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'To Maintain, Improve and Extend the Play and Recreational facilities within the Parish of Doxey for its Present and Future Population'

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Why I support “Play Space for Doxey”

PCSO and Youth Leader

“ As the local Police Community Support Officer for Doxey and as youth leader of Doxey Senior Youth Club I have spent the last three and a half years building relations with Doxey's young people. These young people want an area which they can call their own to play, meet and take part in lesiure facilities. They currently have no safe, open space in which to utilise and providing them (and the community) with an area will allow them to become involved in something positive and will contribute towards diverting young people away from ASB. “

Helen Clarke
PCSO and Youth Leader

Borough Councillor

" So, what is there to do in Doxey for the young, or old for that matter?

A simple question deserves a simple answer: It's nothing. There is nothing to do. To be fair that's not quite true; there is some left over facilities from the Universal Grinding Wheel factory. For how long? Well that's anyone’s guess!

But I doubt it will be for long. And what is in place is because of the initiative of a strong local commitment from a few local people. Not Stafford Borough Council. As your councillor I've tried for the last 8 years to get improvements. I've thought a couple of times I've managed to get something moving, but no, when it's come down to it 'the rugs been pulled' and the inevitable disappointment felt.

So, you'll see that I'm behind PlaySpace4Doxey and wish the project all the luck it deserves and I’ll do all I can to help. But for the immediate future I'm hopeful that we can achieve a successful outcome towards retaining a football field in Doxey. I'm in the process of bringing together senior officials and politicians to discuss the pitch and will fight to ensure the outcome is the one best for Doxey.

 Then we can all concentrate on securing the important long-term plan to address open space and play facilities for Doxey’s future generations"

Peter Goodland
Borough Councillor


“ The quality of life in any community depends not just on the standard of its housing but on the open spaces that are available for leisure and recreation. This applies especially to young people who need areas where they can play together, meet up on a casual basis, and interact with people of other ages in the community.

The Church has always taught that wholeness for human beings involves fulfilment on every level of their being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Without open spaces the opportunity for exercise, relaxation, reflection, prayer and contemplation of the beauty of the natural world, disappears and people feel diminished, bored and restricted. There is then more likelihood of frustration and friction in a community.  Any Borough Council worth its salt should be committed to the protection of such open spaces; and in Stafford, Doxey is well overdue for that kind of attention and action. “

Paul W. Thomas (Rev.)
Priest-in-Charge of Doxey.


“ As the coordinator and publisher of the Doxey Parish Plan 2007-2012, it concerns me greatly that the suggestions made by the residents for the need for increased recreational facilities for all age groups have thus far been ignored or disregarded by the those in power at all levels Parish, Borough and County.   In the four years since the plan’s publication the facilities available to residents have not improved in any shape or form and have in fact declined through lack of maintenance.   Housing developments under construction and those proposed for the future, will eat into the available usable space and are likely to increase the population of the Parish by a third from two to three thousand persons, so it is imperative that the planners at Borough and County levels make their overall plans for the Parish crystal clear, so that all residents and future residents know what their community will be like in 2020. “

Mike Turner

County Councillor

“ I am very concerned as County Councillor for the village of Doxey, that after many years of effort, the Community is no further forwards in its quest for permanent recreational facilities.

After many unsuccessful attempts to solve this problem by all sectors of the Community two overarching facts become clear.

Firstly the play area at Greensome Close is not “fit for purpose” as it is in the wrong place and our children do not feel safe playing there.

Secondly, a “coach and horses” was driven through the rights of residents throughout the country to have green areas within urban communities when at 3.31 pm on the 7th March 2000; John Prescott announced that 60% of new homes should be built on Brownfield sites. We must ensure that any future development addresses the needs of the Community, not the needs of the Developer! “

