Play Areas (July 2004)

The play area (off Greensome Close) has been derelict for some time. At the last meeting of the Community Association (15th July) a number of teenagers complained that the area was too badly vandalised to use. They offered to assist in clearing the area and stressed the lack of facilities in Doxey. The DCA has made contact with councillors and the Borough Council and a site visit organised.

On Saturday 24th a group of Doxey youngsters

and some DCA members cleared up the remaining rubbish on the play area. Earlier the week council workers had cut the grass and removed some of the larger items. Thanks to Mick Johnson for providing a skip.

Thanks to everyone - Doxey youth, Mick and the Council.

Now we are waiting for the  ground to be levelled.

More information when available.

 Pictures (from Youth Forum) below

Playarea - off Greensome Lane

View towards entrance from Greensome Lane

towards railway

State of western goalmouth

This and photos below have been taken by members of the Doxey Youth Forum who are compiling a dossier on areas that need improvement
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