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Doxey Community Association AGM

Minutes from Meeting

Wednesday 15th June ‘11


Gill & Mark Smith, Iain Simpson, Mike Turner, Sally Hems, Mike Turner, Carol Haigh, Neil Thomas, Jane Essex, Pat &John Perks, Susan & John Corcoran, Tom & Rob Belcher, Denise Peel and Anita Sumner-Smith


Isabella Davis, John Peel, John Smith, Nigel Barnett and Councillor Mark Winnington

Chairs Report

No formal written report was available as the DCA had a very fallow year; however future events are planned including Mikron and a Craft Circle.

Treasurer Report

Please see attached copy.

Election of Executive Committee & Trustees






Mark Smith

Jane Essex

Iain Simpson

Vice Chair

David Hughes

Sally Hems

Gill Smith


Rob Belcher

Jane Essex

Susan Corcoran


Anita Sumner-Smith

Gill Smith

Denise Peel

Trustees: Sally Hems, Gill Smith, Denise Peel and Jane Essex.

Other existing trustees to be approached and asked if they would like to continue and then be co-opted on at the next meeting.

Parish and Borough/County Feedback

Unfortunately no representative could be present at the meeting from the Borough or County.

Doxey Parish Council has recently written to the Borough Council requesting that the new owners of the Three Tuns/Doxey Arms public House’s be instructed to tidy up the exterior of the buildings or commence work on development.

Concern has also been expressed regarding the proposal to install traffic lights at the start of Baxter Green and the new housing development.

Presentation “Play Space4Doxey”

Neil Thomas did an extremely interesting presentation about Play Space4Doxey. The group continue to set in motion the need for further recreational space for all ages within the Doxey locality.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th July ’11 @ 7.30pm, William Sutton Centre

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