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1 - Western End - Doxey Fields and M6 2 - Northern - Greensome Lane 3 - Centre West - Conway Road, Doxey 4 - East Centre - Manor Park, The Drive 5 - Eastern End - Virginia Park

Doxey Fields Brookside Park Aston Bank Farm Aston Bank Doxey Community Notice Board Doxey Brook M6 Motorway
  • 1. Aston Bank/Doxey
  • 2. Aston Bank Farm
  • 3. Brookside Park
  • 4. Doxey Fields
  • 5. M6




1. Aston Bank/Doxey


Welcome to Doxey. Sign put up by Seighford Parish Council (when Doxey Fields was in Seighford Parish) Doxey Brook from road towards Marshes


2. Aston Bank Farm


Aston Bank Farm Entering Doxey


3. Brookside Park

There used to be a mobile home park here.

from Brookside Park back towards Doxey Entrance to Brookside Park


4. Doxey Fields

Doxey Fields was developed in the 1960's and many properties have views across the marshes.

Towards Castle

from 'main' road

View  Northwards from Doxey Fields across to railway and Doxey marshes

Doxey Fields from Aston Bank

Doxey Fields View to west
Along main road towards entrance to Doxey Fields

Looking South


5. M6

There is a Motorway maintenance area at Doxey with restricted access (used by Police and emergency services). New proposals have just been published for a another (Toll) motorway to be build alongside the M6. If this goes ahead Doxey is in for a lot of disturbance. Another viaduct across the Marshes !


View South towards Castle (and Birmingham)  North past entrance to maintenance area over Cresswall viaduct.


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