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All residents of Doxey will be aware that demolition of the Universal (Saint-Gobain) works to make room for the new Western Access Route is now virtually complete. It is possible timely to remind people of the days when the site employed over 1,500 many from Doxey. This aerial photo shows the site in 1946. Click on image for larger version.

Universal (EAW000904 1946) [© britainfromabove.org.uk]

For more aerial photos see Doxey Yesterday - Doxey from the air

Stafford Western Access Route

plan of route
(image from Staffs County Council Website) - - Click for large version>

The work on the new Stafford Western Access Route has been going on for some months now and the disruption to road traffic will continue for at least another year. The contractors (Amey) held an 'Information Event' at their Site Office on 22nd January to explain what was, and what will be happening.

The railway bridge will be closed to traffic for some months around the end of 2020. By that time the new link from Doxey Road to Martin Drive will be in place and traffic to and from town will be diverted via Martin Drive and Newport Road. Pedestrians will still be able to use the railway bridge.

for Further information and Links - click Here

Roll of Honour dedicated

On Sunday 10th November 2019 a Roll of Honour for the men of Doxey who fell in the World Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 was dedicated at Doxey Parish Church by the vicar Martin Strang. On it were the names of 10 men who died as a result of serving in WW1 and one in WW2.

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New Page on 'Doxey Yesterday' Doxey from the air looking at a number of aerial photos of Doxey taken between 1934 and 1949 with overlays showing what was there and what is there now. 20.12.19

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Doxey Reunion 2019

68 years later, some are back in another Church Hall

< Click Here for more information >

The Doxey Website -- What Next ?

Visitors to this site will have noticed that there have have been virtually no updates for the last two or three years [up to 2019]. With the demise of the Community Association in 2015 the original purpose of the website has gone.

However as webmaster I am reluctant to close the site and lose the material that has been added over the last 12 years.

We will make no attempt to keep up to date with local news which is available from many other sources :

but will provide a site to talk about the History and Geography of the Doxey area.

With the 'Mallard Walk' estate being built as the first phase of the Burleyfields development, Doxey is continuing to grow and we will continue to provide up-to-date maps of the area (with data from the Open Street Map project).

If you have any thoughts on what we should be including please email me - webmaster at doxeyca.org.uk

Events Regular & Otherwise

Doxey Reunions

Every few years Ray Spurway and his family, with help from Eileen Skelton and many others organise a 'Reunion' when Doxey residents past and present can get together in the Church Hall to exchange memories,photos etc. click below for descriptions and pictures

Reunion 2007 Reunion 2009
Reunion 2017 Reunion 2019

Craft and Chat Group

Craft and Chat Group meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at St Thomas' & St Andrews Church, Doxey, 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m.

Cost is £2 per person, which includes tea/coffee.

We share our skills amongst each other and have a chat as we work. Come and join us - everyone is welcome, you don't have to be an expert!.

For info - please contact Denise on 07923564094

Coffee Morning

Coffee morning at St Thomas' & St Andrews Church, Doxey,

Every Monday 10.00 - 11.00 a.m.

All Welcome - Come along for a chat and a Coffee (or tea or oxo !) and a cake

Donations accepted

For info - please contact Pat on 01785 258 610

Beware - Maintenance !

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