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There are two churches in Doxey

St Thomas and St Andrew - Church of England

Vicar : Rev Martin Strang

Churchwardens : John Corcoran & Paul Firman
Church Tel : 01785 604 864

The church is a distinctive building built in 1975, replacing the now demolished St Thomas' in Derby St. and the small  St Andrew's church (near Doxey Stores opposite The Drive) which is now used by The New Testament Church of God (see below).

The New Testament Church of God

( Pastor : Donovan Haslam 0790 871 876)

Web Site : www.ntcgrenewal.org.uk
email : pastor@ntcgrenewal.org.uk
offers a warm welcome to all.
Worship service 11:00 to 13:00
Evening Service 17:30
Church members will be dropping random food parcels around Doxey as gifts. If you believe a neighbour is in greater need then by all means pass them on.
Enjoy singing? Over 16? Then join us as we work to be a part of Sing Stafford.

For further information email: community@ntcgrenewal.org.uk
or telephone Pastor Donovan Haslam on:     0790 871 876

28th September 2009 - The old church, originally the St Andrew's mission church built in 1914, is currently being demolished and the space made available for parking - pictures following. Services are now held in the newer hall built behind the church.

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Other Churches in Stafford include

United Trinity




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