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'To Maintain, Improve and Extend the Play and Recreational facilities within the Parish of Doxey for its Present and Future Population'

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Current Recreational Facilities in Doxey

  1. Current Facilities
    A. Publically Owned Land
    B. Privately Owned Land
    C. Lost Facilities
    D. Walking Space
    E. Current Development

  1. Land Ownership

  2. Recreational Facilities in Stafford

  3. Doxey's Recreation Space in a 'Stafford' context.

    Appendix A – Table of Recreational Facilities

Map 1 - Doxey - Land Use, Development Area

Map 2 - Stafford Recreational Facilities


1. Current Facilities

Map 1. Doxey, Land use and Development (click for larger version)

Map of Doxey

Note : The ownerships and boundaries shown on the above map are estimates, given our current information. If there are any errors, 'PlaySpace for Doxey' would like them corrected. Please inform us of any inaccuracies.

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A. Publicly Owned Land (White Diamond)

A1. Recreation Area off Greensome Close

Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey Recreation Land Doxey Recreation Land Doxey Recreation Land

This area (.547ha 1.35acres) was originally part of the school complex but was not required and re-allocated as public open space.

There has been some equipment there but it has been subject to vandalism (see below). The Borough Council would like the Parish Council to take it over but at present, with its unsatisfactory situation, this is unlikely to happen.

It is unsatisfactory because :

  • it is on the edge of the housing area and can only be accessed from one road (Greensome Close).

  • With only one entrance there is no way for children to avoid bullying should it occur.

  • It is not overlooked by houses so that bullying and vandalism can go unnoticed. It is only visible from a few first floor windows.

  • It is not on the way to anywhere so it is not used by parents on the way to shops etc.

  • As a result of the above, most parents are unwilling to let younger children go there.

It might be suitable for BMX or skateboarding by the older children.

If there was a path/cycleway (to The Crescent/Walland Grove) running through/alongside it would be safer to use.

A2. Play Area at end of The Crescent

Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey Recreation Land Doxey Recreation Land

This small area which, is quite well equipped, is fairly well used by the residents in the roads off the Crescent. But is not accessible from the main estate and Doxey Fields.

It is only suitable for young children.

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B. Privately Owned Land (Pale Blue Diamond)

B1. Football Field – On land owned by Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey Recreation Land Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey day
Doxey day Doxey day

This field was created by Universal (Grinding Wheel) c1952 and has been used for most of the time since then. After falling into disrepair in the early 2000s it was refurbished by the Parish Council soon after it's creation in 2005 and used for communal village events (Doxey Day - see above).

It is currently used by two teams – Doxey Universal and Stafford Falcons. It is used for youth coaching - the Police led Saturday sessions have been instrumental in lowering anti-social behaviour in the area over the last two years.

The area on which the pitch stands is used by children as a general play area and is crossed by two unofficial footpaths used to walk from Doxey into town and from Derrington to Doxey.

This is part of the area owned by Saint-Gobain Abrasives which has now been fenced off and notices have been erected discouraging public access.

B2. Play Area – William Sutton Centre

Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey Recreation Land

The is a play area for younger children beside the William Sutton Centre in Sutton Drive. However lack of supervision and occasional vandalism by older children has meant that it is no longer generally available.

B3. Bowling Greens – Universal Social Club

The Universal Social Club's Bowling section maintains 3 greens (one ex-tennis courts) at the site near the new Castle View development. These are well maintained and available for members to use at any time. Although this is a private club there are (practically) no restrictions on membership. The area is contained within the Castle View development (see E1 below).

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C. Facilities lost in last 40 years (pink square)

C1. Play area – Conway road

Prior to the rebuilding of the estate in 1989 the was a largish area of land to the south of Conway Road (roughly on the site of Broadmeadow Croft ). This had some play equipment and there was room for children to run-around although ball games were discouraged. It was not entirely satisfactory as the area was very close to the road and bus stop and sometimes was covered in broken glass.

C2. Allotments

There were allotments on the northern side of Greensome Lane (near present Greensome Close) these suffered from theft of produce and equipment. This was not a specifically Doxey problem as all allotments in the town are now securely fenced.

C3. Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at the Universal Sports club were converted to Bowling greens. (see above)

C4. Cricket Pitch

The Universal Cricket pitch has not been used for many (15?) years. It required extensive drainage to keep it usable.

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D. Walking space (Pale Green Diamond)

There is very little space in Doxey for people to walk. There are two public footpaths.

D1. Doxey Church to the Castle via the Greenway (Path 44/1)

Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey Recreation Land Doxey Recreation Land

This path, which dates back to pre-Victorian times, runs through land owned by Saint-Gobain which has not been used agriculturally for over 20 years. It is used to reach the Greenway and is extensively used it to exercise dogs.

