was nice to see Ruth and Dan again (as well as Richard and Vashti) and to welcome Anna and Adrian.

('can someone from Doxey do a proper review please ??' webmaster)


From Dan's Blog (

We had packed the show into the van, ready for the next days trip to Doxey - the village/part of Stafford (don't suggest THAT in Doxey...) that was the subject of Village Voices, our show of three years ago that dealt with the disappearance of small village communities as they are swallowed up by neighbouring towns and centralised administration. And the journey ended up at the Essexes for lunch. They are good at food in Doxey.

The show in the Church hall was another great one - fortunately, as Vashti, our director, and Richard, our writer and assistant-director, were there to make sure we were still heading in roughly the right direction.

The highlight, as ever, were the half time cakes. When Doxey isn't producing their easter pantomime (no, really) it bakes. And it is very good at it. So the second half of the show was a bit slower, and slightly rounder than the first.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the barbeque after.



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