Mark Winnington
County Councillor - Gnosall and Doxey Division

Parent & Labour party member

“ As a parent of three teenagers we have had ongoing tensions between our children's reasonable desire to kick a football and the needs of neighbours with gardens. As long as a suitable space was accessible (that is in easy reach and open) we could find an easy solution. I am increasingly concerned that, as land is reclaimed for housing needs, open space for physical recreation is far less available but no practicable alternatives exist or seem to be close to realisation. As the landscape in Doxey changes, as it inevitably will, it seems sensible for us to think what sort of qualities and attitudes we wish to instill in its young people, in whose hands the community's future lies. If the only independent activity that is possible for them is 'hanging out' on street corners, we should not be surprised if they do not engage constructively in the life of Doxey. Some safe space for independent recreation is what my children, and all Doxey's children, deserve. “

Jane Essex


"The threat to Doxey's football pitch in Nov 2010 made me realise how little recreation space there is in the parish and how little of that is publicly owned. When compared to the rest of the town, Doxey is woefully under-provisioned. We have no access to 'our own' Doxey Marshes and the football pitch, paths and dog walking areas, used for decades, can be fenced off at the whim of the land owners. The setting up of PS4D provides a forum where all Doxey residents can come together to press for proper planning of recreation resources and to ensure that the neglect of recent years is reversed."

Iain Simpson

Football Team Chairman

“On behalf of the football team Doxey Universal, I would like to stress the importance of maintaining play and recreational facilities within the parish of Doxey for its present and future population. At the moment we play and train on the existing football pitch in Doxey and with the loss of this it would have a huge impact on us both socially and physically.
I think the team creates a great meeting time for players, and many friends are made as word gets around about the team. Lots of people join us to train with the team and then many of these follow on to join as players. The use of the football pitch encourages people of all ages to stay both socially and physically fit and great fun is shared without any effort on the individual and many friends are made. “

Simon Tarplee
Chairman – Doxey Universal Football Club.

Parish Councillor

'I think it is important that we do not lose sight of the opportunities that exist at present with the public open space within the current Redrow development - Redrow is willing to create a football pitch if approval can be obtained from SBC for a variation to the existing plan for a BMX track and a MUGA.SBC has not responded to a letter from Councillor Peter Goodland pressing for a decision.The Police are not in favour of a BMX track.We must also consider possibilities for the future should Bellway purchase and develop the land owned by St.Gobain - it has  already been acknowledged that there is a responsibility to replace any leisure facilities taken as part of a development.'

Dave Adams
Parish Councillor

Head Teacher

' After working in Doxey for two years now, I am still astonished to see only limited recreational facilities in our area, despite the high participation rates and ability shown by the children during PE and in extra-curricular sport at Doxey Primary School – one football pitch and a small playground does not meet the needs of its children.

The lack of recreational facilities in Doxey is a clear hinderance to the children within our community, in attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle, whilst the children residing in many other areas of the borough and further afield in Staffordshire have many more opportunities with extended recreational facilities. Where families are more affluent in Doxey, they travel to other areas in Stafford, but this is not the case for all residents in Doxey.

Therefore, not only must we protect what limited facilities we have, such as the Saint-Gobain land, but we must also ensure that when large residential sites, such as the Redrow development are built within our area, they too take into account the recreational needs of the community, especially the children.

The children of my school are ‘crying out’ for recreational areas in Doxey – only recently they made superb suggestions for the refurbishment of Victoria Park, but unfortunately due to the travel implications, not all from Doxey will be able to utilise these new recreational facilities in Stafford. The children deserve to have such facilities on their doorstep, which they can walk to easily and play for many a happy hour.

I hope that PlaySpace 4 Doxey is able to achieve their aims of conserving what limited recreational areas we have and ensuring new housing development in Doxey supports the local community by donating land for recreational purposes, i.e. MUGA, skate park, bike track, playground for toddlers and older children et al. If investments are made in the children of our community today,our community will reap the rewards in years to come!'

Jon Dreher
Headteacher – Doxey Primary School


' My experience of planning matters in Stafford stretches back nearly 30 years – long before I moved to Doxey 2 years ago.

House developers usually accept as a matter of course that they will have to provide community facilities for the people who live in the homes they build. These nearly always include public open space where people of all ages can exercise or relax.

Doxey must not accept the loss of its well-used football pitch to make way for more houses. If more homes have to be built, new areas for play and recreation must be provided alongside them.'

Neil Thomas

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