The future of the land adjacent to the path is uncertain.

D2. Greensome Lane to the Railway line via the Ridgeway (Path 39)

This path which follows the line of the old 18th Century lane from Doxey to Tillington is used to access the area near to Doxey Marshes. It is used to walk dogs but is a 'dead-end' and does not lead to anywhere else. The adjacent land is privately owned.

D3. Unofficial Paths (purple dashes on map)

Doxey Recreation Land
Doxey Recreation Land Doxey Recreation Land

Over the years Doxey residents have established a network of paths which have no official status. The main ones are :

The Drive to Greenway past football pitch

Main road to football pitch

Church-Castle path to football pitch

 These all cross land owned by Saint-Gobain and are therefore under threat.

There are also some paths adjoining the marshes accessible via path 39 (see above)

E. Current Development 

E1. Castle View Estate (Redrow Homes)

Part of the old Universal site has already been sold and is being developed by Redrow (Castle View Estate map).  An area, adjoining the football pitch, is being set aside for recreation. Current plans include a MUGA (Multiple Games Area) and possibly a BMX track. The Parish Council is currently negotiating with the Borough Council over its use.

While this extra space is welcome it should be realised that this land is primarily for the use of the residents of the Castle View Estate. National and local planning policies expect future developers to fulfil similar obligations.

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2. Land Ownership

The areas, south of the main road, marked P1-P5 on Map 1 are likely to be developed for housing in the next 10-20 years.

P1. Owned by Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Originally Universal Grinding Wheel)

We understand that negotiations are taking place to sell this land to developers Bellway, possible subject to outline planning permission being obtained. The southern part of this area is currently marked as 'Public Open Space' on the Stafford Borough Local Plan on 2001. In addition we understand that the area under negotiation also includes the 'old' cricket pitch (C4) which is marked as 'Protected Open Space' in the same document.

P2. Land owned by Lord Stafford (north of the Greenway)

Doxey Recreation Land

This land is likely to be subject to a planning application in the future. It is currently farmed. The main problem with this site is that it does not have access to roads north of the Greenway. (see P5 below)

P3 / P4 Ownership not known at present

These areas are 'inside' the M6 are are therefore targets for residential development at some stage. They do have access to the existing road (Aston Bank/DoxeyFields). We have no further knowledge regarding these areas.

P5. Land Owned by Lord Stafford south of the Greenway

This land is not in Doxey Parish but shares a large part of the 'Greenway' boundary with Rowley ward. We understand that development in the short term is unlikely but when it is developed it will probably connect to the roads through Castlefields.

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3. Recreation Facilities in Stafford

Map 2 shows the location of most of the recreation areas in the Stafford town area. Doxey although part of Tillington, is shown separately for the reasons outlined in Section 4.

Map 2. Recreation Facilities in Stafford (Click for Fullsize)

Stafford map

Appendix A lists the facilities by ward and shows :


The Primary schools are an indication of the size of the 'younger' population.

Most of the Secondary schools have extensive playing fields.

Play Areas

Generally with play equipment. They include MUGAs ( 'MUltiple Games AreaS') and climbing walls as well facilities aimed at younger children.

Recreation Areas

Areas suitable for running around, kicking and throwing balls etc. These tend to be largish areas where noise is not a problem.

Football Pitches

As well as public pitches which are hired through the Borough it includes some more restricted stadiums (Riverway and Silkmore-Brocton).

Other Pitches

These include Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Bowls and Golf.

Other Open Spaces/Facilities

These are mainly areas that are used by walkers (maybe cyclists and horse riders) where people can go for some fresh air without having to worry about traffic.

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4. Doxey's Recreation Space in a 'Stafford' context.

Map 2 is divided into the current electoral divisions. The split by ward can be misleading as ward boundaries are not necessarily the same as community boundaries. Weeping Cross and Baswich have much in common as do 'Manor and Penkside', 'Tillington(ex Doxey) and Holmcroft'.

The case of Tillington is especially misleading. Doxey is historically part of the Tillington ward although the two areas have no practical connection since the Inter-City Rail Line cuts the ward in two. There is only one road running through Doxey from Derrington & Seighford to Castletown via the railway bridge. To drive from Doxey to Tillington one has to go through the Forebridge, Common and Holmcroft wards.

This comparative isolation was probably the main reason that Doxey was awarded 'Parish' status in 2005 when it became one of the first new 'urban' parishes.

It can be seen that most other areas have much better overall facilities with easy access to recreation grounds, football fields and public open space. Even when other wards are deficient in recreational resources, this is compensated by easy access to adjoining areas.

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